What you need to know about how I care for my patients!

My goal is to relive you of your Neck and Back Pain and the many other problems that can come from these conditions, if ignored and left untreated. 
    My wife and I live above my office, so I have made it my goal to be available to my patients more often than any other doctor in the area.
    ***Treatment when you need it - If you are in pain, I will see you as soon as possible, to give you the relief you need.

    ***Regular daily office hours - I am available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

    ***Evening and weekend appointments - Since pain does not always occur during regular office hours, I am available anytime, at no additional cost to you, whether it is Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday or any evening.

    ***Walk-ins are always welcome - Although, an appointment may get you in and out of the office more efficiently and quickly, I will always make room for anyone who needs help.

    It has always been my policy that finances should not prevent a person from getting the care they need, whether that have no insurance, poor or no Chiropractic coverage, or high co-payments or deductibles; therefore, I participate with an accredited Medical Discount Plan that allows me to legally discount cash fees, which has saved many of my patients a lot of money.  Be assured that in my office, you can still receive treatment and get the relief you need.

    ***No long term treatment plans -  I have a strong aversion to plans that keep a patient addicted to care they may not need. 

    ***No expensive prepaid treatment plans - I refuse to sell my patients plans that they cannot and should not have to afford. 

    Pain shouldn't rule your life, and it can make you vulnerable and desperate for relief, so I believe in giving fast and effective relief from pain at an affordable price. I do all I can to care for and respect the people who put their trust in me.  
Many people prefer chiropractic care, simply because it aims at providing safe relief without using painkillers or surgery of any kind.

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For more information on me, my office, what services I offer and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, please browse through this website or give me a call at (801)589-1426.

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Serving the people 
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40 years.