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A Medical Miracle.

posted Jun 4, 2014, 8:19 PM by Trudy Hu   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 1:06 PM ]
A Medical Miracle--How a Young 35-year-old Mother Facing Stage 4 Terminal Lung Cancer Gracefully and Successfully
(This article is published under F. Lee's authorization and consent.  Her intention is to take pro-active actions to help other cancer patients and families.)
I was inspired by this vibrant beautiful young woman, F. Lee, when I first met her a week ago (May, 2014) and I was surprised to learn that she was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal lung cancer in Feb. 2011. 
She was informed by numerous doctors to prepare her personal and legal affairs ready within 3-6 months maximumly.  In the end of March 2011, she experienced excruciating pain due to excessive fluid in her heart and her lungs and was on more than a dozen of medications and had a near-death experience, too.  After the near-death experience, she confronted the death sentence from lung cancer and all of her doctors.  When people felt uncomfortable and awkward around her and her terminal cancer, she embraced death and prepared herself to leave her children (3 young children with the age of 1, 2, and 4 years old) with her real life story. 
With strong desire for life and drive for healing and cure, this young woman has lived with the terminal lung cancer which has spread to bone, liver, lymph, and her brain already for longer than 3 years but she was radiated with bright smile, strengths, and good health.  When I asked her how she felt at this moment by telling me her traumatic life and death story that she has lived for 3 years, she said to me, "I felt great.  I am still living with cancers and I am still in treatment in Stanford Hospital.  I live everyday as my last day and I live fully and would like to tell many people to cherish life and live their lives everyday as their last."  F. used to work as a financial analyst at Apple Computer and then Seagate and received many outstanding service awards from both companies.  She would never have imagined, during her prime life stage with promising career future, that she has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer without any sign of illness or physical discomfort. 
F. is planning to establish a non-profit organization, Cancer Compassion Network, to help more people understand lung cancer and how to pursue treatment.
F. was featured by South Bay newspaper in 2011 and please read the following links for reference.