Dr Uday Singh Rajput (born in Kannauj district of UP, India ) is a graduate in computer science and engineering from HBTI Kanpur(1989 batch), UP, India. Subsequently he  did his post graduate and Ph D.  He has written several books in mathematics of which one is published by PHI India. He has also published more than 100 research papers in national and international Journals. Dr  Rajput has more than 25 years of teaching experience and served D C R University of Science and Technology Murthal as a faculty and head in the department of computer science and engineering. He has also taught in Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. Currently, Dr Rajput is a faculty member (professor) in  University of Lucknow, UP, India. 
                 Dr Rajput is associated with Asian Institute of Human Science and Development Lucknow (an NGO) and has served its Asst Director. The AIHSD( Asian Institute of Human Science and Development) works for the betterment of common man and the environment, and helps in creating awareness regarding a corruption-free India. He has also served as Asst Editor of the Journal "The Asian Man", a reputed journal published by AIHSD. Dr Rajput also actively participated in various IAC movements. He is also President of social organization Samajik Vikas evam Sahayata Manch. Dr Rajput has delivered lectures in many national and  international conferences.  He has visited many countries including France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg. 
The future goals of his service are as listed below:
1. Making India corruption free. 
2. Making India a technical hub
3. Enhancing the country's GDP so that it becomes self reliant.
4. Eliminating VIP culture from India.
5. Creating a political system in India which is honest, accountable, down to earth, compassionate, responsive and dedicated.
6. Working for transforming society  into one which is tolerant, progressive, secular and casteless.
7. Inclusive growth of the country.   
8. Working for providing economic security to every citizen of the country.
9. Opening industries in every part of the country and thus providing 100% employment.
10. Reducing imports considerably.
11. Eliminating black money by promoting electronic transfer of money.
12. Reducing unnecessary celebrations in the country so that wastage of money is minimized.
13. Developing infrastructure in villages.
14. Strengthening and upgrading railways.
15. Working for women empowerment and their rights. 
16. Creating awareness for population control.
17. Providing house to each family.
18. Making judiciary accountable and responsive.
19. Good governance, fast and  time bound delivery system.
20. Upgrading and expanding technical education.
21. Assigning at least one technical project to each village. 
22. Reducing expenditure in govt to a minimum necessity. 
23. Accountable and honest public service.
24. All round development of the country within 10 years.
25. Permanent seat at UN.