About me
I received my Master's degree from the Free University Berlin and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Sussex and have undertaken postdoctoral research at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, the University of Groningen, and the University Medical Centre Groningen. Since 2015, I am an assistant professor (tenure track) at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Groningen.

Research. I am particularly interested in how young people handle difficult social situations, what chronic social stress does to one's perception of others, and how psychological and social development into adulthood is influenced by one's social experiences. During the past few years I have worked mainly with TRAILS data, a longitudinal cohort study that has followed Dutch youths from late childhood into adulthood. Being in their mid-twenties now, TRAILS participants have begun to start their own families, which opens exciting possibilities for intergenerational research. 

Teaching. During the past few years as a lecturer for a wide spectrum of student groups, I have started to build on collaborative and hand-on learning. Wherever possible I put students into groups as diverse in terms of study program and nationality as possibility and ask them to research and prepare some of the content for the sessions. I document these activities and showcase some of my student’s work here.