Andrew Bond

a freelance film director

Born in USSR. Andrew was a very quiet child, who sometimes could astonish adults with his keen perception and sense of observation. He attended an experimental kindergarten with advanced study of [censored by KGB] after which high school proved to be quite dull to him. He has been nearly killed on several occasions. He saved several lifes.


Holy Cow 2007, Estonia - special mention for The Babel Tower (film school etude)
The Unprecedented Cinema 2008, Estonia – best student film for Advertisement – Conspiracy Theory
Fish Film Festival in Rostock, Germany 2008 – special mention for Advertisement – Conspiracy Theory
Estonian Amateur Films Festival 2008, Estonia – prize for Advertisement Conspiracy Theory
Youngsters Night Movies Noorteöö 2008, Estonia - special prize for Obsession
Tartu Student Days Tudengifilm 2008, Estonia – grand prix for Obsession
Sleepwalkers Film Festival 2008, Estonia - special mention for Obsession
Estonian Amateur Films Festival 2009, Estonia - prize for Obsession
BerlinerFilmFenster 2009, Berlin, Germany - grand-prix for Obsession
ESAP film festival 2009, Porto - Portugal - honorable mention for Obsession
2ANNAS festival 2009, Riga - Latvia - special award for Obsession
Unprecedented Cinema 2009, Estonia - best director award for Obsession
37. Festival Der Nationen 2009 Ebensee, Austria - award Bear in Silver for Obsession
Unica in Gdansk, Poland - Bronze Medal for Obsession
Youngsters Night Movies Noorteöö 2009, Estonia - grand prix for Russian Size
Tartu Student Days Tudengifilm 2009, Estonia – grand prix for Russian Size
9th International Student Film Festival in Písek, Czech Republic 2009 - Best Director award for Obsession
VII International Festival of Non-professional Film Makers - 1'st place for Obsession (Pohjamaade/Nordic festival)
Festival “V tysyacheletnem Yaroslavle” in Russia – grand-prix and public favorite for Obsession
Unica in Switzerland 2010 – Gold Medal for Russian Size