Fused Art Glass 

Druffel and Associates*

Poppy Field - glass image of poppies and lupine in the California hills 
(5x6 inches) Cost $40

Southern Jacaranda - glass image of a sprawling jacaranda in the deep south US 
(5x11 inches) Cost $60 

Lone Cypress
Monterey Cypress living alone with a sea of rocks on the California coast 
(20 x 14 inches) Cost $200

Montana de Oro
Knarled rock formations that jut out into the Pacific off the central coast of California 
(24 x 18 inches) Cost $900

Additional glass pieces are shown at the links below:

Jacaranda - glass image of a Jacaranda tree in full bloom 
(5x6 inches) Cost $40

Last Light on Ferns -  glass image of a fern leaf captured with a sliver of light shining through
(16x13 inches) Cost $120

Hawai'ian Crater
This creation is inspired by the crater Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii
(15 x 11 inches) Cost $150

Palmyra Beach
This image is of North Beach on Palmyra Atoll in the equatorial Pacific 
(17 x 11 inches) Cost $400 


Images of nature are portrayed in glass using glass fusing techniques.  The images are made separately and fused together to portray depth within the piece.  


Please send your questions and orders to edruffel@uci.edu.