Public Land and Building Assets

Goldfields Allotments
The Parish Council owns Goldfields Allotments, accessible from the end of Pettitts Close, Dry Drayton.  The Council manages this plot of land as allotments.
The Allotment Rules and other information can be found on the Dry Drayton Village website:
The pump on Pump Green
The Council also owns a small plot of land known as Pump Green in the High Street adjacent to Cottons Field where an old Parish Pump now stands. Its present use is an open space.
The Council does not own any buildings.


This link will take you to the Council's Asset Register for June 2018


This link will take you to a list of the Council's assets in 2017


Full details of all the council's assets at February 2016 are shown in the table below:
 ITEMS 2015/16 Location Comments
 Bus Shelter (1)
 6525.15 Opposite Church Farm
 Bus Shelter (2)
 3473.73 Oakington Road
 To be reviewed in 2016/17
 Parish Council Notice Board
 543.25 High Street
 Parish Council Notice Boards
 Oakington Road
Scotland Road
 New wef December 2015
 Strimmer 359 Held by Councillor Stamford
 New wef April 2015
 Gavel 100 Held by Chairman
 Litter Pickers
 17.00 Held by Nick Irish
 High visibility jackets
 31.00 Held by Chairman
 Pump Green
 Green at end of High Street
 Allotments 1.00  
 Totals 12,499.93  

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Leslie Waters,
Jun 20, 2018, 12:15 AM