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Welcome to my site!

Hi there, this is my new site thanks to google.  There is a brief description of each page below but you can easily navigate through the pages asdfasdfwith the menu.

TiVo Hacks

This page contains two TiVoWEB modules for scheduling recordings more easily.  

The Digiguide Search script (which, may i say, was my first ever tcl script) is a type of plugin for the popular TV listings program digiguide.  By interfacing with TiVoWEB it can bring up the conflicts page for a programme selected in digiguide to allow you to set up a recording there and then.

HiGuide was a somewhat bigger and more fun project.  The limitations of interfacing with digiguide were the inspiration and lead to a module which I use frequently.  I guess you can call it a clone of digiguide which can highlight all the scheduled programs.  I also implemented a number of other highlighting options which gave rise to the name.

Photo Galleries

This is a selection from my photo collection.  Including snaps from my PhD graduations and recent holidays.  I recommend viewing each set with the slideshow.  Served by picasaweb.

My Stats

Use this link to see how many visitors I've had to my webpage.  You can also see where they are from.  But sadly Google Pages doesn't allow JavaScript at this time so you can't see additional information such as referring links