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Living in community  might mean: Kibbutz, Commune, House-share, Neighborhood, Co-Op, Condo, Apartment, "From the Block," Convent/Monastery. It's Attitude AND Architecture.

co-Housing is an intentional community. Since the 70's, co-housing groups have created a very wide variety of structures, both relational and architectural. The process of developing a co-housing community involves time, finance-sharing and sometimes difficult discussions.

  • co-housing histories
  • co-housing organization in the US
  • Swan, Oakland, CA
  • Takoma Village, Washington, DC
  • Shadowlake Village, Blacksburg VA

Physical Construction

  • Renovation
  • New Builds
    • Homes
    • Connected units
  • Re-purposing
    • Warehouse conversions (Swan)
    • Apartment take-overs
    • Containers