Group Members




                                 Dr. Sidhanth V. Bhosale,


                                 Phone: +91-40-27191474


                                 1. Namdev V. Ghule, [CSIR-SRF]
                                  (July 2011- present),
                                  CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad



                                 2. Mrs. Doli Srivani [CSIR-JRF]
                                      (July 2012 - Present)
                                      Enrolled in AcSIR
                                      Mr. Santosh Goskulwad  [UGC-JRF]
                                     (October 2013-Present)
                                      Enrolled in AcSIR
                                     Mr. P Srinivas Rao   [CSIR-JRF]
                                     (January 2014-Present)
                                      Enrolled in AcSIR

                                5. Mr. Shaikh Dada Babasaheb [UGC-JRF]

                                    (January 2015-Present)






                                    Sachin Padghan [M.Sc.---S. R. T. M. University, Nanded]

                                     Project Assistant



                                       Miss. R. Anusha     
                                       M.Sc. Chemistry (Summer Project, IIT, Roorki)                           

                                    Former Group Members [Ph.D.]

                                   1.     Dr. Mohan B. Kalyankar            (Ph.D. September 2011)
                                   2.    Dr. Santosh V. Nalage                (Ph.D.Oct. 2012)    
                                   3.    Dr.Vijay Shivaji Patil                 (Ph.D. April 2013)

                                   4.    Kamlakar P. Nandre                   (NMU, Jalgaon--Thesis Submitted)

                                   5.    Mr. Ganesh Shitre                      (NMU, Jalgaon)

                                   6.    Mr. Sharad R. Bobe                    (NMU, Jalgaon Thesis Submitted)

                                Former Group member [M.Pharm. and M.Tech.]
                                  1.    Miss. Haritha [M.Pharm.--Osmania University]
                                  2.   Miss.Tanuja Yeluri  [M. Tech. Nanotechnology, JNTU, Kakinada]