Magical Abilities

Future & Dead

  • I can see the future and dead.

Spell Work

  • Green witch does positive spell work, whether hoodo, voodo or spell work as well as dark if needed such as breaking a spell.

Other Skills

  • I work with candles, herbs, oils and pendants.
  • I make my own oils, infusion and pendants.
  • I can do a picture reading (if you send an image)
  • I can also read with an item previously held by or owned by a person.
  • I can then answer questions you might have about the person.   


  • I might see a breakup, but I might also see that you need to experience love before a breakup for your journey.
  • I will therefore encourage you to love as part of the journey you were meant to experience for your greater perspective and greater good.
  • I will encourage you in a 100% positive manner always because loving encouragement is what we all need.
  • I will help guide you through the journey to the best of my ability.