Cultural Concerns (i.e., Asian American Clients)

The Bay Area is a diverse melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, etc.  Diversity coincides with various perspectives.  Are you constantly caught between generations, finding it difficult to connect with first generation or adoptive parents? Vice versa, are you having difficulty connecting to your "Americanized" children?  These issues may impact the family atmosphere.  Contact me to learn more about ways to discuss the integration and/or adherence to traditional cultural values and American values.  Discussing the stress between at times, conflicting values may alleviate stress and improve relationships.  I have specific expertise in working with individuals who identify themselves as Asian American.  

In the corporate setting, research has supported the notion that diversity is integral to a company's success.  However, individuals have varying degrees of comfort with interacting with diverse team members.  Self-awareness can greatly enhance team members' abilities to improve communication and team cohesion.