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Armored Fighting Schedule
Tourney & Scenario basic rules
Please note all times and scenarios subject to change

9:00 AM:
MoL opens, armor inspections begin, authorizations. Sides will be determined at sign in and are:
French (blue) and English (red)

All fighters who participate in the fighter fashion show will earn points which will carry over into the mornings Round Robin tourney. Each fighter entering the fashion show will receive 1 point. The winner of the fashion show will receive an additional 2 points.

10:30 AM:
Round Robin Tourney

 · Pairings will be made by piting one red fighter
 versus one blue fighter.

 · Each fighter will face each other fighter
on the opposing team each round.

 · Each bout will be worth 10 points. The winning
fighter in each bout will receive 7 points, the loser will receive 3 points. Double kills will be re-fought.
 · The fighter with the most accumulated points (points from the fighter fashion show + points
earned from the round robin tourney) will be
the individual winner.

 · The team with the most accumulated points will be declared the winner and will receive bonuses during the woods battle.
**The bonuses will consist of being able to choose which base they will defend and will receive 1 bonus point to their point total during the woods battle. **
12:30 PM
 Melee practice in preparation for Pennsic begins. This has been requested by His Highness.

2:30 PM
Woods Battle Begins. (Capture the flag)
Each team will have a base which will serve as their resurrection point and will have a no combat safety zone surrounding it. Fighters will resurrect by entering their base, ‘tagging up’, making a unit with at least
two other fighters (forming a three man unit) and
then re-entering the battle.

Each team will also have a defensive position containing their flag. Each team’s flag will be counted as one point for the opposing force if captured.
A flag will count as captured if it is not contested
for one minute, if the flag becomes contested during
the one minute count down, the time resets.
For the purposes of this scenario contested shall
be defined as being within the reach of the longest melee weapon on the field.

When a flag is captured, the scenario will reset as quickly as is possible and will be started again. We will run through the scenario as many times as is possible in the allotted time.

The team with the most points at the end will be
the winner. Should a tie arise, a no resurrection
battle will take place with the winning side
being declared the victor.