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Marie James (Druidess Marie)
A druidess is another name for a celtic spiritual earth practitioner, who is very in touch with earth and trees. Celtic crosses, celtic intertwining mandalas, etc. and trees are very much part of the wiccan faith. Here you can discover the Living Worlds of Spirit, from the Faerie Realms to the Angelic Kingdoms; the ancestral places within the deep Earth and the high regions of the Summer Stars; meditations, rituals, sacred places, the many faces of the Divine Feminine, and the Grail of your own soul. My name is Marie James and I use the reader name Druidess Marie. I have been a green witch since I was a teenager, connected to the earth and its being. I am kind, loving and gentle. I will connect to the God/Goddess, those beneficial spirits around you, your guides, fairies and those loving earth spirits for the information to answer your questions. I can also perform spell work to assist in your journey and I can break spells in the appropriate circumstances for the highest and best good of all involved. I have written a book of spells which will be available on Amazon, If you are interested in information to perform your own spell work. I also am able to write and perform custom spells, craft herbs, herbal bags, oils etc., to assist you in those endeavors should you seek to perform your own spell work. I have over 25 years of study in this area and have helped many people along this journey so far. You landed on my page for a reason. 

May the Goddess and God bless you on your journey!

So Mote it Be.

Druidess Marie