Marching to War
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Battle Plans

Architects of War

On The Attack

Art of War
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 ... And Peace
(Feast & Dancing)

Feast Menu
1st Course - English
**Salat - A lightly dressed salad of lettuce, spinach & herbs.
*Losenges Fryes - Fried bread
**Clarrey (non-alcoholic version) - Spiced white grape juice

2nd Course - French
Rissoles on a Meat Day - Fried Pork ravioli.
**St. Andrew's Vegetables - Sautéed squash, fennel and parsley root.

3rd Course English
Chike endored - Golden battered chicken
*Funges - a dish of mushrooms and leeks.
*Frytour of erbes - Fried herb fritters

4th Course - French
Hedgehogs - Beef “"loaf" spiked with almonds
*Turnips a la Beausse - Turnip pan-fried
**Hippocras (non-alcoholic version) - Spiced red grape juice

5th Course - English and French
**Tailles (french) - Sliced fruit pudding
*Tourteletes in Fryture - Ground Figs in Pastry
Friday Night’s Performer’s Revel
Where: In the Castle
When: 7:00 pm until 12:00 pm
What: Performer’s Revel - Bring your drums, your instruments, your songs and poems.
Put on your bells, your shimmy skirts, your dancing shoes and let the site ring with the talents of the good 
people of Sacred Stone and all who come to join in the fun.

Dancing Under the Stars in the Castle
Where: In the Castle
When: 8:00 pm until 12:00 pm
What: If you have ever wanted to learn the courtly art of Period dancing, this is your chance. Under the stars, in a beautifully lit castle, learn to dance the way Kings and Queens of old did. No dancing talent required. Just come prepared to have fun and make new friends.