Links to Susan's Books and Selected Articles

2008 Making Miss India Miss Universe: Constructing Gender, Power and the Nation in Postliberalization India. Syracuse University Press.
2008 Hollow Bodies: Institutional Responses to Sex Trafficking in Armenia, Bosnia and India. Kumarian Press.
Selected Articles
2009 "'Dear Dr. Kothari': Sexuality, Violence against Women and the Parallel Public Sphere in India." American Ethnologist 36 (1): 62-77.
2009 (with Patty Kelly) "Desire and Labor in Economic Crisis: Anthropological Reflections on Women's Survival." Anthropology News 50 (5): 45.
2009 Book review of Gender and Globalization in Asia and the Pacific: Method, Practice, Theory, edited by Monique Mironesco and Kathy Ferguson. Journal of International Women's Studies 10 (4), May.
2009 "State Intervention in Women's Bodies and Lives: Sex Trafficking and United States Donor Aid in Armenia." Chapter 15, pp. 296-313 in Lisa Dresdner and Laurel Peterson, eds. (Re)Interpretations: The Shapes of Justice in Women's Experience. Cambridge Scholars Press.
2007 "Doing Bombay Darshan: The IMF, Structural Adjustment and National Identity in the Hindi Film Industry." Pp. 1-19 in Gurbir Jolly, Zenia Wadhwani and Deborah Barretto, eds. Once Upon a Time in Bollywood: The Global Swing in Hindi Cinema. Toronto: The South Asian Research Collective.
2006 "Imperial Replications, Postcolonial Realities: Class and Power at Cathedral and John Connon School in Bombay." Ethnography and Education 1 (2): 215-229.