Are you a Doctor in a Sri Lankan ICU? Would you like your voice to be heard? This is your opportunity!

We are conducting a survey of junior (non consultant) doctors attached to state ICUs in Sri Lanka. Through this survey we hope to determine the training needs and capabilities of doctors working in ICUs in Sri Lanka.

By this survey the difficulties faced by the doctors will be highlighted and the training needs will be quantified. This will promote remedial action to be undertaken to overcome and address the issues. 

The Ministry of Health can use the information to modify the staffing allocation in ICUs and the Postgraduate Institute of Medcine can use the information to improve existing training structures.
Endorsed by the GMOA
Message from GMOA

Approved by the Ministry of Health
Letter of approval

Please do help us with our effort! 
If you are a non consultant doctor attached to a state ICU, all you have to do is fill out this anonymous online survey form.