People vary in their experience with therapy, and have a variety of questions about services and the provider.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.  I would happy to talk with you further for further discussion beyond the FAQ's.  

1) What can I expect in seeing you for therapy/counseling?
I provide a safe space to discuss people, places, and things that concern or bother you.  These concerns may include arguments with family members, relationship problems with your partner, anxieties, feelings of sadness, perceived and experienced racism, etc.  The initial session is focused on getting to know you better, which includes talk your reasons for wanting to talk to a provider, and basic background information.  The following sessions will include targeted interventions for your concerns. 

Using a medical analogy, during an initial appointment with your medical doctor, you typically share symptoms that you are experiencing, and he/she will develop a treatment plan (e.g., medication, surgery, etc.) In therapy, the treatment plan may include problem-solving techniques, self-care strategies, and examining thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that keep you stuck.

2) If I see you, does that mean that I am crazy?  
Those seeking therapy are not crazy or lazy.  Everyone at some point in their lives needs to consult with another person to gain a different perspective on issues; this could a friend, family member,  or partner.  A Psychologist/Mental Health Provider is another such perspective.

3) Can you describe your professional experiences?  
Therapists vary in their knowledge, skills, abilities, and training.  I am a trained Clinical Psychologist who has received her PhD in Clinical Psychology.  I have undergone 5 years of intensive doctoral training and one year of post-doctoral/fellowship/residency.  I have over 9 years of professional experience working with diverse individuals in a variety of settings.  My doctoral program was an university-based program, and in my year, there were total of 7 students admitted.  My post-doctoral training was completed at the top VA in the country.  You can also view my authored Publications, in addition to Media articles that quoted me as an expert.

I offered tailored, individualized treatment plans.  I am trained in and implement evidence-based treatments, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, as clinically indicated.  Furthermore, as clinically indicated, I may also incorporate Psycho-dynamic, Interpersonal, and/or Existential Therapies. The types of interventions used depends on each individual's presenting concerns.

4) What do you differently than other therapists? 
My specialties include the treatment of  Addictions & Substance UseCareer & Academic ConcernsCultural Concerns (i.e., Asian American Clients)Mood Concerns, and Relationship Concerns.  I have specialized experience working with Veterans.  

With all this being said, a therapeutic relationship comes down to fit.  A therapist can look great on paper, but feeling understood and that the therapist can effectively assist you are key indicators of a good client-therapist match.  Therefore, my professional experiences combined with an empathic, caring, and enthusiastic personality may differentiate me from other therapists.  

5) Do you take insurance?  
Currently, I do not accept insurance, and there are two main reasons that I do not; 1) It provides me with the flexibility to tailor treatment to your needs. For example, we are not restricted to have monthly, or bi-monthly sessions if weekly session or needed; 2) Treatment is not just centered around a diagnosis.  My professional belief is that a diagnosis is useful to organize symptoms and communicate a concern in a manner that is the 'industry standard.'  However, clients are more than just a diagnosis; they are people working through some concerns and towards self-growth.

Please note that I provide each client with a super bill for each session that services are rendered.  This bill maybe submitted as an Out-of-Network Provider if you have an insurance company that will accept the claim.  However, my full fee is required at time-of=service.  

6) What are your fees?
Treatment is tailored to the client, and fees will be discussed in relation to this tailored treatment plan.

7) What are your hours?
Currently, my private practice is open on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 pm-6:00 pm, as weekend appointments are needed for individuals that cannot attend sessions during the weekdays.  You can contact me Monday-Sunday to schedule an appointment for these weekend appointments.  

8) How do I make an appointment?
To make an appointment, please contact my office at 415.971.9722  or email me at stephaniewong2@gmail.com