Sex & Love Theorem (定理)

Sexy You = Sexy Brain = I * O = O * I > IOO > 50 Shades 

Written by Dr. Trudy Hu, 2/5/15  


Spring Season: Love is in the Air

Spring is just around the corner.  After the hibernation in the winter season, the hidden life is about to sprout with vibrant enthusiasm. The hidden drive behind the robust growth is the love and nutrients from the mother nature.  Love is the foundation of human development.  Mother’s love is the lifeline for a child’s overall health and happiness.  Romantic love is the fuel for passion among couples and human’s biological need for procreation. Love is an abstract concept and intangible feelings which is hard to grasp.  Sex is hand-on action which elicits tangible excitement and sensations and, most importantly, it can be reproduced, experimented, and tested.  


What is Feeling/Being in Love?  What is Making Love?

I found Chinese character, love (), express the concept of love explicitly.  It starts with the heart () in the middle and another heart is facing down with a mirror in the middle and it was built upon the foundation of amiable friendship or everlasting love (agape) forever (友 or ).   Or it can be interpreted as two like-minded entities (i.e., deities, people, animals, objects, books, electronics) with positive affection reflecting one another.  The word, sex, is associated with highly charged attention, attraction or taboo for different individuals in various cultures.  Without a doubt, sex can jerk a person out of drudgery or dullness and shift into alertness and intensity.  If love is like a literary drama requiring attention to follow characters' dialogues and slow plot development, sex is like an action-packed thriller and two-thumb-up entertainment with minimum disruption from annoying conversations.  

Sex can do magic in health, relationship and beauty because sexual activities involve pleasant sensual arousal, affectionate interactions through multiple channels, fantasy and memory storing and retrieving, and then smooth physical interaction.  The beauty of the sex requires the foundation of LOVE and the action of MAKING LOVE.  Chinese character, sex (), combines two parts, a vertical shape of the heart on the left and a birth or life on the right () which is the best explanation of romantic love or erotic desire.  It indicates that action of love starts with heart and manifests through life-giving formats, such as a birth, new creations (i.e., innovations: ideas, projects, products, books).  

Great sex can be compared to the performance of the orchestra which depends on hundreds of musicians with thousands of instrumental parts and under the interpretation and coordination of the conductor.   Sex can be interpreted as a simple mechanical operation by turning on a switch or as complex and sublime as a musical masterpiece.  Musical masterpiece relies on the competent conductor and the complex coordination from hundreds of musicians and their tools; so is sexual performance.  First, how to start finding love and sex?  Where to find the manual for great love and sex?  Before looking for an answer by rummaging through boxes (TV, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Red Box) , let us take a look at our self images first in another magic box, a mirror.  Please click on How Sexy Am I?


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Sexiest of the All?

Love and sex can be interpreted in the eyes of the beholders under various cultural lens.  The self images can be reflected or disguised by many factors, too, such as, light or darkness, surface of the mirror (flat, uneven, broken, shattered), health condition, mask-wearing or concealed internal distortion, etc.  If the mirror is defective, the self image would be twisted, fragmented or concealed.  By following the dark path, love turns into jealousy and hatred and action of love making can turn into torture, cruelty, and death (: feminine, moon; : danger, stratagem; : treacherous stratagems brewed in the dark under the moon).

Before the cloning technology is developed, there is no one on this earth looking exactly the same as you in the mirror.  That means no two individual's self images in the mirror are identical, so the definition of love and sex is as unique and diverse as any individual's self image.  That is why the communication between two individuals can be challenging and confusing.

Let us assume that the conductor or the individual is not wearing masks (disguises) and the mirror is not shattered or broken as a premise.  Facing the overwhelming stress, the conductor has to face tremendous inner pressure in order to achieve a successful concert; the conductor probably asks this question a lot; that is, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the best musician/instrument in the orchestra?”

As a healthy adult desiring love probably would ask a similar question a lot, too; that is,

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the sexiest of the all?”

The Magic Mirror says, “YOU” to both questions.

Puzzled but curious without a logical model or flow chart, you would wonder what it means and where to start.  So it goes the next question is,

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, which part of my body is the sexiest?”

The Magic Mirror says, “YOUR BRAIN.”

Under the pressure of innovation, the ancient talking Magic Mirror has transformed into a computer wizard capable of talking, singing, designing, organizing and collecting information.


Next question for the Magic Mirror is “How to make myself the sexiest (i.e., most intelligent, cutest, delightful, lovable, attractive), not just a naked woman's body, when I searched 'sexy images' on Google?”


Love Theorem & Sex Theorem: I * O = O * I > IOO > 50 Shades 

The Magic Mirror googles online and comes up with a new sex and love theorem; that is, “I * O = O * I > IOO > 50 Shades.”

Code:    I   =  Brain Specialty: Rational, Logical and Task-Oriented Operation (Click on I or O for tests)

     I    = Manifestation of Functions: Coordinating the Actions of Making Love

O    = Brain Specialty: Emotional, Artistic and People-Oriented Preparation

O   = Manifestation of Functions: Creating the Atmosphere of Feelings/Being in Love 

*   = = Nonverbal, Verbal, Chemical, and Telepathic Interactions & Integration 

 IOO = Perfect & Unlimited Sexiness.  A few samples are listed below.

·        All power circuits are connected and electrified.  All your light bulbs turn on.

·        All the intellectual theories and models are logically constructed and pilot automatically without fission.

·        All the energy and excitement lift the chemical pleasure floodgates open.

·        The euphoria propelled by the high voltage power and galvanized through the high velocity sends a high dosage of ecstatic shock waves to your whole body and stimulate ultimate aesthetic sensual sensations.  It makes you feel that you are in heaven.

·        For more decoding and explanation, go to


Start Nurturing Your Sexiness (Intelligence, Cuteness, Attraction, Delight) Today.


Important Facts Regarding Your Sexy Brain:

          The brain is the fattest organ consisting of at least 60% fat.

        The brain is made up of 75% water.

        The brain uses up to 20% of the total oxygen in your body.

        The brain has 100 billion neurons. Each neuron is connected to other neurons by up to 400,000 synapses.

                  Brain emits love chemicals: Oxytocin, Vasopressin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Morphine, Nitric Oxide, Serotonin.


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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