Currently the Chief Medical Director at Genesis Specialist Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, and the Chief Operating Officer at Providence Training Institute, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Roger Olade is capable of effectively communicating and collaborating with other healthcare professionals and teams. He understands the structure of healthcare delivery systems and systems improvement and possesses a sound knowledge of the managed care industry, with several years of hands-on experience in utilization and coverage review, while maintaining a strong belief in evidence-based medicine and familiarity with present medical issues and practices.

Dr. Olade’s area of expertise encompasses internal and emergency medicine, public health management, critical care medicine and toxicology, hospital administration and operations, medical research, healthcare administration, clinical expertise, sound decision-making, relationship and teambuilding, and patient-oriented care. He has shared over two decades of world-class medical knowledge and experience to the healthcare practice in Nigeria. Dr. Olade remains in active practice in emergency medicine and critical care medicine in Houston and Livingston, Texas.

He received his degree in medicine from the University of Ibadan Medical School in Nigeria. Following his years in Nigeria, he went on to study at The Brooklyn Hospital Center Cornell University, NY, for his specialization in Internal Medicine.