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To view the video of the Senate confirmation hearings, click on the heading "NOMINATIONS" on the specific testiomony page provided for each nominee.  Witness names in the testimony page are hyperlinked to the pdf documents of their confirmation statements at the Senate panel. Links to statements online are included if provided electronically by the nominee/witness testifying before the SFRC. Videos sourced from non-Senate sources are identified as such. Updated 6/22/09.


HILLARY CLINTON | SFRC testimony page

James Steinberg | video and statement

Jacob Lew | video and statement

DG: Nancy Powell | video and statement


* * *


AU: AFRICAN UNION  | Michael Battle, Sr. | SFRC page

UN: Susan Rice | SFRC testimony page

USNATO: Ivo Daalder | SFRC testimony page


* * *


AFGHANISTAN: Karl Eikenberry | SFRC testimony page | c-span video


ARGENTINA: Vilma Martinez | SFRC page


BAHAMAS: Nicole A. Avant | SFRC page


BELGIUM: Howard Gutman | SFRC page


BELIZE: Vinai K. Thummalapally | SFRC page

BENIN: James Knight | SFRC page  


BRAZIL: Thomas Shannon, Jr. | SFRC page


BURUNDI: Pamela Slutz | SFRC page


BURKINA FASO: Gayleatha Brown | SFRC page


CHINA: Jon Huntsman, Jr.  | SFRC page 


DENMARK: Laurie Fulton | SFRC page


FRANCE: Charles Rivkin | SFRC page


GUINEA: Patricia Moller  | SFRC page


HAITI: Kenneth Merten | SFRC page


HOLY SEE : Miguel Humberto Diaz  | SFRC page


INDIA: Timothy Roemer | SFRC testimony page


IRAQ: Christopher Hill | SFRC testimony page | c-span video


IRELAND: Daniel Rooney | SFRC testimony page


ITALY: David Thorne  | SFRC page


JAPAN: John Roos  | SFRC page 


KOSOVO: Christopher Dell | SFRC testimony page


LITHUANIA: Anne Derse    SFRC page


MARSHALL ISLANDS: Martha Campbell  | SFRC page 


MEXICO: Carlos Pascual | SFRC page


MONGOLIA: Jonathan Addleton  | SFRC page 


MOROCCO: Sam Kaplan  | SFRC page


NETHERLANDS: Fay Hartog-Levin | SFRC page


OMAN: Richard Schmierer | SFRC page


PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Teddy Taylor   | SFRC page 


ROMANIA: Mark Gitenstein | SFRC page


SAUDI ARABIA: James Smith | SFRC page


SOUTH AFRICA: Don Gips | SFRC page


SRI LANKA: Patricia Butenis | SFRC testimony page


SURINAME: John R. Nay | SFRC page


SWAZILAND: Earl Michael Irving | SFRC page


SWITZERLAND:  Donald Beyer, Jr. | SFRC page


TAJIKISTAN: Kenneth Gross  | SFRC page  


TANZANIA: Alfonso Lenhardt | SFRC page


TUNISIA: Gordon Gray | SFRC page


UGANDA: Jerry Lanier | SFRC page


UNITED KINGDOM: Louis Susman | SFRC page


ZIMBABWE: Charles Ray | SFRC page