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Thank you for looking at our profile. We’re so excited to begin our family through adoption, especially since Susan was adopted herself as an infant. We understand what a careful and loving decision you've made for your child. 

We welcome this chance to tell you more about our life together. We've known each other for nine years now and have been married for about three years. We were married on the beach in Maryland, where Susan was raised. We have a very happy life - full of laughter and love.

In 2010 we bought our first house in Virginia and we’ve had so much fun renovating it and decorating it. We can't wait until we're able to start on the nursery.

We like to spend some of our spare time together making and selling crafts, which allows us to express our creativity and work with our hands. Don enjoys woodworking and Susan loves crafts of any kind. We both look forward to encouraging creativity in our little one and plan to have lots of paper, crayons, paints and clay ready when the time is right.


We love spending time exploring our new neighborhood. There are so many parks and playgrounds nearby, a community pool with a fun splash park, sports fields of every type, and access to one of the best walking and biking trails in the area is just two blocks from our front door. The school system in our neighborhood – one of the best in the country – was a major factor in selecting our home.

As much as we love being home, we also love traveling – and especially visiting our family and friends around the country. Susan’s family lives at the beach a short drive from our home and we try to visit several times a year. We always enjoy the fresh seafood (Susan’s dad is a wonderful cook and her mom loves to try to catch fish and crabs, usually with mixed results!) and visiting the national seashore just a few miles from Susan’s childhood home. Don also grew up near the water - in Florida, where his parents still live. Since it’s so hot there in the summer, we visit every winter. Don’s brother also calls Florida home. We both love being on or in the water as much as we can, from swimming to sailing to kayaking - even just reading a book at the beach is a fun day for us.

At Thanksgiving, both sides of our family gather at our house for a weekend of celebrating and giving thanks for all we have been given. Both families were very excited when we told them we were planning to adopt. After all, Susan is adopted so we all know how just how much joy adoption can bring to a family.

We also have a large extended family in our circle friends who live nearby and around the world, and we love to visit them and their children. All of our friends are happy to know we’re planning to add to our own family and we look forward to lots of family play time in the future. Many of our local friends are having babies this year so your child will have friends right away!

We know you will be curious about your child as he or she grows up, and we want you to know we will share photos and letters with you as often as you are comfortable - Don's a great photographer so we'll never lack for pictures of our family. We're open to discussing even more contact including e-mails, phone calls or even occasional visits if you'd like.
We have a wonderful life together and look forward to being parents. Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about us.
Don & Susan