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Bead Into BioInformatics

We resemble our biological parents because we inherited half of our DNA from each parent. You can easily isolate DNA at home!

When purified, DNA doesn't look like much at all -- clear and goopy like fresh egg white. 


Scientists make models to help them think about what they can't easily see. They also use color to help distinguish parts.

By beading, YOU can model DNA, the molecule of heredity.

DNA is a very long polymer, made up of only 4 different monomers, called DNA bases. We call these, for short, by the first letter of the name of each monomer: A  T  G  C . It's now possible to determine the actual order or sequence of these 4 bases in DNA, and all this sequence information is stored in computer facilities (such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information) that anyone with Internet access can explore and study, for free!

YOU can explore the huge databank of DNA sequence called GenBank and bead a memento of your cybervisit!

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