Welcome to my lab page

                              My research group basically deals with polarizable and charge transfer force  field
                              development and refinement, theoretical modeling of dynamics and intermolecular
                              structure  in  liquids,  drug modeling,  materials designing, the hydration properties
                              of  biomolecules, and surfactant aggregation  in  solution  and  at  interfaces. In our
                              work  we  use  various  statistical  and  quantum  mechanical  methods,  molecular
  simulation  and  homology  modeling   techniques.  Recently,  we  have
                              started  work  on  the
  area  of    GPU   (Graphics   Processing   Unit)   computation,
                              particularly    for     solving     complex
   chemical  /  biochemical   problems   within
                              reasonable    computer    time   and    a   GPU   based
   molecular  dynamics  code
                              development   for   biomolecular   simulation.

                                Areas of Specialisation: Molecular Modeling, Nanotechnology, Homology Modeling,
                                        Computational Biology, Theoretical Chemistry, and CPU -- GPU Hybrid Computing.
                                Contact Information:
                           Dr. Sudip Chakraborty
                                        Centre for Computational Sciences
                                        School of Basic and Applied Sciences
                                        Central University of Punjab, Bathinda
                                        Email: sudip.cupb@gmail.com
                                        Phone: +91-9902728016