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A new year check-up

Valentine’s day participation

Are you really capable of a loving relationship?

How to find the right person. How to be the right person

Are you having fun yet – together?

Report card for parents

The art of the re-connect for couples

Your marriage affects your child’s brain

Do you want a marriage like your parents?

Your number one relationship – with yourself

Are you psychologically and spiritually ready

A brush with fear – or was it love?

1999 – and you goals are?

Who, or what, is your valentine this year?

How to screw up a relationship

How to make a relationship work

Anger what to do with it?

Feedback: share a sandwich

Shame on you?

Do you know what you do not know?

Who are you?

Emotional boundaries: who get in?

Thanksgiving: who needs it?

Holidays: memories are made of this?

A new beginning: inspiration and invitation

Can you imagine a romantic relationship?

Are you a wimp? Bully? Find out!

How long will your marriage last? Are you sure?

Tit for tat: emotional energy exchange

Mommy and daddy, quit fighting

Are You Happy?

You died. What is your legacy?

Stressed? Anxious? Worried? Fearful? Check it out

Sad? Down in the dumps? Depressed? Change it!

Sex and Money affect relationships! (as if you didn’t know that)

Holidays: Closeness? Obligation? Humbug?

Happy (Sad?) New Year! Are you getting better, or slacking?

“Begin Each Day With Fresh Forgiveness” Omit Grudge and Guilt

Do You Like Yourself? Really? Prove It!

Why in the world did you, would you, have children?

Loneliness: Boon or Bane?

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Healthy Families

Your Career Life Changes

Do You Snuggle? Have Sex? Better if you Do!

Smile and Laugh: Live Longer and Better!

Stepfamilies are Challenging!

What Touches Your Soul?

Are You a Controller? Do You Live With One?

Who, or What, Is My Inner Child?

Retirement? Relocation? Next Step?

The Independent Man: Lone Ranger. Desperado

Teen Challenges: What’s Happening? What’s Needed?

Do You Belong? Want To?

Romantic Relationship: What Do You Want? What Do You Bring?

“It’s Not Easy To Be Me”

What is “love?” Who and how do you love?

He said, she said: Perception is reality

“I didn’t have time (whine). Time Management

Optimist or Pessimist: Which One are You?

“Live like you were dying”

Ladies, give it up!

Marriage makes you a better person, or worse. Yours?

Do you have “hardening of the categories?” Open-minded?

Guilt can be a woeful weapon

What do you notice about your spouse? Say what?

“Git er done” Just do it

“He’s just not that into you”

Creating Memories

Pain: Where do you hide and take it?

Holidays and memories

Happy (sad) New Year

New Year: Opportunity to Evaluate your Relationship

Want a Loving Relationship? Follow the Rules

Shoot the Messenger!

Want More Lovin’? Check the Bedroom

Why Families Matter: Past and Present

The Tear Won’t Fall

Valentine’s Day: What will it be for you?

I Useta Could – Aging, slow down!

Marriage: Who doe what? Agreement? Fair?

The Transformation Power of Love

The Gift of the Mentor

Avoid Divorce: It Hurts!

Divorce: Minimize the Pain and Damage, Especially to Kids

Are you Alive? Can you document that?

Grumpy Men: IBS or IMS? Or both?

Could, Woulda, Shoulda

How do you get “high”?

Rent a Friend (Therapist)…?

Mother, Mom, Mamma, Step-Mom, Wife(?): Your Day! Thanks

Money Drunk – Money Sober: Retail Therapy

ADD Does Exist

Pre-Engagement Relationship Counseling

Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares

I Need Some Space – Don’t Leave Me

Father: “Leader of the Band”

Marriage Enhancement Principles

Optimize your marriage: nurture fondness and admiration

Better Marriage? Turn toward not away from your spouse

Everyone has a story: What’s yours? Willing to share?

Being all you can be! Meet all your needs.

Warning to Women: Don’t go near these men!

How is your brain functioning?

Men: “Touchy-feely “confusion

What is your parenting style? Does it fit with your co-parent?

What is your child’s personality style?

Were you “abused” as a child?

Have you cut the umbilical cord from your parents? Both of them?

Keep lookin’ – you can find something wrong!

Men: Thoughtful? Thoughtless? Put down the toilet seat!

How bad do you want it? need it? what is it?

Boundary: Don’t cross that line. I mean it!

Why can’t you read my mind?

Who are you? Where did you come from?

I’m not as good as I once was…” Dr. Weil, help!

Are you a human doing or human being?

Thanksgiving: what is it to you?

A man died. What was said about him?

Do you have a P.E.A. brain? It can cause trouble!

Tequila makes her clothes fall off, Billy’s got his beer goggles on. Alcohol alert

Heart healer. Are you one?

2006 on the horizon: Your improvement area will be? How about inner peace!

Oh look, another “secret of success” book. Is it any good?

“Jesus loves you. I don’t”. Rejection? Rejuvenation?

We disagree. Now what? Battle stations? No!

“Honey, forget retirement – go back to your job! On second thought, Maybe we can make this work”

Grandparents: What are you (they) good for?

Dear Valentine, do you have a romantic personality? What is it?

Marriage and the military: a challenge

Are you bored? Are you boring?

Are you having fun? Who makes the fun happen? You?

Woman, art thou “seasoned?”

What kind of teenager are you raising? Did raise? Will raise?

Do You Need Therapy? Want to Find Out?

Second Chance Do-overs: Do What Differently?

Gentlemen Be Careful: Watch and Hold Your Tongue

What Do You Say About Your Spouse?

Are you co-dependent? Know anyone who is?

Mother’s Day reflections

A guide to living life fully: a perspective

Men cuss, women giggle. What’s up with that?

Children change your life dramatically!

“Friend”: What is it?

Daddy deficit: Got one? Giving One?

Anxiety in your life: normal? panic attacks? phobias? ptsd?

Parents teach your children to be independent or you have failed

“Victim”: do you play that card?

Do you label people? How? Why?

Lies at the altar: the truth about marriage

Serendipity: do you experience it?

Effective therapy does not feel good – initially

Relationship survey: how good are you?

Suicide: greater awareness needed

“Honey, don’t tell me what to do”

Stand by your mate

Do you want your husband to live longer?

You talk too much: you don’t have to say everything

Men don’t get it until…. they might lose!

Transitions: my life. Share yours?

Mindfulness – attunement: Know what that is all about?

Strong differences of opinion? How about mediation?

Mindfulness/attunement: a do-over. “The devil made me do it!”

Praise-o- meter: Do you have one in your house?

“Fix the kid” request the parents

Detachment is a wonderful mental health asset.

Spousal communication about touchy subjects: caution and expertise needed!

Thanksgiving: what does it mean for you this year? Family”

Mood changers: what works for you? Healthy?

Holidays and Values: What is your parental message to kids?

Holidays Often Expose Your "Achilles Heal" !

What Mask Do You Have On? Who is Really Present?

Stimulating Concepts Worthy of Thought

A New Year: Got a Plan?

Daddy's Daughter

A Father's Son

Dr. Stathas Opens Life Development Center

How is the 2007 plan going? Need a little extra help?

Stigma Stifles: Get over it if you're a "stigmaphobiac"

Do you want to be "right" -- or have a good relationship?

"Stabbed in the Back"? Now What?

OK -- What's Valentine's all about for you? Gut check time.

Empty nest? Need to push re-start and adjust buttons?

How Do You Handle Suffering?

“You Mean It Isn’t My Job to Fix My Wife – Make Her a Better Person”!?

Hot Monogamy: Are You Open To It?

Men: are you married to a “high maintenance woman”? Women: are you one?

Divorced? Kids? Get Along With Your Ex? Try to!

Are You a Bigot? Prejudiced? Open Minded?

Do You Get Mean or Run Away From Your Spouse?

Are Anxiety & Depression Inhibiting You?

Do You Receive Love Well?

Motherhood: Body and Soul

How to Make a Memorable Birthday for Someone Special

"It's a Long Trip Alone": Who Loves You -- 'Til Death Do Us Part?

How Much "Baggage" Do You Carry? Lighten the Load!

Taking Pot Shots at Your Spouse in Front of Others--Not!

Perseverance: Do You Have It? Encourage It?

Dad: "I've Been Watchin' You": Show Me the Good Stuff!

My Neighbor Just Died: A Reflection

Life Choices: Have They Been Good? Next Ones?

Children Prepared for Life: You Job

Are You Too Rigid? Careful, You Might Break!

Thinking About Getting Married? Have You Done "Due Diligence"?

How is Your Brain Functioning These Days?

Ten Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Are you a “scorekeeper” in your relationship?

Resentment and regrets: Got your “rear view mirror torn off”?

Do you know what your self is? Selfless? Selfish?

“Some people change, don’t give up hope”

Courage to face your fears, your “demons”?

When the talk gets hot try “broccoli"!

Good communication: sometimes it is keeping your mouth shut!

False advertising in romantic relations: are you guilty?

Are you “free”? What does that look like for you?

Child Leaves: A Wave of Sadness. Experienced it?

“I love to fish. I love my wife”: and the choice is?

Gratitude: Got it? Get it! You’ll like it!

Do you like organ music? Have you found your vmat2 gene?

Family Dysfunction: Who is the “saint”? Who is the “sinner”?

Birth Order: Does It Tell us Anything?

“Something to be proud of!” And it is…?

Sex and Seniors: What’s Up? Or Not!

A New Year Beckons: Room for Improvement? Where?

Who, or What , is Your “Oasis”?

Illness and Loneliness Oft Coincide

How Well Do You Deepen Your Friendships?

Are You Spiritual? Religious? Important Concerns?

Got Something Important to Say? Write It!

“Why Did We Wait So Long? We Blew It!”

Herschel Walker: Multiple Personality Disorder?

The “Problem Child”: What to Do?

Access Repressed Emotional Memories

What Comes Out of Your Mouth About Others?

Delilah’s Sappy Love Songs Touch Lives: Lesson Here?

Anger Can Be A Healthy Asset

“A Flight From Intimacy”: Co-Dependency & Counter-Dependency Dynamics

Do You Celebrate? When? Why? How?

Sexual Adjustment In Marriage: Are You Doing It?

Stressed? A Variety of Stress Reducers Offered

Mars & Venus Relationships Collide: New Understandings

Are You a Perfectionist? Raising One?

Finding Meaning in Life: Are You?

Relationship Change: Need One?

Resilience: What Have You Got Inside of You?

Forgiveness Frees The Heart: Some Tips

A Mother’s Day Taste of “Wholesome”

A Friend Died: What To Remember

“Dead Marriage: So What Happens Next?

Men And Depression: Silent Sufferers

Transition: A Son Marries!

“Honey, This Isn’t Working! Want to Try a Fresh Start”?

Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?

My Cinderella is Being “Stolen”: Another Transition!

Saying Nothing Says It All: Non Verbal Communication

Have You Cut the Psychological Umbilical Cord: It’s Stifling!

In Laws or Out Laws: What Do You Have?

“And God Said, Just Do It”: The Bible and Your Sex Life

Weight Management: Challenge Over A Life Time

Time Perspective: How Do You View and Use It

Small Talk Can Assist Quality Socialization

End the “Blame Game”: Look in the Mirror!

“Dreams Don’t Have to Have Expiration Dates!”

Sibling Relationships Vary Greatly: Yours?

Intervention: Loving Confrontation By Caring People

Want a Good Relationship? Develop a Plan and Script

Wedding Anniversary: Overcoming “Desperado” Defenses

Preachers: Would You Give That Forgiveness Sermon Again!!

Who Are You “Sleeping With”? Where?

Divorced Parents Are Able To Co-Parent - If…

Kids Miss Their Daddy!

Are You Turning Into Your Mother? Want To?

Can People Really Change? Yes, Sometimes, No

Love Remembers: “It’s the Good Stuff”

Spouse: You Do Not Have to Tell Your Parents Everything!

A New Year: “Check Up” for a Fresh Start?

PTSD: Existence In Military And Civilian Lives

Are You Taking Care of Your “Soul”? Soulmate?

What Are You Looking Forward To?

Trauma In Your Life: Implications Are Significant

My Dad: Dean Martin? Perry Como? I Don’t Know

Do You Know and do the Tasks That Make a Marriage Thrive?

Are You a “Pursuer” or “Distancer” in a Relationship?

“Doubt”: Have it? Want it? Capable?

Single? Want to Stay That Way? Doing What?

Life Style: What do you Choose? Why?

An Intimacy “Test”; How Close Are You to Your Partner?

Your Brain Wants You to Know This Brain Expert!

How Do You Respond to “Bad News”?

Irritations to Acrimony to Distance: Divorce or Adjustment?

Homecoming: Finding And Healing Yourself

Would You Care to Meet Your Current and Future Self?

“Please notice me!” Please touch me!”

Emotional Blackmail: Do You Do It? Done To You?

Strategies For Divorced Parents With Children

Children Married: Now What?

Hang In There: Marriage Can Get Better Over Time!

An Ol’ Buddy Died: Preventable?

Is Your Home a Sanctuary?

The Circle of Trust: Who Has Your Back? Or Not?

“I Love You, but I’m Not In Love With You”

So, What was Father’s Day All About for You?

Where on the “Self” Continuum Are You: Selfish or Selfless?

How Empathic Are You? Take the Test!

Are You the Jealous Type? Envious?

Want a Good Marriage? Try These Pointers!

Forgive and Move On: What’s Stopping You?

Obsessive? Compulsive? Brain Check Opportunity

Parents: A Message From You Children

Step Parent: Some Tips For A Difficult Role

Are You Saving Your Marriage From Your Kids? Need To!

Couples, What’s That “Elephant” in the Room?

I Need Time for Me, and Me Alone!

Husbands and Wives Should not Watch Sports Together!

Daddy’s Daughter’s Birthday!

Marriage: Stay or Leave?

Do You Know Your Social Personality Style?

Dr. Laura Thinks a Lot of People are “Stupid”! Are You?

Depressed? Are You Ready to Address It?

Who or What Do You Blame? Own It!

Would You Believe “Right brainers will rule the future”!

Ladies: Are You Capable of “Pushing the “ re-set Button”?

The Painful Helplessness Of The Caregiver

You Can Train Your Brain!

Happy Birthday, Kris – My Son!

What Kind of Parent Are You? Over-invovled? Invisible?

2010: Want To Try Dr. Oz's Recommendations for Well-being?

Marriage Assessment Time: Do You Have a Conscious Marriage?

Something's Missing: Can the "Magic Wand" Help?

Passionate Love Evolves or Dissolves: Yours?

What Do You Really Know About Bipolar Disease?

Phobias: Recognize and Cure

S.A.D. and Lonely: Know What That is All About?

Sexual Addiction: Tiger? You? Who?

Are You in Control of Yourself? Are You Sure?

How Well Do You Communicate With Your Children? Some Tips:

What's Inside? "Don't Judge a Book by Its cover"!

Are You In or Out of Control? Is Balance Working for You?

Is Your Man Being Unusually Quiet? Why?

Is Your Marriage Good Enough? Could It Be?

An Invitation To Self Analysis? Want To?

Divorced Dad's "Visitation": A Relationship Ritual

Can't Afford To Divorce? Options Available

Are You a Better Person Because of Your Spouse? Worse?

Want To Do A Marriage “Check Up”?

Spanking: Quit It, It Is Hurtful And It Doesn’t Work!

Sex Education: What Do You Know? Not Know?

Brain Functioning: Add/ADHD Types

Anxious? Stressed? Your “response reflex” is?

“I Chose You To Be My Spouse”: Why Did I Do It?

Are You A Good Conversationalist? Check Yourself Out

Father Role And Impact? Deserve A Recognition Day?

Aging Brain: Dementia or Alzheimers Lurking? Your Efforts?

“The Seven Deadly Sins Of Divorce”

Try Not To Move Your Kids: They Lose Something

A Quiz for Married Women: Speak Your Truth!

“He Wasn’t Like That When I Married Him!” Wanna Bet?

Step parenting is one tough job!

What are your favorite “defense mechanisms”? Still need them?

Relationship insecurity may undermine your health!

Last Resort: Separation Could Save Your Marriage

“Soul medicine”: what in heaven’s name is that?

Couples and money: such an “odd couple”!

Losing A Loved One: Grief Stages And Adaptations

Is your eating: “a healthy slice of life”?

Inflammation: Is It “Silently” Taking Away Your Life?

Women and Friendships: Your Type Is?

Your Inspiration: Who, What, & When Factors

Want To Develop More Social Self- confidence?

Loneliness: “I am I Said”: Who Said That and Why?

What Does Your Calendar Say to You? Priorities?

“Don’t Be Fallin’ In Love When She’s Walkin’ Away”

Thanksgiving: A Psychological Reflection Opportunity? Care to?

Want to be “younger next year”? You can be!

What Type of House “built” You? Go Home Again?

Venus and Mars: Now It’s About Hormones!

Do You Hear “voices”? Where Do They Come From? What is the Message?

Communication Tips for Couples: There is a Better Way!

“Mindful Loving” Creates Deeper Connections

“Happiness is a Focused Mind: Sex Helps Focus”

Brenda: You Made Each of Us a Better Person. Thanks!

Spouse: Ever thought or said these words? Then you did what?

The number one problem in relationships is? Communication!!

What do chocolate, spirituality, sex, cocaine,music & gambling have in common?

Rejection: how do you handle it?

Do you need to break a habit? This might well help:

“It’s too late” “Wake up!” Maybe it isn’t!

Do you have an unhappy life? Are you an “excuse” maker?

Grandparent time is arriving! What are the “rules”?

“Toxic people”: any of these types in your life?

Sexual abuse of children: Know about it!!

The art of the welcome: Do you have it?

“Will i ever be good enough: Healing the daughter of narcissistic mothers”

Trust can be rebuilt! Do you want to?

Who, or what, motivates you to be your best self?

Baby Boomers And The Risk Of Divorce

Do you know your needs? Clarification offered

Hoarding is unhealthy and damaging to relationships!

Have you found your passion? This might help

The Fourth of July: “Let freedom ring”! Build the dream!

Do you find it challenging to like yourself? Meet the challenge!

Attitude: A Reflection Of Who You Are And What You Do

“Remind me, baby remind me”! Do you need a reminder?

Parents and their adult children: what kind of relationship exists?

“Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, When I’m 64” (Old!)

An opportunity to examine and rate your marital needs. Do you know yours?

Issues to settle? Mediate – don’t escalate!

Paranoia Is A Challenging Frame Of Mind

My quest to get a younger brain – or at least slow its deterioration!

“To love more, think less about feeling love”

Do you know how to “change the channel”? It is a great skill to have!

An invitation to know something about Deepak Chopra and his message for optimal health and living well.

Who have been the most impactful people in your life? Positively? Negatively?

A grandchild is born. Ours! Time to review and practice the “rules”

Women: is there a misogynist in your life?

Have you made the “wrong choice” for a partner? Due diligence aid is available to make the “right choice”!

Who was, or is, the “favorite” child in your family?

Why Men And Women So Often Just Miss Each Other Through The Various Life Stages

What might “re-commit” mean to you?

Retirement: Creating and living your dream! Or nightmare?

How is your “learning to love yourself” game plan working?

Life lesson: see and tell the good - sincerely!

A son who gets it done and inspires: proud of you, Kris!

Warning! This article is about how stress affects your brain and body!

“Love the one you’re with”: Can’t? Won’t? Why?

“My way”: A life without regrets. Your way is?

Do you have any barriers to a quality relationship?

Teen brains: what the heck is going on in there!

Cheesehead catharsis: jeers, tears, and cheers! Yours?

Anxiety And Depression: Evolving Methods For Treatment

Divorce: “Take the high road”!

Are you happy? Contented with your life? Not so fast! Some checkpoints to consider

Nagging is a marriage killer: stop it!!

Your personality: how do others see you? Take this test and find out!

Do you have a playful personality? If so, what kind? If not, why not?

An “idiot’s” guide to a healthy relationship: compatability, are we a “fit”?

“Better than i used to be”: Can you say that? Prove it!

“How to make anyone fall in love with you”

“Oops, i screwed up!” Brain response is?

Your stress: is it good or bad stress? Do you know the difference?

Teenage Girls: “drama” starts in middle school! What might help?

Pre-marriage Counseling Can Insure Success or Block Misery!

We need more festivals! Why? A taste of “paradise”!

“Shut up and listen!”(or “please hear me!) : a Communication Essential

Learning How to Love Yourself Can Be a Challenge!

Are you “anywhere”? Want to be in a “better place”?

Ten Ways To Know If Your Marriage Is In Serious Trouble

Want to know more about your mental health? Take this “test”

“I Don’t Have a Dog in This Fight!”

Kill your personal “ants” – they are eating you alive!

Psychotherapy Can Change the Biology of Your Brain!

“What Women Want Men to Know!”

“Women Men Love, Women Men Leave”

A Man’s Vitality: Testosterone A Factor? A Solution?

“12 Ways To Forgive Your Parents For Doing Such A Crummy Job Of Raising You!”

Your Age Affects The Way You Perceive Yourself In The World

“Five Keys To Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence”

“I’ve Gotta Be Me. I’ve Gotta Be Me”

Do You Know Which of These Five “Love Languages” is Yours?

Controversy: Animals And Tv’s In A Couple’s Bedroom?!

“Just To The Next Right Thing”, “Suit Up And Show Up”!

“What Is Your Achilles Heel?” Know It!

End of Life Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs and Decisions

Life Is Short! Take The High Road (But Look Out For The Potholes!)

Parenting A Child To Leave Home With Strengths And Confidence

“Honey, You Are Driving Me Nuts!”

“Eight Mistakes” Men Make With Women!

Zac’s “ Goodbye In Her Eyes”: Rejection!

“Sacred Sexuality”: Oxymoron or Evolved Transcendence?

Men In Retirement: Thriving Or Struggling?

Were Your Parents Happily Married?

"I Know I'm Going Nowhere And Anywhere's A Better Place To Be.

Where Are You on the "Emotional Guidance Scale"?

Choices: Mine and Yours. Were They Good? Future Choices?

My Wife Has “Manipulated Me for Thirty Four Years – and I like it!

Married? Who or What Gets the Best You?

Quality Life Decisions Involve Sacrifices and Trade-Offs: Yours?

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Divorcing With Kids: Which Parent Gets “Screwed” the Most?

Sleep Deprivation, Memory Loss, Aging: Part of the Brain Puzzle

“Don’t Miss Your Life” Said the Man Who Missed Much of His

Addiction Recovery Principles and Relationship Readiness

Are Your Expectations Being Met? Are They Realistic?

Want To Be Happier? STOP Doing These Things Now!

Might You Be “Passive Aggressive”? Someone Else Close to You?

What Kind of Choices Do Happy People Make? Yours?

Buried Emotions Affect Your Life: Do You Know What Yours Are?

Aging and Life’s Adjustment: Letting Go of What, When and Whom

Alcohol Versus Marriage: Who Wins?

Are You Listening to Your Inner Voice? Is Your Intuition Working?

Relationship Disagreement Issues: There Are Many! Yours?

Enculturation: Does It Work For You or Against You?

Guilt Trips: How to Deal With a Guilt Tripper!

Time To Adjust Your “Game Plan”?

“A History of God” is Fascinating for Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

A Couples Stereotype: How Certain Men and Women Change Over Time in Their Relationship

Are You Coming From Strength? Looking To Find It?

School Starts: A Parent’s Hope!

“You’re An Adult: Get Out of the Wading Pool”: The Dependent Personality

Have You Thought About Writing Your Child a Letter?

“Touchy” Subject: What Kind of Body Do You Bring to Your Mate?

What Do Your “Numbers” Say To You?

Optimist Or A Pessimist? An Evaluation. You Want To Be An Optimist!

What Do Your Dreams Say About You? This Test May Assist.

Special Needs Kids Call For Special Parents!

Do You Celebrate Well? About What? How?

Try Not To Take It “Personally”: Let Go!

“What Is Your Relationship-Approach Style”?

Do You Bring “Sunday Morning Sunshine” To Your Mate?

Grandparent Time Again: Review of “Grandparent” Rules Is In Order!

Are You All You Can Be? Self Actualized? Find Out Here!

“Seven Habits of Emotionally Healthy People” Do You Have Them?

“Born To Be A Mom”! Your Destiny?

My Journey From Loneliness to Solitude.

Combating the Pain of Loneliness and Enjoying a Slice of Solitude!

"Thirteen Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be"!

Want To Be A Better Parent? Then Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Spiritual Beliefs Direct Behavior: Are Yours Simple Or Complex?

“Everything Is Energy”: Can You Understand Quantum Physics?

How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going? Need A Little Reinforcement?

You’re Too Late! You Could Have Saved Your Marriage

GAD: Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Treatments

How Is Your Relationship Power Exchange Working For You? Some Tips Available

10 Signs You’ve Found “The One”!

Tips For Building Healthy and Long Lasting Relationships!

Supplements: Should You Take Them? If So, What Kind?

“Live Happier: Ten Things To Stop Doing Now”

“Whacked Out” Moments: What Was I Thinking?!!

What To Say, And Not Say, When A Person Is Depressed

Want To Be Healthier And Lower Stress? Have “Good Cry”!

Attuned Or Clueless: Which One Are You?

Father’s Day Reflection: “A Son’s Father”

“Why Do Fools Fall In Love”? (I’ll Tell You!)

It Is Important To Know, Challenge, and Evaluate Your Premises And Enculturation. Your Life Has Been Shaped By Them!

Parents: Constructive Discipline For Your Kids

21 Habits of Happy People

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Understand It? Possess It?

“The Eyes Have It”: What Is It? “The Mirror Of The Soul”!

What Makes Sharing Life With A Love Partner A Success?

What Qualities Do You Want In Your Special Relationship? What Qualities Do You Bring?

Men Suffer Depression Differently Than Women

Formula For Raising Responsible And Successful Kids. It Works!

Are You An Accountable Person? If So, How?

Is Your Choice “It’s Too Expensive. I’ll Settle For Mediocrity”?

16 Ways To Ruin Your Relationship!

“Psychologist” Jeff Foxworthy On Identity And Being A Dad

Why Do People Make The Choices They Do? Answer: Consciousness, Capacity, Choice & Commitment

Anniversary Time: Our Vows, Music, & Life! Yours?

Which Side Of Your Brain Is Most Dominant?

Couples Communication Blockage: A “Chicken-Egg” Problem!

The 9 Biggest Myths About “Happy” Couples

How To Recognize Someone With An Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD)

Reflections And Regrets From Some That Have Divorced

Procrastination Reasons For being A “Slowpoke” or “Not Getting Around To It.” Fit You? Solutions!

Your Gut Can Influence Your Brain Affecting Your Health!

Role Models - Heroes- Are Valuable And Needed!

Strategies For Helping A Combined Family Blend Well!

Healthy Family: Characteristics And Resulting Strengths

Marriage Affects Your Brain Chemistry: Oxytocin Or Cortisol!

What Are Your Non-Verbal Messages Communicating?

Choicemakers Choose Risk and Change To Go Forward!

How To Have A Joyful, Not Depressing, Holiday!

Hello New Year! Goodbye Addictions!!

“Veto Power”: Spouses Can Use This For Good Reasons

Seeing, Valuing, Welcoming All Human Beings – A Privilege!

Your Gut And Your Brain Are Connected Affecting Your Mental Health!

Successful Ways To Create A Miserable Life

Finding Balance, Developing Skills, Creating A Loving Relationship

A Multipurpose Communication Aide: A Recording Device!

Do You Have An Awe-Ful Life? You May Want To!

Look For, Find, And Tell ‘Em The Positive That You See!

A “Peaceful Life”: Lessons To Walk This Path!

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Put Your Marriage First And Reap The Benefits!

To Succeed You Need To Do These Twenty “Hard Things”!

10 Sex Issues Couples Complain About To Marriage Therapists

Emotional Landscape: What Does Yours Look Like?

Marijuana Use May Not Be A Part of Your Success Strategy!

How Close Are You To Your Adult Kids? And Vice Versa?

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