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Climate Change 
From Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste
(The visuals in this document are very interesting illustrations and can be used in presentations and 
simple discussions. This is a large file but worth a download for reference).

From Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI)
A series of climate change posters: community volunteers, gender, livelihoods, multihazards; flipchard (refer to learning inventory); A4 English/Indonesian Preparedness handout on Disaster Preparedness; A3 1Fold, Garbage Management handout bilingual; Climate Change Adaptation for Kids in Indonesian; A4 handout bilingual PMI profile; Disaster Risk Reduction in Climate Change -- chunk poster; Integrated community based risk reduction bilingual; PMI and climate change bilingual. (Most are in Bahasa Indonesia but there are a handful of items in English)

Green and Clean Kit and Game (it plays like dominoes)
Mix and match game in Indonesian using a domino concept; Go Green for Climate Change booklet in Bahasa Indonesia; 21 paged flip chart for green and clean; Green and Clean poster TIF file BIG; Green and Clean puppet stage; Snakes and Ladders. Most items are in Bahasa Indonesia. 

From Philippine Red Cross
Fun interactive game on risk reduction and climate change (recommended)

From PMI
Volcanic eruption; earthquakes; tsunami; about clean water and how to keep water clean -- water safety; fire; Landslides
(KBBM pertama) -- All are in Bahasa Indonesia.

Community Based Disaster Risk Management 
From Myanmar Red Cross
CBDRM brochure highlighting the process for CBDRM in the Myanmar Red Cross Society

Cyclones /Typhoon
From Philippine Red Cross

From Myanmar Red Cross

Disaster Preparedness
From Viet Nam Red Cross
The book brings complicated subjects like floods, evacuation, typhoons, low depressions, landslides, drought, thunderstorms and lightning, whirlwinds, fires, hailstorms, 
planting mangroves, the Red Cross and disaster preparedness to children.  

Materials published by IFRC South-East Asia Delegation and National Societies in the region:
Preparing for disasters [NEW] -a road to resilience in Southeast Asia - consisting of 7 English comic books in PDF format (A4 size).  Learning how to face to disaster that may occur suddenly by 2 comic characters: Fah and Ton in different disaster situations.

           Drought                 |            Earthquake                |                Fire                     |                  Flood                 |               Hygiene               |           Tsunami                  

1. Drought                      available in EnglishThaiBurmeseKhmerLaoTetum and Vietnamese
2. Earthquakes                available in EnglishThaiBurmeseLaoTetum and Vietnamese
3. Fire                             available in EnglishThaiBurmeseKhmerLaoTetum and Vietnamese
4. Flood                          available in EnglishThaiBurmeseKhmerLaoTetum and Vietnamese
5. Hygiene Promotion     available in EnglishThaiBurmeseKhmerLaoTetum and Vietnamese
6. Tsunami                      available in EnglishThaiBurmeseTetum and Vietnamese
7. Typhoon and Cyclone available in EnglishThaiBurmeseKhmerLaoTetum and Vietnamese

Disaster Risk Reduction
From Myanmar Red Cross

From Philippine Red Cross

Get Ready for Disasters series:
These work books follows the Disaster Management Law (RA10121) and supports 'Prioritizing the mainstream of DRR in the School System'. This book is a part of PRC's 143 Programme, which promotes community based sets of volunteers with specific tasks who can be mobilized during disaster and non-disaster times. This book provides information for children, before, during and after disasters (2011).
The flipcharts profile PRC History; Movement History; the 7 Principles; PRC Services; Country Profile; Relevant hazards/disasters; key messages toward being prepared for landslides, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami, fires, volcanic eruption and floods; el niño effect - drought; climate change; emergency kits; early warning systems; hygiene and what to do in school.

Risk Land Board Game, 2012

Educational board game that deals with multi-hazard disaster preparedness and prevention 

Rules of the game 
Question spaces (Tarsier) and explanations (see details in Rules)
Surprise spaces (Eagle) and explanations (see details in Rules)


Infographics series published during International Disaster Risk Reduction Day 2015
             Infographics 1               |               Infographics 2               |                Infographics 3            |              Infographics 4               |               Infographics 5

             Infographics 6               |               Infographics 7               |                Infographics 8            |              Infographics 9               |               Infographics 10

6 - Partnership is key to strengthening community resilience

From Thai Red Cross
Comic Book - Mr. Radar       |          Video Animation - Mr. Radar         |Information Poster - Mr. Radar|    Snake Board Game in Thai
In English and in Thai

Comic book about disaster risk reduction in English and Thai, the comic is designed to educate children and youth about preparedness for winds, storms, heavy rains, floods, earthquakes, landslides and drought.
(Mr. Radar - Thai Version - Low Resolution -- PDF)
(Mr. Radar - English Version - Low resolution -- PDF)
For more information of the distribution of the comic book, click here

English version with Thai subtitles (click here for the link in Youtube, click here to download)
Thai version with English subtitles (click here for the link in Youtube)
The video animation aims to promote learning among children in Thailand on immediate and long-term climate risks. Through this animation, children as part of community are informed to act in preparation for future disasters, and their knowledge will have long-term relevance to contribute to the safety and well-being of their communities. 

This is an A2 poster with key messages for flood, earthquake, tsunami, windstorm, forest fire, drought, landslide and hazardous chemicals.

Snake Board Game - a game set in A3 in Thai

From Viet Nam Red Cross
A book for kids that use stories to highlight disasters, their impact and risk reduction.

Stories for children using a didactic function.

From Myanmar Red Cross

From Myanmar Red Cross

From Philippine Red Cross

From Palang Merah Indonesia
Forest Fires Kit: Contains a domino game. Comes with a booklet and flipcharts. Kit is in Bahasa Indonesia.

From Philippine Red Cross


From Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste
  i) Pengetahuan Tentang Banjir (Knowledge of Floods)
  ii) Preparing for the Floods (Persiapan Sebelum Banjir)
  iii) Preparation at the Moment of Flooding (Persiapan Saat Banjir)
  iv) After the Floods (Setelah Banjir Terjadi)
(Slides are in Bahasa Indonesia and supported by Palang Merah Indonesia, Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste and Croix Rouge Francaise)

From PMI
FloodsWhat are floods, Safety during floods (power point)

From Lao Red Cross

From Philippine Red Cross

Forest Fires
From PMI
Forest Fires Kit and Game (it plays like dominoes)
      Forest fires game; Forest Fires booklet, Flipcharts, a poster and a snakes and ladders game. All items are in Bahasa 

From PMI
      PDF file on landslides - what they are an how to be safe in Bahasa Indonesia

From Philippine Red Cross

Malaria Prevention
Published by IFRC South-East Asia Regional Delegation and National Societies in the region:

Protecting communities [NEW] - a road to resilience in South-East Asia is a series of community health advocacy comic in PDF format (A4 size).
Malaria Prevention comic is available in EnglishBurmeseKhmerLao and Vietnamese

Malaria infographic A3 poster [NEW] covering:
- Malaria in Southeast Asia
- All about mosquitoes
- Protect yourself and family

Restoring Family Link (RFL)
From PMI
      Poster for RFL in Indonesian (good poster); 24 slides in PDF about RFL and what PMI does Bahasa Indonesia 2009; RFL 2009 
      Brochure in Bahasa Indonesian; Stories after separation -- (PMI's RFL booklet is in English).

Road Safety
From Cambodia Red Cross

From Philippine Red Cross


From PMI
   This file contains a series of eight posters for "Clean Water": water sources and how to find points of clean water on a   
   waterway; how to acquire and keep water clean. They are in Bahasa Indonesia.

From Myanmar Red Cross
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