Tom and Patty King Family

Christmas 2013

MacKenzie, Nick,Lara, Cassie, Nick G
Patty and Tom

Kenley Ginapp and Grandpa King
The new Kiss Members!

New KC Royals Fan- Kenley's first MLB game!
September 3, 2011

Nick, Lara and Maggie

May 22, 2013

Nick King Family--July 21, 2015
Nick, Lara, Maggie and Tempie
July 21, 2015

Maggie and Tempie King

Maggie and Tempie
July 21, 2015

Nick, Lara, Maggie and Tempie


Lara, Maggie, Nick, Tempie and Mimi (Patty)

April 9, 2016--  PSK Bday

Pig Snout Anyone?

Kenley Ginapp and Maggie King

Bea, Patty, Tom, Peggy, Joe
Cassie, Nicholas, MacKenzie

Bea's 80th 2019

Kenley Ginapp's Baptism 

Maggie King
Maggie King 2014

A Short Video!

Bill and Mom in Enid, Ok 
April, 2016

David and Mom 
Bartlesville, Ok
April 18, 2016

New Home!

New Edition to Family!

Cassie and Ellie (Elise) 2016
Cassie and Ellie (Elise)
Ellie Ginapp
Ellie Ginapp 
Peyton, Kenley and Ellie Ginapp 2016

Peyton, Kenley and Ellie

Christmas 2011

Nick, Cassie and Kenley Ginapp Christmas 2011

Peyton Ginapp-2014

Kenley PreSchool 2014

A Short Video!

King Family--Brice King's Wedding 2015

Papi and Kenley Ginapp

March 17, 2016

63 and aging....

Ellie Ginapp Baptism 2016

Ellie Ginapp Baptism 2016
Crete UCC