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A grid based guide with highlighting

I enjoy using digiguide and often use my digiguidesearch to schedule programes to record. However, it has never been possible to show in digiguide which programmes were scheduled to record, and it is quite annoying when most of the programmes you ask it to record have conflicts.

Therefore, this module has been developed in order to highlight this information directly in a similar grid based guide.

Currently you can highlight the following:

  • Programes scheduled to record
  • Scheduled suggestions
  • Those conflicting with programmes scheduled to record
  • First showings
  • Finished Programmes
  • Season Passes
  • Snippet of program description on mouse hover

Screenshot -->

Version 0.5a Download here

I am currently working on a much improved version which is more interactive through the use of http requests.  In the previous version the page and colours stayed static so the only method to see what you had set to record was to reload the whole higuide page.  Now all scheduling and cancellations can be performed directly on the guide page and you will see the colours change dynamically as shows are set to record.

A brief list of new features:

  • Dynamic scheduling of programmes on the guide page
  • Conflict highlighting done by the client so this can be turned on/off without reloading the page
  • Programme is scheduled to record or cancelled simply by clicking on the title of the show in the guide
  • Programme information is retrieved on the fly.  Therefore, descriptions for every programme do not need to be downloaded with the original page.
  • A log file is displayed which reports all actions and any possible errors which occurred.

Things I need to work on:

  • Schedule/Cancellation of currently recording shows
  • More documentation / information on the page
  • Ability to change the default recording quality 
  • Any other suggestions, then please post at the link below 


Post bugs/comments/suggestions here



Setup recordings from digiguide 

I've written (by means of trying to understand the TiVoWEB code) a script that will enable digiguide to setup a TiVo recording instantly.

By right clicking on a programme in DigiGuide and selecting "Record Programme with TiVo" it extracts the programme with TiVoWEB. It tries to match time and date and channel and then takes you directly to the conflicts page. You can then either confirm the recording with a single click or review the conflicts. Once at this page you can even set/edit/cancel a seasonpass by clicking on the programme's link.

There is now also an option in the digiguide menu to "Watch this Channel with TiVo" allowing you to switch to that channel automatically.

It works pretty good for me so if anyone is interested they are welcome to use it.

If there are any problems, post here and i'll try to fix them

Since version 2, you also need the channel mapping file, which you can download below.

DigiguideSearch v2.4

Channel map

Note: Since implementing the module above I have stopped using this program.  Therefore, I will not be make any further improvements and will find it difficult to fix any bugs.  Especially as my digiguide subscription has run out!



I do not charge a fee for this software, but if you have found it useful and would like to make a donation.  Please use the button below.

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