Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Book Articles

  • Goerg Sebastian, Sebastian Kube (2010): The equity principle in employment relationships, in: The Selten School of Behavioral Economics – A Collection of Essays in Honor of Reinhard Selten, Ockenfels A., Sadrieh A. (eds.), Berlin-Heidelberg-New York : Springer, pp. 204-219.

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Working Papers

(please feel free to email me if you are interested in the current version of any of these papers)

  • "Cooperation and Redistribution: Does "bundling" foster institution formation?" (with Sebastian Schaube); mimeo

  • "Communication and Trust in Principal-Team Relationships: Experimental Evidence" (with Marco Kleine); IZA Discussion Paper No. 8762 (2015)

  • "Goals (th)at work" (with Sebastian Goerg); Preprint of the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods 2012/19