Prescription Benefit Management

Would you like to save money on medication?  No insurance coverage?  If so, we will send you a FREE Rx discount card by mail. Since 1997, we've provided thousands of pharmacy discount cards to uninsured families.

Present your pharmacy card  to your pharmacist when you purchase your medication.  In most cases, you will save money versus regular retail price on your medication.  Savings will vary between medications.   The savings will vary depending upon the medication, at the time of purchase.

We use the Bio Scrip - Scrip Solutions network.  More than 1 million prescriptions are processed each month by Bio Scrip - ProCare Pharmacy Benefit and their network affiliates

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"To the Angels of the North...Thank you so very much for the help sent to get my prescription.  Lately I have gone through trying times in many areas of my life.  Your kindness shined through the dark like sunshine from heaven.  I will keep you in my prayers as well as the St. Vincent De Paul Health Clinic." - Louisiana