Audio visual: Empowering women and men against disasters

ReferenceUNISDR. (2009). Empowering women against disasters. Duration: 1.01 minutes [Online] Available from: [Accessed: 20th September 2015].


This video illustrates that disasters affect women and men differently.

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  • Climate change will make storms, floods and cyclones more frequent and severe in the future. More than ever, therefore, there is a need for men and women to work equally together to better protect their communities from disasters.
  • Women can make a real difference in saving their families and assets if they can play a bigger role in preventing and managing disasters. There is the need to empower women in early warning education and preparedness to reduce the impact of disasters.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation, Training

Themes: Disaster preparedness, Early warning, Individual empowerment, Climate change, Gender

Geographic scope: Region-wide

Audiences: Volunteers; Youth

Resource type: Video

Click to access the video | download the video.

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