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If you're looking for lessons, get in contact with me! All lessons are tailored for the individual student, so that they are achieving at their personal skill level.

Based on what the individual would like to learn, lessons can include:

-Playing Technique and Theory
-Marching and Visual Technique
-Sight Reading Exercises and Techniques
-Focus Exercises and Techniques

My main goal when I give lessons is to broaden a student's understanding of competitive drumming on multiple levels. I mainly give Snare lessons, but I can teach any battery instrument (Snare, Tenor, Bass). With my experience in performance and teaching, I can help anyone from a brand new beginner all the way up to someone at the professional competitive level. 


30 Minute lesson: $30
One Hour lesson: $50 ($10 Discount)
4 One Hour lessons paid in full at the beginning of each month: $180 ($20 Discount)

I would prefer to set up a normal schedule with each student, but drop in lessons are welcome.

Cash is preferred, but I can also accept Debit/Credit cards. I will accept Checks as well, but I would prefer the other methods of payment.

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Cell Phone (Text or Call): (707)319-2332
Email: adamclay210@gmail.com