Welcome to my digital portfolio where you can learn a little bit about who I am and see my technology showcase from a class I am taking at the University of Minnesota Duluth. My showcase includes example of work, primarily in a screen shot, but I also provide links to those who want to see the entire project.

As part of my major, the Computers in Education course strives to expose future teachers to the implications of technology in the classroom from the perspective of the teacher, the student, the parents, and the administrators.  While the primary focus is on learning about available tools that the teacher can use in the classroom, reflection on what is used, how it is used, and who can use it becomes central to each created project and discussion. 

Since our course is not completed, there are still things on the horizon, but I think you can get a good feel for what we have done so far by the list below and by my technology showcase.
  • Downloading and installing free applications
  • Text based communication applications such as Pages (Mac) and Google Documents
  • Online help guides and Google searches for learning how to use new applications
  • Implications of digital citizenship and digital wisdom in teaching and education
  • Social learning and education
  • Copyright and fair use issues in technology
  • Photo editing (resizing for web pages) and web albums
  • Multi-media communication (teaching lessons online and creating online concept maps)
  • Data gathering and analysis for educational purposes