"Affect Reason Utility" by William Angelette
Blinn College Course Year 2011-2012
Lone Star College Course year 2011-2012

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 quick results interface   


1440 X 900  


!ARU implentation of ECHO2 / HOTCO


Explanatory Breath

                   ARU 1

Explanatory Breath

                   ARU 2


                  ARU 3

Health Sciences

                  ARU 4

Judicial Decisions 

                 ARU 5

Affective Bias

                  ARU 6









!ARU applied to a controversy in the social sciences.



Psycho vs. Social 

    ARU 7

Morals Based Bias (MBB)

      ARU 8

Three Modes of Bias


Enriched correction to MBB  

     ARU 8.7


experimental extentions of !ARU


Training & Utility

   ARU 9

Indexical Semantics


A Complex Decison


      Methods meets Morals

  ARU 11 






!ARU and the knowledge argument 



Rock Paper Scissors


Harry learns Rock

  ARU 21

 His sense interface

  ARU 22 

 Internal explaination

  ARU 23

Shift to Color

ARU 24  


ARU 25 


 ARU 26 


Mary in The Room