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6. Awareness in Career Burnout

VOCATIONAL DEPRESSION ASSESSMENT  Designed by Dr. Trudy Hu, 1/31/2014

Vocational Depression Signs

1.  I feel tired.
2.  I do not feel like going to work.
3.  Any simple task becomes impossible to me.

Cognitive Capacity:
1.  I simply can not focus.
2.  I lost my motivation.
3.  I have no goal.

Physical Capacity:
1.  I feel restless and agitated.
2.  I have lost (or gained) weight.
3.  I do not sleep well.
3.  I have lost sex drive.

1.    I have lost interest in doing work-related activities that I used to enjoy.
2.    I think about quitting my job.
3.    I think about death.


More Questions:

§  Have you ever felt listless when you think about your work?

§  Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the to-do-list at work?

§  Have you ever felt restless in catching up new knowledge and new innovation?

§  Have you experienced mental fog and wish to escape?

§  Have you ever felt trapped by your job?

§  Have you doubted about your self-worth and the value of your job?

§  Have you felt insecure about your job security?

§  Do you feel anxious about the possibility of being layoff?

§  Do you feel unimportant or invisible at your workplace?

§  Do you feel bored (or lack of interest) in what you used to be good at?

§  Do you feel powerless to make an impact?

§  Do you feel exhausted for several days in a roll, even with good quality sleep?

§  Do you think that you are wasting your life to exchange for a paycheck?

§  Do you feel unappreciated by your supervisors/managers/co-workers?

§  Do you experience frustration in dealing with your supervisors/managers/co-workers?

§  Do you think that there is no career path or career future/promotion for you?

§  Do you think that there is no challenge, no stimulation, or no inspiration at work?

§  Do you think that you are a square peg in a round hole?

§  Do you feel stuck in a rut?

§  Do you think that your strengths and talents are not fully utilized?

§  Will you quit your job even if it means your income would be 50% less?