Media & Lay Lectures

cropped-logo_w.pngMay 2017
The Quale at UCLA Conference
June, 2016
Article about "manspreading" for which I was interviewed
April, 2016
The Daily Californian interviewed me for an article on body posturing
November, 2015
UCLA Cognitive Science Students Organization

June, 2014
A spotlight about our work at Caltech's magazine: E&S, Engineering & Science

Nerd Nite LA
February, 2014
Lecture: "Can neuroscience contribute to the millennia-old debate on free will?"

October, 2014
Lecture: "Neuroscience, free will and medicine – predicting decisions before awareness of having decided"

Closer to Truth
December 2011 - January 2013
"Closer to Truth", broadcast on PBS, has devoted a few episodes to our research. The webpage summarizing our participation is here

December 2012
Online, real-time action-prediction system in operation (download video here, MP4 format)

CG Jung Institute Lecture
November 2012
Lecture: "The Problem of Free Will"

November 2011
Lecture: "Free Will and Moral Responsibility: A Neuroscientific Perspective"

October 2011
Lecture: "Free will, moral responsibility, neuroscience and Yom Kippur"

HaYadan, Weizmann Institute of Science
February 2009
A spotlight about our work at the Weizmann Institute's magazine: Hayadan, here (in Hebrew)