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Dr. Trudy's New Topic: Organic Life

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I. New Website: OrganicLife.DrTrudy.com
II. The Best New Year Gift—Organic Life--Embracing Your Mid-Life Transition


Who is Who? Who is Hu?

Dr. Trudy Hu is a psychiatric expert and a clinical psychologist whspecializes in brain functions, bio-psycho-social organic and humorous approaches in treatment and psychiatric medication consultation and coordination for 30 years.  
胡慧菁博士, 心理精神醫生, 會說國語,中文,台灣話
Insurances Accepted: Cigna, BCBS, Aetna, Anthem, Value Options, Ceridian, Magellan, EAP (Employee Assistant Program), etc.   

Locations & Contacts

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Location I: Portland, Bethany, Beaverton, Hillsboro, OR

Location II:  Silicon Valley and Evergreen, San Jose, CA

Phone No.:  503-895-8360 
                     503-439-0514 (Cell)
Telephonic consultation, Skype or Facetime available!    

Specialty & Language

Specialty:  Career, Innovation, Marital, Depression, Stress
Language: English, Mandarin (國語), Chinese (中文), Taiwanese (台灣)

Experience, Wisdom, Guidance  
Dr. Trudy's Consulting & Counseling

Recent Highlights

Calmness is the cradle of power. - Josiah Gilbert Holland

Highlight: News (4/10/17),
中文新聞How to Identify A Bully (08/22/2016), 

旅美三十年心理精神科醫生, 胡慧菁博士

"人生如戲人生-現代王子和公主的心理精神症候群" 作

中文版的文章出版: "心理精神疾病革命性的發現", 歡迎來電或寫信索取文章!

Parenting: Teens, Adult Children
Personality: Daring 
Seasons of Life: Young Brain, Mid-Life, Senior

Love, Romance, Marriage, Relationship, 愛

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Sexy You = Sexy BrainI * O = O * I > IOO >50 Shades 

Analyze Conflict Patterns That You Stuck In
How to Enhance Strengths and Minimize Gridlocks
Finding Happiness

Life Stages

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Seasons of Life: Childhood, Young Adulthood, Mid-Life