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  • Theodor Seuss Geisel (March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991) was an American writer and cartoonist most widely known for his children's books written under the pen names Dr. Seuss, Theo. LeSieg and, in one case, Rosetta Stone.
  • Something that arouses strong emotions because of its beauty
  • A piece of writing that partakes of the nature of both speech and song that is nearly always rhythmical, usually metaphorical, and often exhibits such formal elements as meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure
  • (poem) a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
  • (poetic) of or relating to poetry; "poetic works"; "a poetic romance"
  • (poet) a writer of poems (the term is usually reserved for writers of good poetry)
dr suess poems
dr suess poems - You're Only
You're Only Old Once! A Book for Obsolete Children
You're Only Old Once!  A Book for Obsolete Children
If laughter is the best medicine, then You’re Only Old Once! is a delightful new defense against aging. Anyone who has ever submitted to a battery of medical tests will empathize with Dr. Seuss’s Everyman as we follow him through his checkup with the experts at the Golden Years Clinic. From the initial Eyesight and Solvency Test through all the stops along Stethoscope Row to finally being “properly pilled” and “properly billed,” Dr. Seuss lightens the aches and pains of growing old with his inimitable wit and wisdom. A perfect gift for anyone over 50!

Subtitled A Book for Obsolete Children, this unusual item in the Seuss canon doesn't really belong among the children's books. Written to celebrate the nonsense master's 82nd birthday, it follows "you" (an elderly gent in a suit and white moustache) through a physical check-up in some fiendish geriatric clinic. You are measured, prodded, and subjected to all the medical indignities familiar and unfamiliar to the elderly. "You must see Dr. Pollen, our Allergy Whiz, who knows every sniffle and itch that there is... He will check your reactions to thumbtacks and glue, catcher's mitts, leaf mould, and cardigans too. Nasturtiums and marble cake, white and blue chalks, anthracite coal and the feathers of hawks." It's clear that the process is going to be long, but much shorter than the bill. The blurb on the back says it all: "Is this a children's book? Well... not immediately. You buy a copy for your child now and you give it to him on his 70th birthday." Actually, it would make an amusing gift for anyone over 40. --Richard Farr

Suessical Doors in the Red Line Subway (with a poem)
Suessical Doors in the Red Line Subway (with a poem)
Smap 3 and Smap 4, they each had a door. Next to the doors, the subway would roar. Smap 3 rode to 95th, Smap 4 rode to Howard. Meeting back at home, they discussed how they'd soured, on preachers and rats and hucksters on Red. Maybe the Blue Line they should move to instead. One day they got on, at Jackson, no fare. Transfered in the tunnel, and rode to O'Hare. But there was nothing to see, and the ride seemed to last days. Just parking lots, hotels, and Old Country Buffets. They returned to the Loop, and hustled off Blue. Going back to the Red was the thing they would do. They vowed no more would they northwesterly roam. Among the preachers, rats and hucksters, they were back, safe at home.
Dr Suess Noid
Dr Suess Noid
I already had posted this poem to another picture, well the same picture basically I just added a few things such as the hat and bow tie ect.
dr suess poems
A Yellow Jellow, What Did You Say? (Second Edition)
Author and Illustrator JKaylin would like to introduce you to The Murgle-Flurgle-Flickity-Tickity-Tat, The Nutton Glutton, and The Greatest Me!. "A Yellow Jellow, What Did You Say?" is a delightful ensemble of children's poetical humor bearing the name of JKaylin.

This highly read slim paperback quickly emptied off bookstore shelves with its first publication in 1994. Yet aimed at an audience of children 3 thru 8, people of all ages still enjoy this inspirational packed volume of encouragement, silliness, wit, and humor. "A Yellow Jellow, What Did You Say?" is indeed a novel approach to children's literature.

Author JKaylin's close understanding of children and the child within in us all is evident in this delightfully written and simply illustrated children's book. JKaylin has carefully put into these pages a liberal amount of insight, warmth, and laughter. He then has sprinkled them all with the essence of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein.

Though this book is purely fun for its non-sense and silly wit, the content of "A Yellow Jellow, What Did You Say?" is also meant to encourage a child to think of themselves as something special, as they learn to discover and appreciate the wonder, awe, and magic of the highly versatile English language and the written word.

JKaylin is an author being described by some professional editors as the next generation in word play and funniness since the humorist writer of the 1920's, Ogden Nash. "A Yellow Jellow, What Did You Say?" is an asset to any library, including any digital book library that you'll want to take with you where ever you go.