Organic Life--Finding Happiness, Embracing Mid-Life Transition

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Happiness—Organic Life--Embracing Your Mid-Life Transition         Written by Dr. Trudy Hu, December 16, 2014

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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”   Ecclesiastes 3:1 

“Do we know of any (snowing) so silent and sudden a change?”  Henry David Thoreau, 1858 

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Seasons of Life

Poets and artists have created numerous masterpieces to reflect the beauty of spring, summer and autumn.  Human life can be divided into four seasons, too.  Spring season in human life symbolizes innocence.  Summer season is filled with exuberance.  Autumn is the richest harvest time for achievements and reverence.  Albeit winter seems to be bleak and austere externally, its serene breathtaking beauty can only be revealed through the enduring and harsh passage of perseverance.  


Mid-Life Transition

Human life span theories tend to define mid-life transition or mid-life crisis by using ages, i.e., age 35-45 or from late 30s to early 40s.   Due to the health science and technology development, the definition of mid-life for modern men and women should be extended to 40-65 or beyond.  Mid-life transition is no longer limited by a number, the age.  Also the manifestations have come in through a variety of awakening experiences and process, which is more than just buying a sport car, having an affair, or dating a younger individual.


Social Shock Waves

When the news of the death of Robin Williams, one of the most achieved and well-known comedians, was broadcast in the media on August 11, 2014, I happened to be in Silicon Valley handling a similar clinical emergency.  The death of Robin Williams still shocked people through the core even after four months.  The life of Robin Williams is one of the best definitions and representations of the ultimate American success; that is, starting as a talented young artist, decorated with a dazzling career, surrounded by shining awards and billions of fans in a worldwide stage, and reaching the climax of the twinkling stardom in the brightest Tinseltown, Hollywood.  All eyes were on him and waiting for more magic and laughter.  People try to emulate and follow his footsteps in order to reach the same goal but found themselves scratching their heads and dumbfound about the golden route to stardom ended with such an unexpected lonely heart break.  Why?


To Change or Not To Change

After years of hard work to attain your dreams, no matter it is your degree, job, career, relationship, marriage, body image, interest, or a certain comfortable lifestyle, the comfort and security sets in and gradually turns into routine, boredom, or a strange feeling (unfulfilling numbness and dread).  The paradoxical needs for secure survival and constant invigoration have been built into any organism.  In the pursuit of secure survival or success, the nudge of change has been ignored, pushed to the back burner, or buried in the unawareness until the triggering issue happens.

 Formula:  Letting go of _________ I have worked so hard to attain for years is a huge risk.

 Filling in the Blank Box: My job, my salary, my career, my project, my benefits, my status, my bonus, my image, my big house, my luxurious car, my investment, my disability/ unemployment benefits, my parents’ house, my booze, my medication, my marriage, my shopping habit, my eating habit, my acceptance of overweight image, my comfortable (but unhealthy) lifestyle, etc. 

Wake Up Call

Even though we, organisms, have innate desire for innovation, the voice for revival usually is overshadowed or sabotaged by the needs for predictable security and physical comfort until the unexpected alarm ringing.  The most common alarms are physical illness, severe medical diagnosis, your loved one’s terminal illness and death, death of your relationship (breakup, extra marital affairs, divorce), death of your career (lack of career future, dead end job, layoff, job loss, unemployment), death of your companionship (pets, friends, partners) and death of hope and dream (depression, desperation, desolation).

Formula:  I am quite comfortable about _________ until I was informed that I have been ___________.

Filling in the first Blank Box: my life, my marriage, my work, etc.

Filling in the second Blank Box: hit by stroke, hit by heart attack, hit by panic attack, diagnosed with cancer, diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension or high cholesterol, informed that my husband/wife is seeing someone else, informed that I am fired, the shocking news of my loved one’s untimely death, etc.


Awakening to Aliveness

Wake up calls are always happening around us at any age.  However, people tend to ignore them until the most common wake up calls mentioned in the previous paragraphs happen to themselves which is in average age range from 44-48 traditionally.  But I found the average age is lower (age 25-35) for younger generations due to unhealthy and addictive lifestyles and the average age is higher (age 45-65) for older generations if they choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

Diseases are the manifestation of dysfunctional organs/organisms.  Mental illnesses are the manifestation of dysfunctional relationships, thoughts, emotions, behavioral patterns.  Either physical diseases or mental illnesses tend to reinforce another domain negatively and develop into an unhealthy lifestyle.  By sending you the alarming warnings, your body, soul, or spirit is trying to break away from unhealthy food, toxic working environments, abusive relationships, lackadaisical sensations, or addictive and harmful habits.  Your internal self is waking up and is hungry for aliveness which has been suppressed by long term starvation and suffocation caused by the lack of healthy nutrients, supportive nurturance, and healthy working and natural environments. 

Organic Food, Organic Environments, Organic Lifestyles  

Organic foods may be one important solution you may want to consider.  Organic foods, also called rainbow food, demonstrate rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white, purple) and balanced forms nurtured through nature.  Processed foods display attractive presentation and packaging.  Organic relationships demonstrate a wide spectrum of emotions, thoughts and behaviors (happiness, sadness, loss, anger, frustration, hurt, fear, encouragement, excitement, positive or negative cycles).  Abusive personal or working relationships tend to attract people through artificial sweetness, admiring rewards, and possessive attachment to cover up the control and manipulation derived from selfish insecurity.  Organic lifestyle involves biological, psychological and spiritual components.  Organic biological component is not just organic food intake but also physical activities, including walking, running, jumping, exercising indoor or outdoor.  Organic psychological component is to wake up your senses and start to listen, see, taste, smell, touch, feel, cry and laugh.  Organic spiritual domain is to tune into your gentle nudge, low and quiet inner voice, and unhappy or heavy feeling inside yourself and allow yourself to confront your hollow aimless life, to seek help and liberate your suppressed soul and spirit to shed off burdens, breathe happiness freely, taste joy fearlessly, and become whole again for more springs to come around.  


Happy New Year to You!

During the New Year of 2015, I wish you and your loved ones “Happy New Year”.

When I asked my children which trip stands out in their memory, their answers are the most difficult and unbearable hiking trails during the long journey into the wildness in Cascade National Park and Lake Tahoe.  You need to go through the Desolation Trail to be able to enjoy the Inspiration Point from the high vista point.  When your surroundings are downsized, your loads are lighter and your horizons and perspectives become broader and endless.

I wish that you like the Organic Gift that I present to you during this winter season and the new year for joy, peace, and renewal.

Quotes about Winter

“The dry grasses are not dead… A beautiful form has as much life at one season as another.”  Henry David Thoreau, 1850

“Nature, like an athlete, begins to strip herself in earnest for her contest with her great antagonist Winter.  In the bare trees and twigs what a display of muscle.”  Henry David Thoreau, 1858

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”  Henry David Thoreau, 1853

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Dr. Trudy has more than 25 years clinical experience on health, mental health, and high-tech businesses and professionals.  

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A Medical Miracle.

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A Medical Miracle--How a Young 35-year-old Mother Facing Stage 4 Terminal Lung Cancer Gracefully and Successfully
(This article is published under F. Lee's authorization and consent.  Her intention is to take pro-active actions to help other cancer patients and families.)
I was inspired by this vibrant beautiful young woman, F. Lee, when I first met her a week ago (May, 2014) and I was surprised to learn that she was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal lung cancer in Feb. 2011. 
She was informed by numerous doctors to prepare her personal and legal affairs ready within 3-6 months maximumly.  In the end of March 2011, she experienced excruciating pain due to excessive fluid in her heart and her lungs and was on more than a dozen of medications and had a near-death experience, too.  After the near-death experience, she confronted the death sentence from lung cancer and all of her doctors.  When people felt uncomfortable and awkward around her and her terminal cancer, she embraced death and prepared herself to leave her children (3 young children with the age of 1, 2, and 4 years old) with her real life story. 
With strong desire for life and drive for healing and cure, this young woman has lived with the terminal lung cancer which has spread to bone, liver, lymph, and her brain already for longer than 3 years but she was radiated with bright smile, strengths, and good health.  When I asked her how she felt at this moment by telling me her traumatic life and death story that she has lived for 3 years, she said to me, "I felt great.  I am still living with cancers and I am still in treatment in Stanford Hospital.  I live everyday as my last day and I live fully and would like to tell many people to cherish life and live their lives everyday as their last."  F. used to work as a financial analyst at Apple Computer and then Seagate and received many outstanding service awards from both companies.  She would never have imagined, during her prime life stage with promising career future, that she has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer without any sign of illness or physical discomfort. 
F. is planning to establish a non-profit organization, Cancer Compassion Network, to help more people understand lung cancer and how to pursue treatment.
F. was featured by South Bay newspaper in 2011 and please read the following links for reference.

Inspiration from "Book Thief" (05/13/2014)

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My daughter picked a movie, "Book Thief", for the Mother's Day celebration for me on 5/11/14.

The movie features a little girl who could not read but had a strong desire to learn.

She had the courage to take a book from the burned book pile during the political gathering that every adult and child had to show their obedience and loyalty toward Hitler by throwing books into the fire.  It was illegal to keep books or anyone could lose his/her life by violating the "laws".  It was legal to prosecute and kill a Jew or anyone could lose his/her life by violating the "laws".  In order to survive, people had to subject himself/herself under the laws of hurting people, burning books, and even demonstrating "emotionally abusive interactions" between mother and daughter, husband and wife, friends at school in order to conceal the genuine love and happiness toward a human being, a book, or simply life itself.

People did that as a general practice in order to follow the laws of the ruler or they lose their status, business and life eventually.  Conscience or genuineness can not be shown (it can only be a secret).  

In certain ethnic minority communities, alcohol drinking, child abuse and sexual abuse are all very common.  Many young girls were sexually malested or abused by their fathers, step-fathers, mothers' boyfriends, uncles, cousins, older siblings, etc.  Most girls grew up and revealed their trauma/anger toward their mothers because their mothers knew about the abuses but they did not say anything due to the fear of losing their own survival.  In those clinical cases, those mothers did that as a general practice in order to follow the laws of the house rulers (bread winners) or they lose their food, shelter and legal status eventually.  Conscience or genuineness can not be displayed (it can only be a secret).      

There are still many parallel processes going on in many organizations nowadays.  People continue to follow the general practice without checking into the individually different situation so that the conscience and genuiness can not be shown in the fear of losing their status, job, or survival.
Laws are subject to the rulers and leaders.  There is no ultimate righteous laws in a defective human world (or institutions) with human greed for power and control.  Sometimes, only through innocent children's eyes we can have a glimpse of the genuine bravery, compassion, conscience and humanity without the contamination of hypocrisy and corruption in adults' world.
This movie is very insightful and thought provoking.

Similar parallel process is still happening in many institutions, also inside the world-class educational institution.
Before you sent in your application fee and tuition to your dream colleges, you need to be aware of major concerns, such as the following issues within University of California at Berkeley and UC System.

The following English definitions of codes/regulations are implemented as general practice for years by Student Conduct Center and Dean of Students within University of California, Berkeley, and UC System.  

"Physical Abuse" = Hospital Transportation Record  

"Alcohol Use" (Possess, distribute, use alcohol) = To be invited or lured to drinking alcohol in permissive fraternity houses freely although the child is alcohol naive (never used alcohol before or not familiar with alcohol culture) even showing the genuine ID.

"Alcohol Abuse in Dorm" (Possess, distribute, use alcohol in the dorm) = Feeling dizzy and sleepy after physical purging unfamiliar substance

Dean of Student Conduct Center had the authority to retroactively change her inconsistent but permissive statements and actions toward fraternity houses (Greek Organizations which actually possess, distribute, use alcohol) to protect herself without any consequence.  

Since the authorities in the University of California, Berkeley emphasized that it is very common to cite above-mentioned violations (based on the above-mentioned English definitions) to students as general practice, many students or families who were mislabeled and mis-charged impossible monetary penalties do not have the time, resources, language proficiency, cultural understanding, substance training or legal knowledge to find out more inconsistency and wrongful citations within Student Conduct Center within University of California, Berkeley for years.  Please consult a professor in English department, any counselor or simply a dictionary (a book).  

What a sharp contrast and another similar parellel process:  Sexual predators do not face any consequences but sexual assault victims had to bear the trauma for life.  Is this very "common" as "general practice"?   

For your reference:   



4.  Alcohol naive is a medical term which indicates the individual is not exposed to alcohol drink, not familiar with alcohol types, alcohol contents, various alcohol drinks, alcohol drinking behaviors or all the behavioral disorder and possible abusive behaviors or consequences (i.e., ACOA: adult children of alcoholics) elicited from alcohol drinking.

5.  Professional Substance Use/Abuse/Dependency/Addiction Assessment Tool for Adolescence and Young Adults:  CARFFT

C--The teenager or young adult has ridden in a CAR with a driver who is high (drunk, under the influence of substance)

A--The teenager or young adult tends to use the substance ALONE.

R--The teenager or young adult uses the alcohol or substance for RELAXATION.
F--The teenager or young adult has used the alcohol or substance regularly and he/she tends to FORGET (memory loss, cognitive dysfunction). 

F--The teenager's or young adult's FRIENDS and FAMILY have commented on his/her alcohol or substance use/abuse/dependency/addiction and advised him/her to cut down, stop and to seek help.

T--The teenager or young adult has gotten into TROUBLE while he/she was using alcohol or substance.

Anyone who has 2 out of 6 criteria will be qualified for alcohol use/abuse/dependency/addiction.  

The parents of teens or young adults who have alcohol and substance use/abuse/dependency/addiction issues experienced the free experiments of drugs and substance in 1960s-1970s and sexual revolution which was the most prevalent popular culture in society as well as college campuses.   

4. The Reasons Why You Should Learn Chinese with Dr. Trudy Hu (04/21/2014)

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The Reasons Why You Should Learn Chinese with Dr. Trudy Hu

Chinese has become one of the most uprising languages in the world recently.  Almost everyone knows the values of learning a foreign language which opens unlimited opportunities in learning, travel, work, and commerce, etc.  Most of the foreign language courses offered in American schools are predominantly Spanish, French, German, and occasionally Japanese, and Arabic.  Language provides lens to understand a particular culture or a collective group of people, including their food, festivity, lifestyle, needs and wants, tradition, belief or religion, as well as medical, social, and political systems. 

Chinese culture has proclaimed longer than 5000 years of history with more than 26 dynasties and it still remains as one of the most important ancient civilizations in the world.  Ancient China has been the cradle for all sorts of inventions and development, such as agriculture, paper, pen, ink, printing technology, silk, fabrics, porcelains, fireworks, medicines, medical surgery, weaponry, and political evolution, just to name a few.  The long history also created countless national treasures in literature, arts, artifacts, philosophy, and wisdom; not to mention the celebrated enticing Chinese cuisines.

Learning Chinese also includes the above-mentioned advantages.  The challenges of learning Chinese are numerous. 

I.              First of all, Chinese is completely different from the Romance languages (one of the major Western linguistics), Italian, Spanish, French, English, or German which all have similar alphabets in spelling format. 


II.             There are two different Chinese written forms, Traditional and Simplified ones, and two different Chinese phonic systems, Traditional Phonics and Pinyin (alphabetic phonics), and these two different Chinese written forms are practiced in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, as well as various parts of Asia.


III.            The sources of the textbooks, teaching methods, and teacher selection can be a risky choice for individual learners and school officials.  It leaves lots of room for language and cultural brokers’ manipulation, misrepresentation and misleading marketing approaches.  Once you choose the wrong source or the wrong approach, it can become a major financial and time loss for an individual or an institution. 


IV.          Most of the teachers are native Chinese speakers who may not understand the strengths and obstacles that English speaking students and faculty experience.  Most of the native Chinese speaking teachers do not have a good command of English which may create teaching or communication barriers, such as misinterpretation, lack of cultural understanding, or personality or culture clash issues. 


V.           Lack of Quality Control or Accreditation Standards—Quality concern is caused by the lack of qualified bi-lingual teaching materials, teaching methods which should have been congruent with students’ original linguistic, cultural, educational and political backgrounds.  Editors and teachers are gatekeepers to create, select, compile and censer the materials to prevent any inappropriate contents and ideology to be indoctrinated into students’ young minds.


However, learning Chinese with Dr. Trudy offers students/individuals different experiences.

I.              Creative and fun visual learning style to increase students’ intrinsic motivation in learning a difficult foreign language.


II.             Chinese character learning will be facilitated with story-telling and tradition- introducing simultaneously.   These methods will help students in memorization and further enhance students’ retention.


III.            Chinese characters will be introduced through progressive steps and sequences so that students’ frustration and lack of attention can be noticed early to help trouble shooting in students’ learning obstacles.


IV.          Interactive teaching and feedback from students are important ingredients in developing new materials, new methods, and exciting homework assignments.


V.           Through Chinese teaching, Dr. Trudy will be able to bring ancient scientific discoveries and inventions to students in the modern era.  The beauty of the poetry, calligraphy and art works will be also introduced gradually.  The worldview of ancient Chinese civilization, and emerging Chinese societies in Asia will be introduced through language teaching. 


VI.          Dr. Trudy’s Chinese teaching gives you a clear learning sequence with measurable outcome and a sense of achievement in the supportive environment as well as in the context of Christianity.  Dr. Trudy’s Chinese learning books will be the most exciting Chinese learning tools for children and adults.  The learning methods will be innovative, interesting, and insightful.  Dr. Trudy’s books will capitalize the talents of iGeneration who relies on visual and rational learning method. 


VII.         Dr. Trudy’s Chinese character learning approach entails artistic, philosophical and scientific or historical story-telling to enhance the fun of holistic Chinese learning experience.  Last but not the least, learning Chinese with Dr. Trudy can be therapeutic and healing to students/ individuals who suffer from ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndromes, and low self-esteem.


Author Introduction:

Dr. Trudy Hu is a psychiatric expert and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in brain functions, bio-psycho-social holistic approaches in treatment and psychiatric medication consultation and coordination.  She has practiced in US for more than 20 years.  She integrates Eastern philosophy with Western training and immersed herself in both English and Chinese cultures and literature.  She has published a book, titled “Modern Prince and Princess Syndromes” in Chinese.  It has always been a vague dream in the back of her mind to start writing her own unique Chinese-teaching style which integrates Chinese learning, philosophies, calligraphy, and arts with the profound therapeutic and aesthetic power.  Dr. Trudy Hu received her Doctoral degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her Master degree from University of Florida at Gainesville.  She graduated from National Taiwan University with her Bachelor degree as a Foreign Languages and Literature major.  She has extensive teaching experiences in Ming-Dao High School in Taiwan, University of California, Irvine, University of Texas at Austin, Chinese Schools in Portland area, hundreds of professional workshops, seminars, and conferences, etc. 

A Gift of Life and Love (05/10/2011)

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A Gift of Life and Love
In Loving Memory of My Mother--Fundraising for Japanese Tsunami Victims
--Written by Trudy Hu,作者: 胡慧菁, 心理醫生,05/07-05/10/2011

I understand the pain of birth and creation now,
but thou have long gone.

I understand the wisdom of resiliency now,
but thou are nowhere to be found.

Now I understand the transformation of devastation that you had undertaken,
like the excruciating process of generating a breathtaking pearl.

You dedicated your life as a trailblazer to enlighten the darkness.

Your strength and character have been burnished and crystallized
like the gem stones in the humble womb of Mother Nature.

Your virtue and intelligence, as a foundation stone, shines dashingly
like a diamond embraced by a purified heart of gold.

It is hard to let you go but I can see you and feel you
in the forces of life, in the cycle of life, and in the heavenly water from the Cascade.

Your ultimate beauty of sacrifice and everlasting love is manifested
through budding leaves in the Spring,
fragrant blooms in the Summer,
withering colors and sighing in the Fall,
and the vibrant evergreens in the barren Winter.

Hereby, I bid you a final goodbye.
Your passing is still a mystery.
But surely you left me a gift of life and love.
Your Grace, Mercy, and Legacy will guide me through the lonely wilderness.

The Long Version: 
You were born into a fisherman's family.
You grew up in a small island west of Taiwan,
as a Japanese colony in 1930s.
You were expected to do more laborious hard work than your 3 elder brothers,
and raised your younger sister and brother at the age of 9.
But I was too young to understand the hardship that you endured.

As a young girl in that era, the opportunity of
education and career was denied.
You used to say to me that you would have several doctoral degrees,
if you were given the chance.
But I was too young to understand the denial that you endured.

You met Father at 21, who was a Navy officer post Chinese Civil War
and followed the withdrawn military from China to Taiwan.
You were banished and disowned by your own father because
it was unacceptable for a native Taiwanese girl to marry a soldier from China.
But I was too young to understand the abandonment that you endured.

As a military wife with 3 young children living in a shack, you struggled
to make the ends meet, while father was sent out for missions.
When people asked you to go to church, you secretly prayed that
"I do not know who you are, God, but if you give me a house, I will believe you."
A few weeks later, the little shack was burn down and
you were assigned a military housing in a Navy base.
You were humbled by the almighty and omniscient God.
Later, you started to work as a seamstress after you were rejected
to get a loan for your sick children to see a doctor.
But I was too young to understand the helplessness and the grief that you endured.

Your sewing business was expanded to edging, tailoring to embroidery.
You purchased 3 machines from Japan.
You worked from 6am to 1am everyday while Father was still at sea
and returned home once every 1-2 years.
You worried about his safety during the unpredictable typhoon seasons
with all sorts of shipwreck news.
You also tolerated some rude customers' complaints and insults.
You still had to cook, clean, educate and discipline the
rebellious and insolent behaviors of your children.
But I was too young to understand the agony that you endured.

When your customers suffered physical and mental pain,
you always offered a helping hand.
When your friends were in sadness, you closed the shop,
visited and comforted them.
When you reached out to your neighbors whose souls and spirits were disturbed,
they yelled out, "Don't enter her house. Her house is protected by the Holy Spirit."
You were amazed by others' invisible vision.
But I was too young to understand the awe and disguised blessings that you received.

Before the college entrance exam, I asked you if I should put down National Taiwan
University (NTU) as an option because I only considered Teacher Colleges which were tuition & fee free.
You said to me, "Why don't you put down the top choices of the top university (NTU)?"
While my high school teachers said to me, "It doesn't matter if you put down NTU as a
choice or not because you will never enter the top school anyway."
However, I entered the #1 department in the #1 university which was
the only one option that I put down among all other teacher colleges.
But I was too young to understand my self-worth and potential that you had nurtured inside me.

You opened a jewelry box and asked me to take some jewelries before my departure to USA.
I chose a silver cross necklace and you asked me,
"Why don't you take the gold rings, bracelets or necklaces?"
But I was too young to understand your sorrow about my upcoming overseas journey and
long-term separation between us by the Pacific Ocean.

Years later, I returned home temporally as a young bride.
During the noisy wedding banquet, my mother-in-law dressed like a bride
but I was forbidden to wear the dresses and jewelries I purchased myself.
Silently, you gave me a diamond ring on a gold band which was the only ring that I cherished.
But I was too young to understand that you saw all the humiliation under layers of the
hypocrisy with your piercing senses.

When your grandchildren were sick in Taiwan,
you and Father took turn to take care of them in their homes or in hospitals.
When my first daughter, Grace, was born in California, you and Father helped me out
for 6 months while I was completing the internship alone with a newborn baby.
You made all her baby clothes day and night.
Every stitch of her clothes bears the witness of your maternal love.
You even flew to Singapore to help your eldest daughter, wealthy son-in-law
and their 3 teenagers, even though you suffered from a severe medical condition.
You told me that you worried about your aging husband who might get sick
by working too hard to support your eldest daughter's family in Singapore.
You tolerated your son-in-law's comments to his 3 teen girls in a luxurious
spacious apartment (paid by his affluent company) in Singapore; "Go to study now. It is
not your job to do kitchen works. Let your grandparents do the cooking and cleaning jobs."
After you had some cold symptoms, you were sent back from Singapore to Taiwan alone,
because they still needed Father's domestic help in Singapore.
When the plane arrived, you were too ill to walk out of the airplane by yourself.
My younger brother burst into tears when he saw you being carried out by a group
of kind-hearted strangers from the plane to the gate of the terminal.
A few days later, you were diagnosed with a lung cancer in a final stage.
I was full of rage and anger but you still tamed my temper in the hospital.
You said to me on your deathbed that you did that out of parental love.
But I was too young to understand the unbearable anguish and heartaches that your own
children imposed upon you and the unconditional love you gave us until your last breath.

I understand the pain of birth and creation now,
but you have long gone.

I understand the wisdom of resiliency now,
but you are nowhere to be found.

Now I understand the transformation of devastation that you had undertaken,
like the excruciating process of generating a breathtaking pearl.

You dedicated your life as a trailblazer to enlighten the darkness.

Your strength and character have been burnished and crystallized
like the gem stones in the humble womb of Mother Nature.

Your virtue and intelligence, as a foundation stone, shines dashingly
like a diamond embraced by a purified heart of gold.

It is hard to let you go but I can see you and feel you
in the forces of life, in the cycle of life, and in the heavenly water from the Cascade.

Your ultimate beauty of sacrifice and everlasting love is manifested
through budding leaves in the Spring,
fragrant blooms in the Summer,
withering colors and sighing in the Fall,
and the vibrant evergreens in the barren Winter.

Hereby, I bid you a final goodbye.
Your passing is still a mystery.
But surely you left me a gift of life and love.
Your grace, mercy, and legacy will guide me through the lonely wilderness.


My Mother's daughter

Dr. Benjamin Franklin (04/22/2006)

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Dr. Benjamin Franklin--An Enlightened Divine Wisdom and Interview Series
Written by Dr. Trudy Hu, 04/22/2006

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 as the youngest son (total 11 children) of Josiah and Abiah Franklin.  Benjamin Franklin was the youngest child of the four Franklin generations and his father, Josiah Franklin, was the youngest child of his generation.

During his 84-year-long life, Benjamin Franklin was a charming, diverse, and lovable individual in human history.  Dr. Benjamin Franklin was a writer, entrepreneur, public servant, independent thinker, scientist, engineer, statesman, and a wonderful American Idol.  As a journey man, his life was listed in the following hall of fame.

11-year-old intelligent writer (His pen name was Mrs. Silence Do-good.)
17-year-old run away spunky boy
21-year-old artisan
25-year-old public citizen
38-year-old scientist and inventor
43-year-old statesman
65-year-old rebel
69-year-old founding father
70-year-old mentor
72-year-old diplomat and peacemaker
79-year-old sage

Dr. Benjamin Franklin has been a divine member in Heaven since 1790.  He has overseen the universe for 216 years and is extremely busy with the current universal affairs.  It is our privilege to have a 10-minute interview with Dr. Benjamin Franklin through his divine campaign manager. The following is just an excerpt of the lengthy record.

TH (Interviewer, Trudy Hu)               BF (Benjamin Franklin)

TH: Dr. Benjamin Franklin, would you please share your wisdom with the current engineers' career future on outsourcing issues?

BF: I was an apprentice under my brother, James, when I was 11 years old.  Before I was "fired" like "Trump" does on your TV show, I "outsourced" myself from Boston to Philadelphia.

TH: Why did you choose "outsourcing", a tough lifestyle, by yourself as a young lad?

BF: It was hard to be an apprentice in my era than a legal citizen or an illegal immigrant in the 21st Century.  As an apprentice under my brother, I had to work for him at least 7 years without pay.  I worked long hours and my brother owned the IP (intellectual property), claimed the credits and stock options.  "It Was Hard To Be an Apprentice" then has changed to your current tune, "It Is Hard To Be a Pimp."

Later on he failed his promises and wanted me to sign another 9-year contract, I just had to "outsource" myself to survive.  During my time, there was no "Meals on the Wheel", "Food Stamps", "housing Vouchers", "No Child Left Behind" grants, etc.  It was hard to start any business in your hometown controlled by your family, extended family, or any well-established family.  Just like Irish Americans, Italian Americans, African Americans, Jewish Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Mexican Americans, they all took turn play the game; it is called "Musical Hot Seat" and the outcome is that I am surrounded by colorful saints with different accents in Heaven.  Without any computer or internet, it was hard to email anyone who could go to street to do any strike, march, or form any Unions during my era.  I was young and I just wanted to work and support myself.

TH: I knew that you ran away from home (Boston) with only a few coins in your pocket.  You bought 3 rolls and you gave your bread to a poor mother and her children.  You helped a boat owner rowing the boat and you insisted to pay him for the boat ride.  As a teenager without anything, what motivated you to do that?

BF: I always believed that, "Industry and frugality are the means of procuring wealth and thereby securing virtue."  "To pour forth benefits for the common good is divine."

I spent my money on basic food and the leftover was all on books.  When I wanted to start a printing shop in Philadelphia, my father refused giving me any "venture capitals", but he gave me the best investment seed money, "steady industry and prudent parsimony" and "help yourself before asking anyone for help."  Wealth always follows industrious people who practice virtues as a religion, no matter where or who.  Among all career men and women, engineers are one of a few contemporary professions that still follow my basic principles.  But I am afraid that they might be the next target of "Musical Career Hot Chair."

TH: What advice would you give us regarding illegal immigrant issues?

BF: Try to find out why people are singing "Run, run, run as fast as you can, because I am a gingerbread man" and what is luring them to and what is driving them away.

Send some engineers to those places where "gingerbread men" are running away and help those "gingerbread men" to build a better social and political engine like the new places they are running to.  Using my principles and my political design may not be a bad idea and I just do not like the popular self-promotion (scheme of Mrs. Noisy Do-nothing, my jealous rivalry.)  My marketing skills are based on those of Mrs. Silence Do-good.

Engineers are the b est house builders, scientific and technology builders, and I believe that they need to take a pro-active role to reinvent a social and political system for more suffering souls globally.  I see so many sons and daughter of Evil (Mrs. Noisy Do-nothing) walking on earth and so many confused "gingerbread men" running around.  They seem to have a whole lot of fun in this New Gaming era.  It is time to launch another kind of creative outsourcing trend globally to land rewarding jobs for American engineers. 

TH: Dr. Franklin, I know that our time is running out.  Would you please give us a quick comparison in America's change and a few instant tools for us to fix?

BF: The definition of my time (THEN) and the definition of 21st Century (NOW.)

THEN:  Industry--Hard working
NOW:   Industry--More products, Lower cost

THEN:   Frugality--The royal road to wealth
NOW:   Frugality--Working poor, Mockery, Sign of shame

THEN:   Virtues--Tools to discover success and treasures
NOW:    No popularity, Out of date, Soon-to-be-outsourced

THEN:   Education--Self-improvement, Self-learning
NOW:    Education--More Budge, "No Money, No Learning"

THEN:   Insurance--Safety net for the poor or unemployed people (women)
NOW:   Insurance--Expensive commodity, Potential free money

THEN:   Welfare--Fire insurance for the poor
NOW:    Welfare--Free Money, Free Food, Noisy Do-nothing's Work-Life Balance

THEN:    Taxes--Non-existence
NOW:    Taxes--Death and Taxes, Two sure things in the whole Universe

THEN:    Garbage--Useless waste, Normally bio-degradable stuffs
NOW:     Garbage--Lots of goodies, Some are quite expensive and fancy, Some even look like human figures

THEN:    Money--Rewards for good contribution
Money--Rewards for good cheating

THEN:    Science--Observation of Natural Laws, Pioneer Spirit of Enlightenment
NOW:     Science--Trademark of geeks, Weirdos, Disposable

THEN:     Math--Foundation of Rational Thinking
NOW:     Math--"Meth" (methamphetamine), "Mess", or Mass

THEN:     Engineers--Sons and daughters of Silence Do-good, Integrity, Honesty, Knowledge, Temperance, Benevolence, Justice, Improvement of human civilization
NOW:      Engineers--Critical Turning Point to More Enlightenment or Darkness.  Let's spin the Wheel of Fortune.

I need to go now, otherwise, I may be prosecuted and crucified.  Pray hard, but "Make it concise, it will save you a lot of time."  If you follow my principles and virtues, you shall be blessed abundantly and see my divine face ($100 dollar bill) everyday.

TH:  Dr. Benjamin Franklin, American's founding father, who had the innate aversion to aristocratic authority based on egocentric abusive power, oppressive ignorance, and prejudice (roots of jealousy, bigotry, and evil.)  American national identity is based on the virtues and values of its middle class which is modeled after the prototype of Dr. Benjamin Franklin's personality and values; that is, intellectual brilliance, scientific observation in nature and mankind, tolerance and humor toward follies, pragmatic commonwealth, benign social system engineering, and graceful jocularity.  He never went to an expensive university or paid for any titles, but he started the first university, University of Pennsylvania, and the first public library in Philadelphia.  In addition to numerous roles and achievements, he has been an everlasting professor and deist in the Universe and an eternal luminary figure in the entire human history.

I bet that Dr. Benjamin Franklin would say that "just call me BF Freeman" because Franklin stands for "Freeman" when other Englishmen chose Smith, Carpenter (trade) as their last name several centuries ago.  We hope to interview Dr. Benjamin Franklin soon, so stay tuned.  Thank you so much for spending your precious time with us.

This is Trudy Hu Freewoman, Correspondence in the Universe Press.

Dedication:  This article is dedicated to honor my loving father who has nurtured me and helped me all my life.  He was the Chief Engineering Officer (CEO), Navy, in Taiwan long time ago.  He has passed away in November 2007 and joined my mother who passed away in 1999. 

Note:  Trudy Hu is a psychologist, a presenter, a speaker, and a writer.  She can be reached through her website:


Professional Comments:

"In fact, the difficulty we find in placing Franklin or in defining him is inseparable from the complexity of his monumental achievements. In the last five years alone he has been the subject of at least four biographies- a gracefully intelligent survey by Walter Isaacson, a forceful and meticulous re-creation of his French years by Stacy Schiff, major scholarly books by H. W. Brands and Edmund S. Morgan, and now is is created "alive" for a crisp chat with the lucky psychologist Trudy Hu! Franklin emerges in all of these reconstructions as a founder of not only American institutions and technologies but of a model of America itself.

Trudy's endeavor to present the importance of Uncle Ben's contributions in form of anecdotes, quotes, and his own voice, permeates through unusual aspects of technological exploration and innovation, and leaves engineers with a feeling of enormous responsibilities and a great seed of inspiration! A very creative article on Ben Franklin that I have come across in the last few years..."

Guruprasad Madhavan
Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center
Department of Bioengineering
Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering & Applied Science
State University of New York
Binghamton, New York

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