Diplopundit's Short Disclaimer


  Just one obsessive observer, diplomatic watcher, opinionator and noodle newsmaker monitoring the goings on at Foggy Bottom and the worldwide available universe.  I've been on this roller-coaster ride since, well, since forever it seems -- in all sorts of twists and angles.  But a life under constant reconstruction might just be the most instructive of all... with that intro out of the way ... Note: In the strange turn of life, suddenly got tired of the roller coaster ride and has settled one last time as vegetable gardener. No I do not rant at my tomatoes and yes, I'm still obsessive about observing, and still a yakity yak opinionator, when you can drag me away from my garden ....  

  The views and opinion expressed in this blog are exclusively those of its author, and are not in any way, shape or form meant to reflect the opinions and policies of the US Department of State, the Foreign Service or the US Government. This is currently an anonymous blog because I don't want to get in a tussle over how to fit the square peg me into a round hole.  But upfront, I admit that I don't know everything - the world is in a flux, and knowledge is neither constant nor fixed.  I write because life is too short not to have anything to say about it. , plus --  I'm currently in a life of suspended animation. -- frankly, there's nothing else to do but explore the life of a blog. 

    Caution - you might encounter rants, foot in mouth disease, etc. at times here, but they're all mine provided "as-is" with no warranty provided and very limited customer support (I have a demanding 24/7 job; I can't even get sick). No one clears or approves my postings, not even the person I sleep with every night; I'm not sure you really need to know that - I'm just saying.  Materials, documents and whatnots that I refer to here are all available in the public domain and are posted for public consumption elsewhere in the Internet; links are included as I see fit.  I blog as part of my personal learning process; blogging time is never on anyone's dime but my own.  This blog has ads from which I'm supposed to have earned exactly $42.46  this past year.  The way it's going, it'll be awhile before I can afford to buy my own soda and burger.. (I think I can now afford exactly five hamburgers and soda to go). But I'm learning something new everyday.  This blog also has no longer has a link to an online store. where you can purchase some weird merchandise to help the author buy coffee, if you like.   No freebies, cookies, promotions accepted in the writing of this blog.  

  I do not/not work for the Secretary of State (also known as 67th); neither did I work for Condi (also known as 66th) when I started this blog a couple years ago.  Just so that's clear before you come knocking at my door with an offer of super cool, super glue drink.  I am conducting public discourse as a private citizen. I do not get promotions, do not have paid vacations, I just sit on the wall and watch.  If you disagree with any of my posts, please feel free to email me directly.  Intelligent discussion is always welcome.  If you feel a rant coming because your boss is asking you to take his/her dog for a walk during/after office hours, or ordered you to buy a gift for the wife, or whatever... please feel free to send it here.  Don't worry, I can fire myself but your boss can't.

  This blog is not recommended for people with ostrich-like tendencies. Eating before reading may  result in occasional indigestion.  (No ostrich has been harmed in the writing of this blog).

  Requests for email forwarding service to this or that ambassador or such and such  officials in this or that agency will be politely ignored. This blog does not have extra hands, and frankly, don't have a rolodex either.  I just watch the lighthouse and hope you come visit regularly. Comments posted in a foreign language I do not understand, or comments linking to products for sale online (yes, like send flowers to India and those blue pills) will be automatically rejected by this blog's outsourced moderator-genie on call.

  Please read my full disclaimer here.