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About Dr. Toby

Born in Brooklyn, NY, I went to Midwood High School. I loved science but had a difficult time in chemistry --- never seemed to report the correct final calculations.

As first in family to attend college, I went to Bryn Mawr College and graduated in chemistry in order to prepare for a research career in biology. Chemistry was difficult for me, so why not major in the difficult with great teachers to guide you?

At the University of Colorado, Boulder, I earned a PhD in MCD Biology studying the differentiation of a mammary (breast) tumor in inbred rats.
After a short post-doc in Baltimore, I joined the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD as a Staff Fellow, returning to breast cancer research that turned out to yield some fascinating evolutionary biology data.

To turn on the next generation of folks who have serious fun in science, in 1985 I joined Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology as a Laboratory Director, where I learned how to teach working side-by-side with Jim Johnson, developing, week-by-week, one of the first high school biotechnology programs. Some lucky students had me  all 4 years of high school: Introduction to Biotech (Grade 9), Plant Tissue Culture (Grades 10-12), DNA Biotechnology (Grades 11-12) and Senior Research. Quite a few survived their high school experience and thrive as productive adults - in science or careers where their science background gives them an edge, even in real estate! Several even teach science at elementary, middle, high school, college and even medical school. 

Thanks to the Internet, I'm in touch not only with the students I taught, but also my own classmates from as long ago as kindergarten!