Dyno Tuning & Diagnostics

Have your scooter professionally set up on our state of the art dyno tuning equipment, or just have a power run to check BHP....you choose!


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Scooters by Scooterotica:   

Track Racer TS1

For info on the race scooter story, to see it being built and to read about the full spec, simply click here:  


My old Le Mans Vespa....as crafted by Sean Brady Scooters.  Gone but not forgotten!



Waynes old 'Scooterotica' Lambo, painted, tuned and built by Sean Brady....sold now, and owned by some other lucky sod!

Dave's T5 Racer, painted, tuned and built by Sean Brady.....used as a daily work horse too!

All the above scooters are featured elsewhere on this website, check out the articles in both 'Tuning Information' and 'Sean Brady Scooters' sections for images and info on the builds, painting, and engine tuning of these scooters.....and much more besides!



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