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My Innovations...

"PAIR Sort", 4th semester BE
"Self Linked Lists for String Search", 7th semester
"QUICK Search", 5th semester
"Power of a Matrix", 6th semester
"Permutations by Binary Subset Construction", 7th semester
"Circular Sort", 8th semester
"Two-way Line Algorithm", 8th semester
"HEAP Datastructures", 8th semester
"Optimized Digital Binary Adders", 8th semester
"String Sorting Technique", 8th semester
"ReSearch Search Engine", 8th semester
"Combinatorial Generation of URL Patterns", Professional


My Projects...

Innovative Projects
"File Navigator" using Visual Basic
"ReSearch Search Engine" using Java, Visual Basic

Professional Projects [As a Team Member]
"ComSoc Content Update Process" IEEE, using J2EE, Perl, OracleDB, Postgres
"Parity Scopus Matcher Web Service" Elsevier, ACM, using J2EE, Axis, SOAP
"Scopus Warehouse Resolver" Elsevier, using Core Java, Oracle, PL/SQL, Apache
"Digital Library( UI ReDev" IEEE ComSoc, using J2EE, Struts, Ajax

Academic Projects
"Network Monitoring System" using .NET Framework
"Automation of Granite Industry" using VB, MS Access
"8086 Assembler" using C++
"Graphics Editor" using C

Offshore Projects
"Online Text Processing" using VB6, MS Excel. Williams (Snellville, USA),
"Untagged Data Extraction" using .NET Framework, MS Access. Bankruptcy (Snellville, USA)
"Online Sports Account Management" using ASP, MS Access, Ajax. Jason (Tokyo, Japan)
"Foreclosure Dashboard" using VB 2005, CSS, HTML, MS Excel. Williams (Snellville, USA)
"Blue Pearl -" using Web2.0, AJAX, SEO. Lars (Larvik, Norway)
"Advanced Glossary Generator" using Core Java, POI. Lake Systems (Bangalore)<< New
"QuickRates", using Visual Basic. Marion (Atlanta, USA). << New

Self Projects
"AJAX Components" using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX.<< New
"JSON Editor" using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON.<< New
"Product Classification by Lucene Search Engine" using Java/J2EE, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON.<< New
"8086 Assembler" using HTML, Vbscript, JavaScript.
"Command Interpreter" using C & C++.
"WinDOS" Using HTML, Vbscript, Java script
"Inventory Management Control" using VB & MS Access.
"UNIX Shell" using C in Linux.
"Lexical Analyzer" using C in Linux.
"SIC/XE Assembler" using HTML, Vbscript, JavaScript.
"Commercial Web Site"
"SS Music" TV channel advertisement
"Restaurant Management" HongKong, using VB.NET, C#.NET
And many C, C++, Java, VB, VB.NET and Web applications.


My Presentations...

International Level Technical Festival,IITB,"TechnoVision Award"

National Level Technical Paper Presentation, Tumkur, 1st prize
National Level Technical Festival, IITMadras.
National Level Technical Ppt (Osmosis), MindTree SW.Bangalore
National Level Awards Festival, CSI-BC, "YITP Award", Bangalore
National Level Technical Festival, Trivendrum
National Level Technical Festival, UVCE, PC, Bangalore.
National Level Technical Conference, CSI-BC 2007, Bangalore.

State Level Technical Festival, HMSIT, Tumkur, 1st prize
State Level Technical Festival, BVB-CET, Hubli, 1st prize.
State Level Technical Conference, GSSSEITW, Mysore, PC
State Level Technical Festival, SJBIT, Bangalore, PC
State Level Project presentation, IISc, Dr. AIT, Bangalore.
Regional Technical Symposium , CSI 2006, PC, Bangalore
Regional Technical Symposium , CSI 2007, 1st prize, Bangalore

Inter College Technical Festival, RVCE, Bangalore, 2nd prize
Inter College Technical Festival, BIT, Bangalore, 1st prize
Inter College Technical Festival, BMSIT, ISE, Bangalore, 2nd prize
Inter College Technical Festival, JSSIT, Bangalore, 1st prize
Inter College Technical Festival, BMSIT, CSE, Bangalore, 2nd prize
Inter College Technical Festival, MSRIT, Bangalore, 1st prize.
Inter College Technical Festival, MSRIT, Bangalore, 2nd prize
Inter College Techno Cultural Festival, BMSIT, Bangalore, 2nd prize
Inter College Technical Festival, AMC, Bangalore, PC
Inter College Technical Festival, RNS College, Bangalore, 1st prize
Inter College Technical Festival, RVCE, CSE, Bangalore, PC
Inter College Technical Festival (infinity),MCA, RVCE1st prize


My Awards...

"TechnoVision Award", By IITBombay, Jan 21st 2006.
"Young IT Professional", Award Nominee By Computer Society of India-BC, Jan 7th 2006.
"Young IT Professional", Award Winner By Computer Society of India-BC, March 3rd 2007.
"Best Projects of The Year 2006", 2nd Best Final Year Engineering Project, By KSCST, IISc, May 2006.


My Education and Certifications...

"Bachelor of Engineering(Computer Science), " Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
"Diploma in Computer Science, " Sanjay Gandhi Polytechnic, Bellary.
"Diploma in Information Technology, " Manipal Institute of Computer Education.
"Cisco Certified Network Associate, " (CCNA) Jetking, Bangalore.
"ETYE in Communication Engineering, " in Xilinix, M.S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.


My Profession...

"Wipro Technologies", Bangalore.
Designation: Project Engineer
Platform: Java, J2EE, Struts, XML, Web Services, AJAX
Domain: Telecom
Summary: At Wipro, I work for the client CISCO, and in the development team. My responsibilities includes designing, development and integration of some web components, modules and some services.

"Parity Computing India(P) Ltd.", Bangalore.
Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Platform: Java/J2EE, XML, Oracle, Postgres, PL/SQL, AJAX, JSON
Domain: Data Mining, Publishing
Summary: Worked in the domain of Text Mining, Data Warehousing and other large scale data management and integration process of a digital library, profilers, web services, search engines etc. A core team member for algorithms, complex data structures, high performance database computing and programming. Also, I am specialized in J2EE and Web technologies, and web services.


My Technical Skills...

Languages: Assembly Languages to High Level Languages
C, C++, VB, .NET, JAVA/J2EE, Perl, Masm
Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, JavaScript, VBSCript, CGI, ASP, PHP, Ajax, JSON, Struts, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL)
Databases: Oracle, SQL, PLSQL, Postgres, Mysql, MSAcesss(ADO, DAO, RDO)
Platforms: Windows, Linux (RedHat, Solaris, TurboLinux)
Hardware: Microprocessors x85-x586, A+, N+, CCNA, Network Programming, VHDL
Designs: Flash, FlashMx, Photoshop, MS-InterDeveloper, UI Design, Web Design


My Research...

Algorithms and Data Structures: Searching, Sorting, Combinatorial problems, Data Analysis
Data Mining and Text Processing: Data classifications and clustering
Search Engines Compact SEs, Lucene Framework
Web Development DOM, Web Components, Web 2.0 and Semantic Web, Usability and Accessibility Features


My Album...
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My Testimonials
i have never seen a BOND like VEERESH,
he's simply gr8.......
He always wants 2 b d best n he stives hard 4 it,if he makes up his mind u can never stop him THTS VEERESH.
He's innovative n trust me one day he will b a crore pathi just because of his innovation n algorithms.He's a gr8 frd toooooooo n 1 has 2 say this.HE IS A VERY GUD HUMAN BEING.All the best Veeresh....... U DEVERSE THE BEST.

Vaishali: He is simply SUPERBBBBBBB.........!

Diya: Veeresh.. i always feel like callng him Veeru..coz he s my best frnd...may b last too...he doesnt like hurtng othrs...hes helpful to his gud at heart...he is ambitious...aims high...and i feel just sky is his limit...wishng him evrythng in his life...always ur frnds... Diya

Divya Anand: hmmm.. veeresh is a kinda guy..who can think of things that usually ppl like me and u cant think.he is a real brainy guy...getting good marks is not his speciality...he is known for his inventions ...well i pray that god rewards him more than he deserves for all the hard work he puts in in his interests...otherthan he being a genius...he is gud frd too...he is der for u for any help...i am really glad..veeresh is a frd of mine....well veeresh, one day i expect u to say the same to me too...hehe...kidding dude...keep up the gud work man...!

Laxman: Veeresh The man with almost all technoloies in mind, He is funny, talented guy i don ve any metrics to measure his talent, This is only person I ever seen who concentrates on knowledge but not on marks, and He is the person with Vision and Goal in mind..
Personally I ve learnt a lot from him..
and I am very happy to have such a friend...
and I am sure he will definetely achives his Goal
Hey buddy this is caring Laxman All de best mamm

Shilpa: One heck of a guy.a geek n a lovely soul with streaks of humour to keep u person u can always bet ur life on to help you.

Prameela: Veeresh thats how I know him.....My wonderful colleague ...As his name says there are no limits for words to explain about him. Always with his sweet smile...fuzzy logic and new Algorithms...!!!!!! ... He is a wonderful person. God has blessed him with lot of kindness and patience. No matter what you do for him, if u need any help, he will surely be there to help u(especially Technical help) . He does not know to say No.. Really I had wonderful time with him...:-) Whoever gets invitation from him Don't miss it..-:) ...:-).

Priyanka He is my best friend and lovely colleague, and a very very caring person. He has sweet smile and lot of patience. Always helping me and never used to say nooo. He is very talented and high thinking, and I hope he will reach high in career. I have learned from him allot. He is very good at heart and ambitious, and is very good human being. I wish him all the best.

Praveen A cool guy, anyone can say seeing at him for the first time. Smart and creative too. We became friends from the very first day we met. He is technically talented and helpful to others too. Capable of discussing about any topic in the IT stream. Very passionate to Web. So definitely, a good guy to be worthy of being a friend. Thank You Veeru. Wish you success always.

Krishna good friend of mine i proud to be his friend, he will do every thing to help others. if u miss this guy u miss a happy time in ur life it would have been not so fun with out having as friend like u in my life

Madhusudan Veer .... The person wid the best sense of humour i hav ever met in my life.... He is very fast in responds to different situation in his literary qualities, writing good sms and small quote lets. He got an imaginative mind going deep crux of the matters extracting real meaning. He is having proven executive skills but never compromise principles calling a spade a spade inviting the wraths of his superiors leading to loosing his legitimate place in promotional career. As to know him he is a man to achieve his targets by hook or cook. A hard working & industrious, he takes his task sincerely till the achieved result and meets goal. Gem of a person, What more can I say about this guy .... goto google and search for VERESH, despite having such a common name, he will show up on the first page on google. This should give you some idea as to how popular he is ...

Lars I'm very happy with this work. Most important is the feedback along the project. I was kept informed all the time. Would recommend to anybody.

Williams Very satisfied with Veeresh's work. To everyone I highly recommend him and will work with him again in the future

Marion Veeresh was were easy to work with and highly capable. He completed the task quickly with very few issues along the way. I am very pleased with the outcome of the project and would definitely consider using him again in the future.

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