Tamara Ticktin, 
Conservation and Ethnoecology Lab                                                                                            

Professor of Botany
University of Hawai'i at M

Contact Information 
Phone:(808) 956-3928
Email: ticktin@hawaii.edu

Graduate Faculty Memberships
Botany; Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology


As a conservation biologist and ethnoecologist, my research centers on the links among local resource use, biodiversity conservation and resilience in coupled human-natural systems. Ninety percent of the world’s tropical forests lie outside of protected areas and most of these are used in some way by the people who live in and around them. My research questions revolve around two, interrelated themes: How can we balance human use and conservation? How can we maintain or increase the resilience of coupled natural –human systems to global environmental change? My students and I use a combination of ecological and social approaches, integrating plant ecological monitoring and field experiments, population modeling, interviews with resource users, and participatory research. We collaborate with social and natural scientists, conservation and cultural practitioners and local community members.

Specific areas of interest:

  • Local and indigenous resource management and biodiversity conservation, especially harvest of non-timber forest products (NTFP) & traditional agroforestry systems  and their effects on plant population dynamics, plant communities and plant-animal interactions
  • Global environmental change, biodiversity conservation and resilience in coupled human-natural systems
  • plant demography and conservation: population modeling to identify drivers of plant population decline
  • Development of participatory methodologies to integrate traditional ecological knowledge and ecological knowledge for biocultural conservation
  • Population ecology and conservation of Native Hawaiian plants

UHM Botany Courses

    • BOT 301/301L Plant Conservation Biology

    • BOT 444 Ethnoecology and Conservation

    • BOT 612: Climate change and social-ecological resilience in Pacific Islands

    • BOT 612: Incorporating a biocultural approach into conservation research
    • BOT 612 Plant population modeling applied to conservation

    • BOT 644 Experimental design and field methods in applied ecology