My first computer that I could really mess with assembler was a BBC micro.  Here I want to design and built something much simpler than an 8-bit microprocessor, my nano processor.  Mostly I expect it's best use will be as a warning to others.

Right now this site is just a place to collect my thoughts.  Current tasks are:
  • Transistors or relays (  Relays are more physical, but run too slow.   The rest assumes transistors...
  • I expect the majority of transistors to be in the registers and with a 4T memory cell that's about 512 transistors which is right on the edge.  I'm not sure I can get the 4T working, if I can't then this project dies.   This ( has effectively 5 transistors per bit but has capacitors which may severely limit the clock rate.
  • Finalise the instruction set
  • Finalise an emulator
  • Write Forth for the emulator and go back and tweak instruction set if needs be
  • Check that the registers work in transistors
  • Build the lot in verilog and go back to tweak if needed
  • ...

Come back in 2017!