Your First Visit? What to expect


The following are the main steps of a typical hijama session: 

1.    A full medical history is taken by a Qualified Chiropractic Doctor as part of the initial consultation. This may require a physical examination if applicable utilising orthopaedic and neurological tests to uncover the root cause of your problems. Your blood pressure, heart rate and current medication will all be noted when being assessed and all this information will be collated to gain a clear picture of your current health status. 

2.    Once this is established the Physician can decide if you are suitable for hijama therapy or not before. In applicable cases a recommended treatment plan will be devised based around your specific needs and the treatment procedures will be clearly explained. 

3.      After you have been explained the findings of your assessment and your recommended treatment plan you will have an opportunity to ask any question that you may have. Once you are happy to proceed you will be referred to your hijama practitioner who will begin the treatment.   

4.      You may be asked to lie down or sit up on a treatment couch depending on a number of considerations and special small cups will be placed on specific points of your body determined by the doctor. Suction will be created on the skin through the cups using a hand-operated pump. The cups will be left on there for about 3-5 minutes and can feel like a gentle pinch or pull on the skin.

5.      The cups are then removed and slight pricks or tiny scratches are made in the area using a small sterile blade or lancet pen. The cups are then re-applied with the suction pump  on the same points for about 5-10 minutes. This now starts collecting small drops of the unwanted waste/old blood into the cup.

6.      Finally after a limited number of applications the cups are then removed and the blood, cups and all materials used are safely discarded. The skin area is cleaned, and sterilised to heal naturally. 

7.      The cupped sites will stop bleeding as soon as the suction stops. Within a few minutes the cuts scab over and dry, leaving the area free from any bodily fluids. If there is a slight amount of fluid at the sites a spray plaster dressing will be applied. Large dressings or plasters are not usually necessary as they often make the site moist and prevent quick healing.  

8.       The whole session typically lasts 30-45 minutes, unless if you are a repeat patient in which case it should take no longer than 30 minutes.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Booking an appointment is the first step to getting treatment and allows you to ask questions and find out more before having the blessed therpy.

All Hijama Practitioners are Certified to practice Hijama By the British Cupping Society and have undergone a course in Hijama at St Georges Medical University London. All Practitioners work under the Guidance of a Qualified Health Professional.

Very light pin pricks are made on the surface of the skin using sterile single use utensils. 

Blood removed often contains inflammation modulators, stagnant blood, dead cells and waste products. The cupped site (as seen in the right of the picture) stops bleeding once the cup is removed.