Dr. Sanderson has trained thousands of mental health professionals through lectures and workshops.

Lecture/Workshop Topics Include
Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy:  Essential Skills
Evidence-Based Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Specific Disorders:
         Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
         Generalized Anxiety Disorder 
         Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
         Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
         Social Anxiety Disorder
           Evolutionary-Informed Clinical Psychology: see Our Evolutionary Selves

Lectures/Workshops can vary from two hours to a full-day workshop, depending upon how much information is to be covered.

As part of the workshop, extensive handouts are provided including lecture outlines, assessment measures, and forms used in treatment.

For those interested in more extensive training, supervision of ongoing cases to learn to apply CBT can be arranged.

For a presentation outline or more information contact Dr. Sanderson.