With the pastoral leadership of the Bishop, the Offices of Ecclesial Services, Vicar for Priests, Vicar for Retired Priests, Seminarians, Vicar for Deacons, Consecrated Life, Diaconate Formation, Vocations, Continuing Formation of Priests,  Worship and Mission Integration, collaborate in offering resources and support for the ongoing formation of all in Ecclesial ministry in the diocese, enabling them to develop more pastoral, ministerial and leadership skills, so that people's lives are filled with hope.

Unity in Diversity

             Faith Sharing Hospitality Collaboration Reconciliation


We, the Church of San Bernardino, are a community of believers

in Jesus the Christ, called to impact family, neighborhood and

society with the Gospel so that people’s lives are filled with hope


                                            Priests  Spiritual Life  Lay Formation  Prophetic Voice

Unidad en la Diversidad

Compartiendo tu Fe  Hospitalidad Colaboración Reconciliación

Nosotros, la iglesia de San Bernardino, somos una comunidad de creyentes

en Jesucristo, llamados a hacer impacto con Evangelio, en las familias, los vecindarios y la sociedad,

para que la vida del Pueblo esté llena de esperanza

Sacerdotes Vida Espiritual  Formación para Laicos Voz Profética