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Draft Board Meeting Minutes October 17, 2016 
Board members present:  Jeff Little, Mary Buckman, Vern Eastburn, Don Chapman, Ali Schaal       Guests:  Lynne Ferrell, Nadine Ruth, Eileen Mills, Nancy Little, Dena and Don Teela, Connie Eastburn, Mary Cronkhite, Mark Perez, Duane Brolin, Ryan Latter, Walt Fuhrmann, Kristy VanWoerkom, Eddy Okulove 
The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Little at 6:05 PM. 
Renaming: The organizing documents refer to ‘Property Owners’ rather than ‘Home Owners’ and given that many lots do not have homes on them, we will use Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6 Property Owners Association (POA).             Minutes:  The minutes of August 29 were approved unanimously after a motion by Jeff and second by Don. 
Treasurer’s report:  Ali distributed the Treasurer’s report showing we have about $7300 in the checking account. Mary Cronkhite and Mel Mills conducted the Annual Audit. The audit passed, with suggestions that we have two signers for checks, have records of the assessment payments available during the audit, and use a debit card for transactions. Ali will follow up on getting Jeff as a signer at the bank and look into a debit card. It was moved by Mary, seconded by Vern to accept the audit report. It passed unanimously. 
Emergency Community Outreach Committee:  Don introduced Lynne Ferrell (softwindlyn1@aol.com) who spoke about building community by creating a system to help each other in emergencies. She has talked to numerous neighbors and is beginning a process, making contacts with agencies that can help people and is hoping to build a network of relationships. Just saying “Hello” is a big step. She has extensive background and training dealing with aging and is inviting folks participate. It might be a line item on each Board agenda and on the Web site. Nadine Ruth and Mary C offered to work on it. A prominent concern is during snow removal. 
New website: Tricia Smith is working on a new website (drrh6.com) and the Board has reviewed an initial version. While the POA is responsible for the website and its content, there will be a tab for the Road District and we will post their minutes and officers. 
Political road signs:  Neighbors have expressed concern about political signs in inappropriate places. Most at the meeting felt the current signs were not overwhelming or inappropriate and we will deal with signs if they become a problem. A sign nailed to a tree was taken down. Realtor signs at this point are more clutter. 
Board priorities for this year:  We reviewed the list from the August meeting to identify ideas to try to complete. Ideas that rose to the top, for the present, are (alphabetic, not in priority order): 
1. CC and Rs enforcement: Assist when the Board can, do not respond to anonymous complaints, use the County enforcement tools when possible 2. Delinquent accounts: work toward collection of past assessments from 2010 forward ($100 max/lot) 3. Fire prevention:  work to improve situation on POA owned lots, work with Oregon Department of Forestry and other agencies to get help 4. Hang tags for park: ensure it is properly signed, contact a towing company, make a ‘friendly’ note to put on windshields 5. Web page: continue with the update  6. Weed abatement 7. Welcome letter: develop and distribute to new arrivals 
Volunteers are needed to help accomplish these tasks but we do not have a good way to maintain a volunteer list. Nancy Little and Kristy VanWoerkom volunteered to help. For lot clean-up, we will need neighborhood sweat equity. 
The next meeting will be January 17 2017 at 6PM at Ali Schaal’s home (Mule Deer). 
The meeting was adjourned at 7:15. 
Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary

Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6 Home Owners Association

Draft Board Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2016

Board members present: Jeff Little, Mary Buckman, Vern Eastburn, Don Chapman     

Guests: Mel and Eileen Mills, Jess Lawrence, Jim Stelzer, Bill and Camilla Emmons, Connie Eastburn, Paula Livingston, Kristina Mayes, Sharon Webster, Mark Perez, Terry Mero, Clint Springer, James Silcox, Mary Cronkhite, Katie Rowlett-Springer, Nancy Little

Katie Rowlett-Springer called the meeting to order at 6:04 at the home of Jeff and Nancy Little.

Elections: Mary Buckman nominated Jeff Little for President; Don seconded; he was unanimously elected. Jeff nominated Don for Vice President; Mary seconded; he was elected unanimously. Mary nominated Ali Schaal for Treasurer; Don seconded; she was elected unanimously. Jeff nominated Mary Buckman for Secretary; Vern seconded; she was elected unanimously.

Minutes: Minutes of the June 13, 2016 Board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer’s Report was distributed. The HOA has about $7,300 in the bank.

Annual Treasurer Audit: Mel Mills and Mary Cronkhite volunteered to assist. Ali will make arrangements with them.

Election Challenge: On August 12, 2016, the Board received an email from Bonny Bowens challenging the election based on the large number of votes for owners of multiple lots and the use of proxies. The Bylaws state each lot is entitled to one vote and that proxies are legal. Mary moved and Vern seconded to deny the election challenge. The motion passed unanimously.

Web page: The HOA is looking at a new, more modern design of the website. Mary C spoke to what is on the website, that the Google site is running out of space and suggested how to use the space better. The Board has several bids from web consultants. We discussed how to link with the Road District to keep the sense that we are one community while making it clear that the Road District and HOA are different decision-making body. Maintaining the Web page is a big job. The group thanked Mary C for all her work and hopes she will continue. Mary B moved that we budget up to $1000 for renovating the web site using the host site and the domain name purchased. Vern seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously. Katie, Mary C and Don volunteered to work with the web designer. It was decided that we should take some photos off the current page rather than the original Bylaws or older minutes. The web page can serve as an important archive.

Chapman Property: Don Chapman recused himself. During late July and August, the Board had lengthy email discussions and a vote regarding the project proposed for the bridge area. Four Board members were generally supportive, with reservations, and Jane Hayhurst opposing it. Jane is supportive of the project but the permit speaks to possibly breaching the berm. All the lot owners jointly own the berm, not the HOA, so the HOA does not have authority to authorize this. Mary B read an email (attached) from Nancy Doran, ODFW, stating that any work on the berm would require considerable input from landowners and numerous agencies before anything could happen. David Hayhurst questioned why the Board was responding when we had no authority and also that the berm changes in the large permit still leaves the door open for action.

Board Priorities for 2016/2107: The group presented items that are important for the Board and the HOA to address. The list is in alpha order and not prioritized.

  1. C and Rs – enforcement, RVs and campers parked long term on various lots

  2. Delinquent accounts – continue to work toward collection

  3. Dust and speeding (signage, etc.) – work to manage

  4. Expand the member email list for broader communication with members

  5. Facebook presence (approved in June 2014) – initiate and advertise

  6. Finish what we start

  7. Fire prevention - be more active

  8. Focus on the environment, encourage positive change, welcome visitors, and ensure no one is bullied.

  9. Hang tags for park – continue process, make a friendly warning card to put in folks windows, sign facing the river, contact tow company

  10. Improve the boat ramp area to make access safer and more convenient

  11. Lighting at the mailboxes – consider Midstate and lighting the mailboxes, be proactive with camera and lights to identify vandals

  12. Policing the park and elsewhere when the area becomes more accessible if the roads are sealed

  13. Resurface the mailbox area if the paving vote passed (added later by email)

  14. Tree fungi - work to identify and reduce causes of tree fungi that is killing trees

  15. Update Bylaws and CC and Rs

  16. Vote participation - explore ways to increase such as on-line or mail votes

  17. Web page – maintain and improve as a communication tool

  18. Weed abatement

  19. Welcome letter - develop and distribute to new arrivals

The list is longer than can be accomplished in a year. The Board will consider these items and identify their highest priorities at the next meeting. They should then reach out to the community for help to accomplish them.

We will tentatively set the next meeting for October 17 at 6PM at Don Chapman’s home.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary

Nancy Doran (ODFW) email, 8/16/2016

On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 10:31 AM, Nancy E Doran <nancy.e.doran@state.or.us> wrote:

Hi Mel,

To follow up on our phone conversations from this week, I wanted to clarify the information that is in the currently approved Joint Permit Application for work to be done on the Chapman property, just upstream of the Mountain Sheep Lane Bridge.  In the current permit, there is a sentence under the project description that states

 There is an old river-created meander cut-off located on the upstream side of the Chapman property.  It was manually blocked in the early 1980s and we are considering an option to breach the berm and allow the river to flow through the cut-off at high flow.  This would alleviate pressure on the downstream side of the Chapman property, as well as underneath the bridge.”

 This statement was put into the permit application in an effort to be as transparent as possible with current and future plans to protect the stream bank along the Chapman property, as well as protect the integrity of the bridge.  If any work is proposed to be done on the berm, all adjacent landowners will be notified, additional permits will need to be acquired and all regulatory agencies will be contacted.  Those agencies would include the Deschutes County Planning Department, USFS, USFWS, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (State Scenic Waterway), US Army Corps of Engineers and Oregon Department of State Lands.  Additional agencies may need to be contacted as well.  Also, since the berm is located on DRRH#6 common property, permission from the landowners will need to be acquired.  Permission from the HOA could potentially be needed as well, if the HOA demonstrates that they have the authority to act on behalf of the fractional landowners.  In any case, permission from the landowners and/or HOA must be granted prior to moving forward with any work involving the berm. 

 In addition, any work to be done to the berm would be done under direction of engineers familiar with these types of projects, whether hired as private consultants or working with one or more of the permitting agencies.

 Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.

 Thank you.


 Nancy Doran

Assistant Hydropower Coordinator

Mitigation and Enhancement Program Coordinator

Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife

61374 Parrell Road

Bend, OR 97702

Phone  (541) 633-1112 

Fax        (541) 388-6049


 Minutes of the Annual Meeting
Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Homeowners Association, Unit 6, Pts. 1 and 2
August 13, 2016

President Katie Rowlett called the meeting to order at 10:10AM at the home of Jane Hayhurst.  She asked that those present to sign in and share their email address so we can better communicate with the neighborhood.

Present at the meeting were Mary Buckman, Katie Rowlett, Jane and David Hayhurst, Ali Schaal, Nancy and Jeff Little, Vern Eastburn, Debbie Wolf, Don Mitchell, Mark and Sharon Perez, Wally and Mary Cronkhite, Mark and Nina Dille, Bob and Diana Leith, Walt Fuhrmann, Bill and Britt Powell, Rick and Betty Sticka, Mel and Eileen Mills, Bonny and John Bowens, Don Chapman, Janice Thomas, Becky and Chris Strange, Camilla Emmons, Eddy Okulove Kristy VanWoerkom, Michelle Harcourt, Bev Gordon, Terry Mero, Bonnie and Herb Severson, Nadine Ruth, Tammie Reid, Jim and Mary Silcox.

Minutes of the August 13, 2015 meeting were distributed and approved with no corrections.  Ali Schaal presented the Treasurer’s Report.

Website:  The Board is planning to update the website and has a proposal for redesign using Wordpress. It was noted that the HOA includes two Road Districts and we should include links to each. The current website has a vast amount of information available and the goal is to modernize the appearance and to provide an opportunity for member comment. Additional suggestions include provide information on natural resource management and include a regular update of Board activities.

Nominations and Election:  A quorum of 5% of the members was established by hand count. Those present agreed.  Nomination were made and seconded for the 2016-2017 Board for: Katie Rowlett, Don Chapman, Mary Buckman, Jeff Little, Ali Schaal, and Vern Eastman. Nominations were closed.  Each nominee gave a short speech. Paper ballots were distributed based on the lot ownership list. Mark Perez and XX were selected to count the ballots.

Hang tags for the common area:  It was noted that members were mailed bright green hang tags to identify area residents for parking in the common area near the bridge. River traffic has increased in recent years. The goal is to contract with a tow company to tow illegally parked vehicles. It was noted that we have had Residents Only parking signs there for a very long time. One concern is owner or HOA liability and signage is important to reduce liability. If owners did not receive the proper tags, contact the Board Secretary. It was also noted that those that rent property are responsible get the tags to their renters.

River bank restoration:  Don Chapman spoke about a project to reduce riverbank erosion near the bridge on Mountain Sheep. About 5 years ago he was contacted by ODFW and USFS about a project to rehabilitate the riverbank and enhance habitat. Root wads have been placed but require some additional work to stabilize them. During this process, experts noted extensive scouring under that bridge that should be stabilized or the bridge is at risk of failure. The quarry with the appropriate rock is closing soon so action is needed. The required permits from the Oregon Department of State Lands and the US Army Corp of Engineers have been obtained. The permit includes authorization to remove silt buildup, install up to 100 cubic yards of riprap under the bridge, and potentially breech a berm to redirect river flow away from the bridge. Don stated the potential breeching of the berm is included in the permit but will not happen without additional engineering and final regulatory approval.  He further stated that the breaching of the berm may not happen at all.

Jane Hayhurst stated that the peninsula with the berm is deeded to each and all of the property owners and the HOA Board does not have the authority to authorize action on property they do not own. She is concerned that this change will impact water flow to the homes in this river meander. She was concerned about an email she got from Nancy Doran of ODFW that the HOA fully agreed to the full scope of the permit. Based on the emails she had seen regarding Board discussion of the project, she felt the Board was not in full support and that discussions should have taken place in public rather than email. It was unclear how ODFW got this information and it was stated that Don forwarded it to ODFW based on information from Katie Rowlett.

There was considerable discussion about the content of various emails among the Board during the last week or so. It was noted that the official scope of work gives the agency the right to alter the berm and once we have signed off, government agencies can proceed with what they are permitted.

Election results: Ali Schaal, Don Chapman, Jeff Little, Mary Buckman, and Vern Eastburn, Jeff Little were elected to the Board for 2016/2017. The vote count was Ali Schaal 46, Don Chapman 38, Jeff Little 53, Katie Rowlett 29, Mary Buckman 56, Vern Eastman 46, Bernice 1.

Other member comments:
· Ownership and scope of authority to act on community lots needs to be resolved.
· We need a better process to deal with violations so that people are not having to prove their innocence. The Board should not respond to anonymous complaints.
· Board decisions should be made publicly and not via email.
· Thank you to those who have picked up are garbage and cleaned up the park.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:20PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 6, Part 1&2 HOA Board Meeting
June 13 2016

Board: Jeff Little, Mary Buckman, Ali Schaal, Katie Rowlett-Springer

Guests: Dick Grauer, Nadine Ruth, Clint Springer, Duane Brolin, Billie Ameika, Kristy VanWoerkom, Ray and Ruth Strain

The meeting called to order at 6:05 at the home of Ali Mike Schaal.

Minutes: Katie moved, Jeff seconded to approve the minutes of the May 17 2016 with the correction that Don Chapman was not at the meeting. It passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report: We have approximately $7400 cash on hand. A couple guests commented they had not received assessment letters. Mary will check to ensure we have their correct addresses.

Violations: We are not going to hunt for them but will keep in contact with anyone that submits violations to the County and will provide support when needed after we have done our own due diligence. We discussed a specific wetland violation and noted County representatives have looked at it. Mary will draft a letter to the County from the HOA supporting this position.

Fencing: Fence questions, with a specific address, should be directed to Caroline House at Deschutes County. Different locations have specific standards.

Fishing regulation signs: Mary will contact ODFW about posting fishing regulations.
Speed limit and dust signs: Mary moved and Jeff to spend up to $600 to post signs regarding 15 mph speed limit/no dust zone.  We will put ‘No Dust’ signs on Foster. It was approved unanimously.

Picnic Shelter:  The shelter could be shimmed to square it up but it does not seem to be unstable. The company that installed it is out of business.

Car tag update: We will have them in time for the mailing.  We will also need a sign posted about an ordinance number and also contract with a towing company. Ali will look up what it takes. They will be required as soon after the annual meeting as we have the area posted.

Email list update: Mary will send the notice to clean up out email list.

Annual meeting:  Katie will draft a letter. Topics to include are: please update your email address, hang tag requirements for parking at park (including renters), proxy votes, and a request for volunteers and their specific interests.

The meeting will be 54611 Silver Fox Drive (Katie and Clint’s house as a backup) on August 13 at 10AM Bring chairs. We are looking to have a Deschutes County specialist regarding code enforcement to speak. We will also have fliers about noxious weed control. Several folks volunteered to bring coffee and snacks.

Board nominations and elections will be held at this meeting.  As per the bylaws, any lot owner can be nominated. If it is a contested election (more than 5 nominees) the voting procedure is as follows: Each lot gets one vote. Based on the master lot ownership list, each owner is distributed one ballot per lot. Any legally signed proxies are included. Two HOA members not involved in the election are selected by the Board President to count ballots. Each ballot votes 5 separate individuals (can't vote one person 5 times). The top 5 vote-getters are elected to the Board.

Work near the bridge abutment:  The homeowner, Don Chapman, has numerous permits from appropriate agencies. It was noted the HOA Board has taken no formal action regarding work done on the river in this area but has done some fact-finding. It was suggested that Mr. Chapman talk directly to Katie.

Our next meeting is a work party on July 9 at Jeff’s home to label and stuff envelopes.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


APPROVED MINUTES of the HOA Board Meeting
May 17 2016

Board: Jeff Little, Mary Buckman, Ali Schaal, Katie Rowlett-Springer, Jane Hayhurst (by phone)

Guest: Terry Mero, Bev Gordon, Becky and Chris Strange, Bonny and John Bowen, Mark and Sharon Perez, Joe Novak, Karie Carter, Mel and Eileen Mills, Mary Cronkhite, Lorelei Mariana, Dick Grauer, Nancy Little

The meeting called to order at 6:38 at the home of Nancy and Jeff Little.

Minutes: Jeff moved, Ali seconded to approve the minutes of the October 29, 2015 meeting. It passed unanimously.  Katie moved, Jeff seconded to approve the minutes of the January 21, 2016 phone meeting. It passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report: We have $7192.58 cash on hand.

Violations:  We have complaints about dogs running off leash and barking, fences not meeting CC and R requirements, RVs with improper waste disposal. The Board seeks to act in a consistent manner. The Board policy is:
· Respond to complaints, not seek and police violations.
· Assess if it CC and R violation or County code violation.
· Sign and submit County complaints on behalf of community members.
· Safety issues are high priority.
A homeowner who was sent a letter asking her to address a few violations has contacted Jane and begun some cleanup. Jane will write a letter to her.

Vandalism at Mailbox:  We discussed ideas to prevent vandals from destroying gravel by cutting cookies and tearing down announcements. Katie would like to put out a neighborhood watch to get license plate. Katie will post signs and will call the county about what we can do. Ideas were presented to put rocks or other barriers in place but there is a concern it will be a liability.

Other topics from homeowners:
· Mary will contact ODFW about posting signs regarding fishing regulations.
· Marijuana grow operations on Fisher:  Commercial activity is prohibited in the subdivision.
· Katie will price signs to be added to the 15MPH signs stating “Dust Free Zone”.
· Jeff will investigate options to deal with the picnic shelter; it is leaning.
· Car tags for parking in the river launch park: Katie moved and Jane seconded to spend up to $300 to purchase 1100 card stock tags to hang on a car mirrors. It was approved unanimously. They will be mailed, 2 per homeowner, with the annual meeting announcement. We will need signs to state that parking is open only to homeowners and violators will be towed and contact a tow company. Katie will price signs. We should also have a sign facing the river that this is private property.
· Status of homeowners on Pronghorn and vicinity: They are part of our HOA (according to DIAL) and we should post notices at their mailboxes as well.
· Road District update: The next Road District meeting is May 23, 2016 at the home of Mark and Sharon Perez. Removal of the debris pile cost $5800.
· Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting will be held August 13, 2016 at a location to be determined. Mary will contact ODFW regarding a speaker.
· It was recommended the annotated CC and Rs that Jane developed be distributed to realtors and put on the web site.
· Email list: Mary will send an email to the HOA email list asking if they are interested in getting email regarding other community actions and activities.
· Erosion near and under the bridge: The property has a number of permits to move forward with streambank stabilization and it will likely also reduce erosion under the bridge.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2016 at Ali Schaal’s.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


January 21, 2016, 6PM by telephone

Attendance: Mary Buckman, Jeff Little, Jane Hayhurst, Ali Schaal

The special meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM.

Jane stated that while researching issues related to the State working on riverbank erosion near the bridge, it became apparent that ownership of the roads, road easements and/or road ROWs is uncertain. It is unclear whether emails were sent with the expectation of confidentiality from the senders. The Road District has responsibility for the roads and the HOA does not.

After some discussion, Jane moved and Jeff seconded the motion: The HOA of DRRH 6 Unit 1 and 2 strongly advises the Special Road District 6 to consult with Deschutes County Legal Council regarding road ROW, road easements and road ownership. Ownership questions could impact collection and distribution of tax dollars and any future road maintenance and improvement activities. The motion passed unanimously.

Mary will send an email with the motion to the Road District members for which she can find email addresses.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Submitted by

Mary Buckman,



Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Part 1 and 2

Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

October 29, 2015

Board members present: Katie Rowlett, Jeff Little, Ali Schaal, Jane Hayhurst, Mary Buckman.

Visitors: Clint Springer, Nadine Ruth

Katie called the meeting to order at 6:10 at the home of Jane Hayhurst.

Minutes: Jane moved and Jeff seconded to approve the minutes of the September 28 meeting with correction of the date of this meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s report: We owe approximately $18 to the County, billed on the property tax statement. Our account balance is $6180.77 with three new checks for $235 for assessments.

Communication: Board members prefer email communication. This provides a record of the communication. We do not share Board members personal phone numbers.

Land use violations: We received an anonymous note about potential violations at a property on Caribou. They fenced a county lot, cut trees and brought fill dirt on land that may be a wetland. Jane will follow-up and Katie will write a letter.

Web page: Katie is working with Mary Cronkhite on the transition to a new web page. We can have new email addresses for each Board position.

Mail box area vandalism: Someone is cutting cookies/doughnuts in the gravel area, making large ruts that will get worse in the winter. We will contact the Sheriff. We discussed placing structure such as rocks, landscaping or a bus shelter to redirect traffic.

Annotated CC and Rs: Jane reviewed the CC and Rs and inserted related Deschutes County code. The Board will work to approve the content and format to distribute to lot owners. Our course of action might be to notify landowners of a violation, giving them a set amount of time to respond. We will then turn it over to the County via their complaint form.

Bylaw and CC and R update: Mary described a meeting with a local attorney specializing in homeowners associations. Jane moved and Jeff seconded sending our governing documents to CA Law for an estimate of cost for modernizing our governing documents. It passed unanimously. Mary will send the request.

Stream bank restoration near bridge: Nancy Doran of ODFW sent an email asking to use some of the DRRH property to fill bank. Jane provided documentation of a 30-foot easement and DRRH ownership of the peninsula piece of property, which appears to include the berm in question. The 'park' area at the bridge is deeded in part to each of the lot owners and we cannot authorize alterations. Furthermore, we cannot make a recommendation without considerably more information on the request and the potential impact on other lots on the river. We will ask Nancy to come to a meeting if she wants to pursue this. We also need to hear from the impacted lot owner.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 7, 2016 at 16190 Mt Sheep.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Part 1 and 2

Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

September 28, 2015

Board members: Katie Rowlett, Ali Schaal, Jane Hayhurst, Mary Buckman, Mary Cronkhite

Visitors: Bev Gordon, Lorelei and Jim Mariano

Katie called the meeting to order at 10:04 at the home of Ali Schaal.

Website: Katie is working with Mary C. to transfer the web site to a new host with a more flexible format. The new web address will be drrh6.com. The Board approved purchase of a template for up to $49 that will allow easy access and updating. She will make generic addresses for the Board officers so members can communicate without knowing specific individual names.

Minutes: Minutes of the August meeting were approved as corrected.

Realtor letter and welcome letter: Katie will draft a letter and bring it to the next meeting. Mary B suggested we also send it to title companies.

Treasurer: Ali is Treasurer now. Katie will work with her and Camilla to get proper bank signatures.

Vandalism at the mailbox: Someone is cutting cookies/donuts at the mailbox area and has made large ruts. We need to think about gravelling and redoing but are looking for the source of the vandalism. If anyone sees anything, please report it. We discussed, with no concurrence, who owns Foster Road.

Updated governing documents: Katie attended a seminar on governing documents and it is obvious ours need to be updated. The bar is high for approval of CC and R changes but the Board can clarify the current ones by interpreting and defining some unclear terms. Katie will talk to the law firm that presented the seminar with some questions including: How difficult is it to impose compliance with CC and R and Bylaw? What are their charges for help with governing documents? What relationship do we have with the county lots? Would he come to talk to a Board? Can we, or who does, impose fire suppression actions?

Review of CC and Rs will be the topic of our next meeting. The Board homework will be to share comments (by October 23) prior to the meeting for discussion at the meeting. We need a timeline so we can be efficient with the summer mailing by including proposed changes.

Permit hangers for vehicles at park/boat ramp: Window hangers are $189 per 1000. We plan to provide two per lot with homeowners responsible to get them to renters. Replacements will cost something in the range of $10.00.

Open discussion: There were questions about outstanding checks and assessment notifications

The next meeting is October 29 at 6PM at Jane Hayhurst home.


Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

August 28, 2015

Board members present: Katie Rowlett, Jeff Little, Ali Schaal, Jane Hayhurst, Mary Buckman. No visitors were present.

Katie called the meeting to order at 1:26 at the home of Ali Schaal.

Election of officers for 2015-2016: Katie Rowlett was unanimously elected President. Ali Schaal was unanimously elected Vice President. Mary Buckman was unanimously elected Secretary. Terms begin immediately. Jeff Little and Jane Hayhurst are Members-At-Large of the Board.

Camilla Emmons has resigned as Treasurer. Qualifications for this position were discussed. Ali Schaal agreed to serve until we find a replacement. The Board unanimously approved her appointment. Katie will reach out to neighbors with the thinking that it is useful to have a full-time resident in this position.

Board Priorities for 2015-2016:

· Improve communication via the Web page – After discussion, the Board approved purchasing a domain name and web hosting site from Blue Host for about $150 per year. We want a simple name and decided on DRRH6. Katie will work with Mary C. on the transition. Jane will contact Century Link to learn what it would take to have better internet service throughout DRRH6.

· Initiate relationships with realtors and new residents – Katie will take the lead in drafting a letter to realtors and a welcome letter for neighbors so they are aware of our governing documents and building restrictions for review at the next meeting.

· Work on CC and R violations and neighborhood livability issues – We will continue to look at avenues to pursue violations of the CC and Rs and also neighborhood speeding. Some speeders are short-term renters. We will pursue getting help from Deschutes County when we can. The CC and Rs were written a long time ago and the language is not clear. We will work to define terms in our governing documents. Board members who are available will attend a seminar about Governing Documents sponsored by the CA Law Firm on September 23 in Bend.

· Maintain the mailbox area – Jeff will talk with Road District about options to keep the area in good shape and about dust abatement.

· Explore parking permits and signage for park - Jane will get quotes and designs for signage and parking permits with the thought that each lot gets two permits.

· Collect back assessments – Mary will draft a letter to those with unpaid assessments from 2010-2015, clean up the address database, and prepare to send letters.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 28 at 10AM at Ali Schaal’s home.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:25.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Part 1 and2

Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting  June 16, 2Attendance

Board members: Katie Rowlett (President), Mary Buckman (Secretary), Jane Hayhurst (Member at large), Mark Perez (Member at large), Mary Cronkhite (Communications Officer, non-voting), Camilla Emmons (Treasurer, non-voting) Homeowners: Clint Springer, Troy and Janice Thomas, Nadine Ruth

The meeting was called to order at 6:11PM at Katie Rowlett’s home.

Minutes: The April 16 2015 minutes were approved as presented.

Camilla Emmons distributed the Treasurer’s report. We have a balance of $5703. Ali Shaal and Mark Perez performed a financial audit on May 11 2015 and all things were in good order.Old Business

Mission and Vision: Katie will get the approved documents with the wording changes agreed to last meeting to Mary C to post on the web.

Past due assessments: Mary B. presented a plan to catch up on assessments. We will include information about delinquent assessments in the letter to homeowners. Mary B will check with a collection agency on their charges and process.New Busines

Community Park Clean-up: The Association property at the boat landing is grown up and needs mowing and weeding. We considered a lawn service. It is a good community project and Katie and others will work on the property on June 27th. Mary C will post it on the web and send out emails to recruit volunteers

Bulletin Board vandalism: Material on the bulletin board is again getting torn down. It had stopped for a while. It is uncertain whether it is vandalism or someone who does not like what is posted. Mary C will post neighborhood announcements under the glass

Dust abatement: Some homeowners purchased a new dust abatement product for the roads by their homes. Dust abatement responsibility falls under the Road District. Mel requested the HOA treat the section of road by the Community Park. Work on roads is a larger issue that requires much more community involvement as it is expensive, on-going and perhaps not allowed under our bylaws. People were encouraged to call the businesses of those that are speeding

Email addresses for use by the UDRC: It was agreed we will word requests for email addresses to include verbiage to the effect that it will be used only for community-related information, actions and events. We would like organizations such as the UDRC to share information with those in DRRH6, 1 and 2

Annual meeting: The date is August 15th at 10AM, with the location to be determined by June 23. Katie will talk to the contractor to speak about dust abatement measures. Noxious weeds are a potential topic or we can get brochures to distribute. Agenda items are:

Establish a quorum, Dust abatement, Noxious weed information, Collection of past assessments, Open discussion, Board elections. We should use email and personal communication to recruit folks to run for Board positions. Katie will get snacks and be reimbursed for the cost

We will meet on July 11 at 10AM at Katie’s house to stuff envelopes. Mary B will get address labels, envelopes and stamps. Katie will draft a letter. Mary B will send her examples of past letters

Camilla is resigning as treasurer after the annual meeting and we need a replacement. We will send emails and post it on the web page

Open forum: There was no additional discussion

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Part 1 and

Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting April 17, 2015 


Board members: Katie Rowlett (President), Mary Buckman (Secretary), Ali Schaal (Vice-president), Mark Perez (Member at large), Mary Cronkhite (Communications Officer, non-voting), Camilla Emmons (Treasurer, non-voting) Homeowners: Sharon Perez, Mel and Eileen Mills, Jesse and Jen Lawrence

Minutes: The November 6, 2014 minutes were approved as presented.

Camilla Emmons distributed the Treasurer’s report. We have a balance of $5703.

Old Business:

Meetings: We will attempt to schedule Board meetings for the second Tuesday of each of the appropriate months. The next meeting is June 9th at 6PM, location TBD.

CC and R violations: Katie will follow up with the County on complaints that were sent in last year.

Bylaw update: We will wait until August to make any major changes. The CC and Rs also need some work.

Past due assessments: We collect about 50% of dues. See new business for future plans.

Mission/vision/objectives statement: It was moved by Mary seconded by Katy to adopt these statements but replacing the phrase ‘property values’ with the word ‘property’ wherever it occurs. The motion was approved.

County owned property: We will continue this discussion when Jane is here as she has the most knowledge. Mary B will look up records to share the list of county owned lots and we will put this on a future agenda.

New Business:

Upper Deschutes River Coalition: Katie moved and Mark seconded to donate $250. It was approved.

Financial audit: Ali and Sharon offered to participate. They will schedule a date in the near future.

HOA operations seminar: Katie presented an approach she will be using for more streamlined Board meetings. Minutes will also be shorter and just include action items and votes.

Past-due assessments: Mary will draft a Board policy and approach to accomplish this task, including likely up front costs and expected returns.

Annual meeting: The annual meeting is scheduled for August 15 at 10AM. Mark and Sharon offered their home as a fall back. We will query homeowners if anyone would be willing to volunteer their home/yard.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Part 1 and 2

Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

November 6, 2014


Board members: Mark Perez (Vice-president), Katie Rowlett (President), Mary Buckman (Secretary), Mary Cronkhite (Communications Officer, non-voting), Camilla Emmons (Treasurer, non-voting)

Homeowners: Mel Mills, Sharon Webster, Clint Springer, Alli Schaal, Jane Hayhurst,, Jim Mariana, Bob and Diana Leith, Pam Maxwell

President Katie Rowlett called the meeting to order at 6:05 at the home of Mark Perez and Sharon Webster.

Each person introduced themselves. We distributed copies of the minutes of Sept 5 and Sept 7, 2014 to those in attendance and noted they were also posted on the web site. Katie noted she was happy to see folks at the meeting and spoke of the importance of openness on the Board and including people in the Board meetings.

Minutes: The minutes of the September 5, 2014 Board meeting were approved unanimously. The minutes of the September 7, 2014 Emergency Board meeting were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report: Camilla Emmons presented the Treasurers Report. Assessments have been coming in and we have $3748.04 in the bank. She noted that the stop-payment check for $2000 had been returned to the account.

Board Elections: Katie talked about the elections process for Board members and stated that we discussed the three current Board members had discussed this election prior to the meeting. Dennis Hijman, Jane Bidwell, Vern Eastburn, Jeff Little. and Alli Schaal had expressed interest in the Board positions.

Mel Mills expressed concern that this was not a legitimate way to select Board members as it is not described in the Bylaws and he thought that an election should be done by mailing to the members of the HOA. Camilla asked what that would accomplish. He noted that in the last several meetings, a quorum was not established prior to the votes so the Boards may not have been legally elected. For the responsibilities entrusted to the Board, he felt it is important to run it by the book to safeguard the Association from legal issues. In the past, there have been only five people interested in the Board, the minimum number needed to fill Board positions. We had a discussion of pros and cons of electing Board members in different ways, noting this circumstance of empty positions is not addressed in the Bylaws.

Jane Hayhurst suggested we mail the new Board members names to the 120 names on the email list and ask for objections. It was noted that we cannot undo past problems and can only do our best to rectify them for future elections. Mary B stated that both Robert’s Rules of Order and the ORS regarding Homeowners Associations state that existing Board members select new members for unexpected vacancies. It was noted that we plan to make the Bylaws more clear and that the Board does not expect to take on any large, new initiatives before the August membership meeting.

Mary Buckman nominated Alli Schaal and Jane Hayhurst to serve on the Board through the end of this term in August. Katie Rowlett seconded the motion and it was approved 3-0.

Mark Perez resigned as Vice-President. Mary Buckman nominated Alli Schall as Vice President. Jane Hayhurst seconded the nomination and it was approved 5-0.

The DRRH Uni6 6, 1&2 Board through August 2015 is Katie Rowlett, President; Alli Schaal, Vice-President; Mary Buckman, Secretary; Jane Hayhurst and Mark Perez, Members-at-Large. Camilla Emmons continues as Treasurer and Mary Cronkhite as Communications Officer, both non-voting Board positions.

Board Priorities and Direction: Katie introduced some statements she put together about mission and responsibilities of the Board (see attached). She felt these provide the Board and the HOA members with a sense of what we hope to accomplish by coming together as a Board and an Association. It was noted that communication and participation are an important part of a well-functioning organization. A regular, consistent time for Board meetings would make it easier to attend.

After discussion of the utility of regularly scheduled Board meetings, it was moved, seconded and approved to plan Board meeting for evenings on the second Tuesday of November, January, March and June and immediately after the membership meeting in August. It is hoped that by putting these dates on the calendar, we can have greater participation in the meetings. It was noted that in the past we have varied times and days of the week to give people with varying schedules the opportunity to attend,

People shared opinions about expectations of the Board and discussion came back around to two main topics: enforcement of CC and Rs and collection of past-due assessments. We discussed whether the CC and Rs are enforceable by the Board or by individual homeowners. Enforcement is in civil court and likely requires an attorney. The question the Board must ask themselves is what we gain for how much we would need to spend.

Former President Nadine Ruth contacted the County about situations that violate county code. We have not heard back on those that have been presented to the County. Camilla expressed some frustration with her contact of the County regarding an apparently abandoned trailer and the County said it was not illegal. In some cases, the Board’s role is as the anonymous go-between so complaints do not generate animosity or retaliation among neighbors.

Discussion turned to updating the CC and Rs because some of the terms are out-of-date and/or undefined. It was stated that if we cannot enforce the current CC and Rs, what is the point of updating them. Jane said that the voting requirement to change the CC and Rs is very high – something like 60%of the members need to vote.

We discussed updating the Bylaws and Mel said he was interested in that effort. Pam asked about the mission statement and whether is should be part of the Bylaws. Mel wants the Bylaws to clarify the questions about Board elections and filling vacancies. It was thought approving updated Bylaws requires 5% of the membership.

We talked about collecting past assessments. Mary B calculations showed that since 2010 close to 50% of the assessments are outstanding. That is not fair to the people that pay their assessments and those funds could be used for neighborhood improvements. One option is to turn the collection over to a collection agency, although they charge a percentage for their service. We need some financial consequence for late payment. Mary B volunteered to do some research and present a proposed collection plan at the next Board meeting.

Discussion returned to the aspirational statements Katie distributed. There was general agreement among those present that these are good statements that help define why and how the Board and the neighborhood work together. To give folks time to carefully read them, they will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting. In the meantime, please get comments to Katie. Once approved, Mary C will post them prominently on the web.

Upper Deschutes River Coalition: Mary B. read an email from Nadine Ruth requesting a donation to the Upper Deschutes River Coalition (UDRC). Among other things, the UDRC has coordinated and conducted the woody debris pick-up in the spring. Jane move and Alli seconded that we donate $250 to the UDRC. It was approved unanimously. Camilla will write a check when we find where to mail it.

County-Owned Property: Jane has a concern about the future of lots owned by Deschutes County through foreclosures. Both she and Mel have approached the County about buying them and were turned down. They have over thirty lots and this represents a lot of voting power and/or unknown rights to access. She is concerned that at some point the County may change how they are allowing these lots to be used and this can impact the residents by allowing those that are not local property owners to use the lots. Bob Leith pointed out that the number of county-owned lots may increase as additional lots are identified as wetlands, reducing development potential and making the property of limited value to the owners. Pam stated Deschutes County Parks and Rec are seeking to make a trail along the river and also access points for kayak route. It was noted that the County has been paying their assessments but that they do little regarding fire control on the lots.

Jane suggested we investigate through a land-use attorney what can happen with the County properties. She suggested we talk with Tom Tongue, a local property owner who is an attorney, to organize our thoughts and questions, then talk to our attorney of record – Win Francis. The HOA wants to gain or maintain control over what happens on these lots.

It was moved, seconded and approved unanimously to spend up to $500 to talk to that attorney. This contact with our attorney will be initiated only after conversation with Tom Tongue to query him on what we might gain from an attorney visit and to formulate questions. Jane stated that Tom will be here over Thanksgiving and she will get contact information to Katie and make Tom aware that Katie will be contacting him. Katie will report back at the January meeting.

Shooting: Jane and others noted there was some shooting in the neighborhood recently. Jane called State Police and according to their map there is an area where people can hunt. Our area had been designated a no-shooting area by the County Commissioners in the past and it shows on the county map as a no-shooting zone. After some investigation, the State Police concurred. The concern is that there are erroneous maps in circulation so people hunting here do not know they are in violation. Jim suggested checking the ODFW site. Jane will check back with Tom Berg, the county map person, on ways to be sure the correct maps are being distributed to hunters and others.

Web page and communication: Jane suggested we have a discussion area on the web page and that the Board get the ball rolling by posting comments. Mel asked that the status of property owner’s payments be posted on the web, at least by address or tax id. Mary B suggested that people contact her is they have questions about the status of their assessment payment. Mary C asked if email to the Board through the web site should go through her first and all concurred that it was working fine that way. Katie noted that it is important to use the BCC for the mass emails but asked that Board members show all participants so we know who had received what information.

The next meeting will be January 13 at 6PM. The meeting adjourned at 8:17.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Treasurer

To promote a sense of community, enhance the livability, safety, welfare, and interests of the owners. To preserve and enhance property values and the quality of life through the prudent use of resources for the benefit of all who live, visit, or work in our Community. To provide responsible management and use of community assets that benefits all owners. To provide amicable development of the community by the adherence of the covenants, conditions, restrictions and easements, and pursuant to such purposes conduct any business and engage in any activity compliant to non-profit corporations under the laws of the State of Oregon, for the benefit of the property and the owners.

Core Board of Director Objectives:

Encourage collaborative participation that includes an involved membership.

Listen to the concerns of the community.

Satisfy the community’s support requirements relating to property values, legal, and safety issues.

Recognize our interdependence and build community relationships.

Use available best practices and look for improvement opportunities.

Adhere to and help enforce existing covenants, to help implement revisions in areas where covenants are flawed, ineffective or non-existent that limits Association exposure.

Seek continuous improvements in financial oversight, budgeting, and spending of our funds dedicated to the operations of the common areas owned by the HOA.

To support general community interests such as issues with the City/County efforts designed to increase property values, and other long term goals.

To reserve the right to challenge actions that are deemed not to be in the best interests of the majority or challengeable as interpreted that could result in litigation, and to work for change where change is needed.

Member Objectives:

Good Neighbors - We are neighbors first, Association members second. There is no better substitute than to resolve issues as neighbors. Not all issues will have Association implication.

Volunteerism – We highly value volunteers who go beyond the normal commitment(s) of being a resident.

Property Maintenance - Each home/property owner will maintain the Association common areas and their respective property in a manner that complements the Association and doesn’t detract from the value of our properties or common areas.

Common Good - We will evaluate all issues on their merit to the Association, and the Mission Statement and not with regard to any particular interest group.

Continually Improving - We will endeavor to evolve as an Association to the ever-changing times in the policies and decisions we make, always referring to the original Declarations, Covenants, Articles, and By-laws for the spirit in design of our Communit

Vision/Mission/Guiding Principles


Deschutes River Recreation Home sites (DRRH 6 ) is a place that we are all proud to call home--a true community of friendly, caring and respectful neighbors who cooperate with each other to affirm and grow the value of both our property and our friendships.


The mission of the Board of DRRH 6 1&2, Inc. is to preserve and enhance the property of our subdivision by maintaining the common ground areas, and upholding our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s) and polices. The Board will serve the Homeowners by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interest of all homeowners. DRRH 6 will be maintained as a safe, friendly, and enjoyable place to live for each homeowner and his/her respective family. 

Guiding Principles for the DRRH 6 HOA Board:

1) Utilize the experience of The Board members to make and implement responsible decisions and to be good stewards regarding the use of funds and assets belonging to the Association.  Conduct business with transparency, providing regular financial statements including statements of receivables and expenses on a periodic basis. 

2) Uphold the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s) and policies of the Homeowners Association by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interest of all homeowners to ensure that all additions/changes to lots, homes, and property in the subdivision will preserve and/or enhance the value of our properties as a whole.

3) Treat every issue which comes before the Board with respect.  Work with residents in a professional, objective, ethical manner and resolve or respond to requests in a timely manner.  Resolutions and responses will be clearly communicated to affected parties.  In the event of a denial of a homeowner’s request, a reason for the denial will be provided, and where possible, suggestions to resubmit for consideration will be included.

4)  Protect and enhance the value of our neighborhood by maintaining all common areas. 

5) Communicate with homeowners in a timely manner through appropriate mediums, and facilitate opportunities for subdivision activities and committees promoting a close-knit neighborly community that works together for the good of all.


September 7, 2014

Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Parts 1 and 2

Emergency Board Meeting regarding installation of mailbox lighting.

President Bonny Bowens called the meeting to order at 1:03 at her home.

Present: Bonny Bowens, Terry Mero, Mary Buckman, Katie Rowlett, Mary Cronkhite, Mark Perez, Camilla Emmons, Nadine Ruth, John Bowens (as solar consultant)

The purpose of this meeting is to bring a common understanding of actions regarding purchase of solar lights at the mailbox area and agreement on how to move forward. Bonny passed out copies of quotes and invoices from Startonics Solar, Inc and past minutes regarding lighting. She asked that we start at the beginning and take a fresh look at this subject.

Bonny reviewed the minutes where the lighting was first mentioned. At the Annual Meeting 2013 the group talked about solar lights for additional security around the mailbox area. On March 10, 2014 the Board met and discussed Startronics quotes #808 and #809 for $1008 and $1596, respectively, both dated Feb 18, 2014. Quote #808 included one overhead light and quote #809 added 2 high, caged floodlights. Installation was not included in either of these quotes. No action was taken at that meeting.

Bonny reviewed the minutes of the June 5, 2014 Board meeting in which Terry reported further on bids and described what they include. The minutes stated that at this meeting, the Board approved a motion to replace the current mailbox cover structure with a larger cover. A second motion was approved to pursue purchasing lights for about $1600 with consideration that the bid might change because the structure was now larger and noting that we did not have enough money and the lights would require a special assessment. Later in that same meeting it was approved to have a $25 assessment for lighting and administrative activities. These discussions were based on bids #808 and #809 from Startronics Solar.

Back to today, we discussed whether ‘pursue’ meant actually purchase or continue to review alternatives. Current and past board members stated that their intent was to go forward with the purchase. We noted that the bid did not include installation. After much discussion, we agreed that Board minutes reflect that we would pay $1600 for 2 floodlights and an overhead light at the mailbox and that it required an assessment to complete that task. It was noted that it is understood the associated fixtures and assembly in quotes #809 and #808 are included as part of the lighting purchases. Terry concurred that this is how he saw the June 5 vote as well.

Having reviewed the minutes, the Board returned to review of the quotes. Terry began a discussion by referring us to quote #809 and that he told the company that we would use them and to get ready to start ordering the parts at some point after June 5. We did not have assessment money yet and Nadine stated it was early to start ordering.

Terry described a new quote (#828, dated 8/13/14) was generated by Startronics. It was developed after we enlarged the building, is for considerably more money and does not include floodlights. This quote was shown at the Annual Meeting and Nadine reported she told him twice that the new quote would have to be voted on by the Board because it was entirely different and much higher priced than what was originally approved. Terry acknowledged that Nadine and Mark told him this.

Bonny then discussed the events of last Friday, September 5, 2014. She and Camilla went to the bank and added Bonny, as President, to the bank account. While in the car, Bonny spoke on her phone with Stan of Startronics Solar and after talking for some time he agreed to the price of $2000 and agreed to meet at the mailboxes at about 4:45 to get a check. Bonny stated she had looked up the company and he has no complaints. She talked herself blue in the face to get him down to $2000, with Katie’s family helping with the installation, which he will oversee. At that time Bonny instructed Camilla write a check to Startronics for $2000. Camilla asked if the expense was approved and Camilla told the group that Bonny implied to her that the expense was approved. Bonny stated she felt this action was in the best interest of the HOA and she wanted to protect the association from liability for failure to come through on our order.

Bonny proposed that she contact the bank to stop payment on the check to Startronics and she and Terry resign from the Board. Camilla noted the Startronics person seemed anxious to get the check and is likely cashed already. Katie said that if we do not have a signed contract, the law is on our side if we refuse to pay. Nadine stated it was very strange to ask for 100% of the cost up front.

Mark said he would feel okay if they stepped down and that trust regarding future actions was jeopardized. He also noted there were a number of other issues regarding communications since September 5 that were not shared among all Board members. He feels the neighborhood will have questions and concerns about what took place and that there should be repercussions to those acting beyond their Board authority. He will have problems working with these Board members, particularly in positions of President or Vice President. Resigning is a small price when the HOA is stuck with dealing with this $2000 expense.

Katie feels that we should support each other as a Board. She was concerned about the voting that was done without knowing who was included in the discussion, either because emails were sent to individuals or using blind carbon copies. Katie feels that the actions were not done maliciously.

We discussed email votes and Board approval of spending. Nadine stated that her method was to circulate any request for payment to the entire Board at the same time she sent it to Camilla. It provides a good system of checks and balances. Camilla noted that we have gotten a bit lax with this process and some expenses in the recent past were submitted and paid without this happening.

Discussion turned back to actions at the September 5 Board meeting and Camilla feels Terry should have been more up front at the meeting, telling the Board that he had already told the company to make purchases. Mark agreed.

Mark brought up the question that Bonny had told him she wrote an $800 check out of her pocket to the contractor. Bonny absolutely said she did not say this and that he must have misunderstood. She noted the phone connection was not good and that she said she negotiated him down $800. Mark stated that his wife heard the conversation. Mark stated the problem with all these actions is concealing things from the Board.

We talked again about checks and sharing information about expenses with the whole Board for their approval. Mary C asked about whether a check for mailboxes approved by Bonny was appropriate and asked whether she should have sent it to all Board members. It was agreed to err on the side of openness, although for that particular expense we had just approved that dollar amount at the Board meeting on September 5, 2014.

Katie stated that perception is reality. The root of the problem is the contractor was erroneously told to proceed. Decision-making was flawed and it reflects on the character of the Board as a whole.

Bonny was asked when she knew of Terry’s commitment to the Sales Order #3207. She said they discussed it at length and Mary B asked when. She stated it was after the Sept 5 meeting but then restated that she was not sure when the discussion took place. Mark asked Terry when it happened and he said it was before the meeting on Sept 5. Mark said this did not sound like they were being open with the Board and repeated he would have a difficult time working with them because of trust issues.

Bonny asked how would the Board react if she paid the monetary difference and it was thought this was not appropriate. Katie asked, as a newcomer, what is the mission of the Board. Camilla described that the Board was reinvigorated in 2003 and since then Boards have been much more open and accountable.

Mark stated he will not be able to work with these two people. He feels it extends beyond mismanaging funds and thinks they should resign. Mary C recognizes the extreme difficulty of this situation. She understands Mark’s point of view and that this has been a hard learning experience. Nadine stated that two people mismanaged HOA funds and compromised Camilla in her position as Treasurer. Mary B and Katie stated that they did not feel resignation is the only option to maintain a functioning Board and that these actions were not done maliciously.

After further discussion, Bonny Bowens and Terry Mero resigned from the Board. Terry apologized for the problems this was causing and for not stating up front that he told the contractor to order the parts.

It was pointed out we did not have a plan for action on the lights.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:45PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


September 7, 2014

Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Parts 1 and 2 (DRRH6)

Emergency Board Meeting regarding installation of mailbox lighting (continued) and filling Board positions.

At approximately 3:00 PM the DRRH6 Board (Mary Buckman, Mark Perez and Katie Rowlett) reconvened at the park picnic table with Nadine Ruth and Mary Cronkhite in attendance.

New Board Members: Two board members have resigned and we need to try to fill the Board. It was agreed that the Board should appoint new members to fill out this term. Mary C will circulate an email from the drrh612 email address to the current email list. We discussed content of the email. It should state that two Board members have resigned, that we are looking for volunteers in the community to serve on the Board through next August and to please get back to us within the next several weeks. If we get no responses, we will have to start soliciting people. We talked about people who might be willing to be Board members and noted that it has been the practice not to have more than one member of a family on the Board.

Startronics Follow-up: Katie will follow up with Startronics, stating that the Board did not approve the purchase and we want to be refunded the $2000. She will also check with Camilla regarding possibly stopping payment on the check.

Mark wondered whether we need legal advice and we decided it was not necessary at this point. This Board will have an uphill battle to instill credibility.

Officer Elections: Katie Rowlett was nominated to be President by Mary B and seconded by Mark. It was approved unanimously. Katie Rowlett nominated Mark Perez as Vice President. Mary B seconded it and it was approved unanimously.

Code Violations: We had a brief discussion of code violations and Nadine stated, based on her contact with the county, that the only code violation is on Mule Deer. Mary C stated there is another lot on Mountain Sheep with three pipes into the ground. Nadine suggested checking on DIAL regarding their septic approvals. There is a lot on Big Buck that is used as a campground. We did not act further on violations at this meeting.

Future Meetings: The next meeting is currently scheduled Nov 6 at 6PM. We postponed the Sept 29 meeting about the Bylaw and CC & R update until we have a full Board.

We also stated that all expenses are to be shared with the entire Board for approval.

The meeting ended at approximately 4:15PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Board Meeting - Deschutes River Recreation Homesites HOA

Sept 5, 2014

Attendance: Bonny Bowens, Terry Mero, Mary Buckman, Katie Rowlett, Mark Perez, Nadine Ruth, John Bowens, Mary Cronkhite, Camilla Emmons, Jim Mariani

Nadine Ruth called the meeting at 10:08 at the home of Katie Rowlett. Mary Buckman read the minutes of the June 5, 2014 meeting. It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Camilla Emmons presented the information from an audit held on Aug 26 by Mark Perez and Walt Fuhrman. The audit showed financial records were in order. Camilla distributed information on cash deposits and expenses. Camilla and Bonny will go to the bank to add an authorized signer. Payment to Mary Buckman for stamps and supplies for the annual meeting was approved.

We discussed the procedure to approve Board member expenses. According to the Bylaws, the Board has to approve all expenses. Nadine would send an email to all Board members when she sent a reimbursement request to Camilla.

Election of officers: Mary Buckman was nominated and elected Secretary. Terry Mero was nominated and elected to the position of Vice President. Bonny Bowens was nominated and elected to the position of President.

Bonny Bowens presented Nadine Ruth with a thank-you gift for her service on the Board.

Other Board members: Nadine Ruth moved and it was seconded that the two non-voting Board positions of Treasurer and Chief Communications Officer (CCO) are not elected but are appointed by the Board. The motion was approved unanimously.

Mary Buckman moved and it was seconded to appoint Camilla Emmons as Treasurer and Mary Cronkhite as CCO. The motion was approved unanimously.

Review of past and current assessments: Mary Buckman provided some background on delinquent assessments, using records back to 2010. Since then, including 2015, the Board has assessed $25 four times. Based on rough calculations, the 48% of the assessments are behind, excluding 2015 which is not due until February 28, 2015. This amounts to about $17,000. After much discussion, it was agreed that it is worthwhile to pursue past assessments from 2010 forward. We should include in a letter that we are only going back to 2010, that the HOA can file a lien and charge all associated costs, and a bit of background on the HOA. The Board needs to be willing to follow through potentially filing property liens, which will incur some costs that should be recouped. The filing fee is Deschutes County is $37. It was opined that we should meet with an attorney. Mary noted that many liens include attorney fees but many do not. The HOA attorney of record is Win Francis and Bonny will call him and see what he will tell us without charging. Katie also suggested calling a title company. Bonny will make those calls. It was moved by Terry Mero and seconded that Mary will draft a first letter and we will begin moving forward with sending a notice to homeowners who are late in paying assessments. The motion passed unanimously.

Mailbox lighting: Bonny turned the floor over to Terry Mero for a discussion on lighting the mailboxes and he presented a new quote for $2823.50 for 4 lights under the roof and no floodlights, including installation and a warranty. Nadine opined that we do not need a light to see to unlock a mailbox and that the original bid was considerably less and was for floodlights for safety and security. Bonny said she wanted the lights for security. We discussed the desire to have a new mailbox cluster. Bonny reviewed the financial statement from Camilla and noted that we do not have funds for these lights and for a new mailbox cluster, which is $1350. Terry made a motion to install lights as per the Aug 18, 2014 bid from Startronics Solar Lighting but it died for lack of a second. Katie Rowlett feels we should do the mailboxes rather than lighting and she will follow up with the lighting contractor if needed. She feels we do not need additional security for the new secure mailboxes. Mark does not feel the lighting is a priority. Nadine thinks floodlights are most important. Mary B. thinks floodlights are what we agreed to in the past. Bonny proposed two lights on either end of the structure. Terry does not wish to follow-up because we have asked too much of the contractors already. The two issues are lights for using the mailboxes and lights for security. Nadine said the person from US Mail boxes sells these all over the country and there have been no break-ins. There was also concern about vandalism on the lights and solar panels. The board chose to not move on the new light bid. Bonny suggested that we stick with the original bid and that we include labor and there was general agreement. She will follow up with Startronics Solar.

Speeding: Terry Mero initiated a discussion on ways to address neighborhood speeding. He noted the speed limit on Foster is 55mph or whatever speed is safe. Terry read a draft letter that identifies speeding as a problem, asks that people identify the driver and/or vehicle and contact the Board or the Sheriff. Board members felt that it is useful to give information on how to contact the Sheriff and what information to provide but did not want the Board in the middle. Mark moved that we approve sending a letter from the Board via email that lets people know that speeding is a problem in the neighborhood and provides information on the steps to take to contact the Sheriff’s office for follow-up but keeps the Board out of it. Mary B seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. Bonny will redraft the letter, post it on the bulletin board and email to the email list.

Old mailbox cover as bus shelter: John Sanna built the new mailbox structure and we considered the old cover might be built into a bus shelter. Mark will follow up on with the BLM on whether it is allowed and where and if so, ask John for a ballpark cost. John is willing to store the cover for now.

Database for HOA: Mary C., Mary B, Bonny and Nadine all keep email and/or address lists for various purposes. Bonny would like to have a master list. She got a file from Deschutes County but Mary B. noted they have separate lines for each property so owners with multiple properties are duplicated. Mary C. has a list of email addresses. It has 106 names and 14 that bounce. Nadine noted that she assured people that addresses would be used only HOA business. She described using the blind carbon copy (BCC) feature on email to keep addresses private. Nadine asked that the new email addresses be passed on to her to work with the Forest Service on fire management in the neighborhood and the Board agreed. After discussion, it was agreed that Mary B will maintain the database because she keeps the records of HOA assessment payments.

Facebook update: Katie has a page ready to go but asked whether it should be public or private (people have to be invited to be able to look at the page). Katie feels we should have a public page as there is little that is not on the public web page. After discussion, the Board agreed. Katie will put a notice up on the bulletin board saying we are now in Facebook.

Boat Ramp: Bonny has not heard from Bill Powell who volunteered to look into making river put-in and take-out safer and easier on the HOA park property. The area is used in the summer by a variety of people, some of whom are not related to the HOA, but it stays remarkably trash-free. Bonny proposed we speak with the appropriate authorities so see what can be done to taper the bank and make a beach, considering that there used to be a beach there. She noted it is also a hazard in its current state.

Updating the CC and Rs and bylaws: Bonny and Terry have reviewed the Bylaws and Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC & Rs) extensively and they are in need of updating. The CC & Rs were written in 1965 and have not been changed, The Bylaws had a minor update in 2003. Bonny suggested we need a meeting to discuss this topic and the group agreed on September 29 at 10AM at Bonny’s home. Mary B. cannot be there. Bonny asked that everyone go through and highlight areas that need to be updated.

New mailbox cluster: There appears reasonable likelihood that we will need new cubbies in the near future. Bonny moved and Terry seconded that we purchase new mailboxes for the price of $1350 installed, making the cost of each new box $85. It was approved unanimously.

The Board okayed Mary C. sending a letter to those with apparently abandoned standing boxes. Mary C. will check if there are any legal restrictions on removing someone else’s mailbox.

CC & R Violations: Nadine updated the group on a couple CC&R issues. A property on Cub near Silver Fox is for sale and listed to make it sound like little cabins but legally they are storage buildings. Nadine called the realtor and told her of our concern and the realtor said she "got the drift". Nadine also got a letter from Michael Soto who said he was planning to build a shed around his porta-potty but had an injury. She asked whether we want to pursue these.

Bonny Bowens noted that she, Katie, Terry and Mary C did a drive-around on August 27 to investigate properties for CC&R violations. They walked onto several properties and took photos of violations. Mark stated he is opposed to us driving around inspecting lots. In the past the Board has tried to respond to complaints from neighborhood members but not seek out violations if they were not bothering anyone. Bonny stated their goal was to familiarize themselves with the neighborhood. Mark agreed with following through on the egregious violations.

We reviewed a number of properties that appear to have violations. Bonny presented photos of a number of the problems. She will follow up on those that appear to be in violation of county codes.

Mark noted that neighbor that is a rental has a very large greenhouse growing medical marijuana. We discussed how we feel about this in the neighborhood and what restrictions might apply. It generates a lot of traffic. Katie said similar activities take place near her house.

Letterhead: The Board reviewed the draft letterhead Bonny prepared. It was suggested she add ‘Unit’ 6. We will look into what it takes to get a simpler email address. Steve Carlson set up the web page and may have insight. The Board decided we did not want personal Board member information on the letterhead, just names. It will have the drrh612 email address that is checked by Mary C and she forwards things to the appropriate Board member.

Other Business: Mary B queried the group on whether it was necessary to read the minutes are each meeting. After discussion, it was decided this time-consuming exercise was not necessary and we will try a different method: Mary will send a draft around for review shortly after a meeting for corrections so it can be posted on the web for HOA members. Then when Bonny sends the meeting agenda, she will attach the draft minutes for review prior to the meeting. Mary B. will bring several copies to the meeting. It was moved, seconded and approved that minutes be read outside the meeting with approval at the meeting, Mary C asked that a copy be sent to the drrh612 address.

The next meeting was set for November 6 at 6PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Draft minutes of the Annual Meeting

Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Homeowners Association, Unit 6, #1 and 2 August 16, 2014

President Nadine Ruth called the meeting to order at 10:05AM at the home of Mark and Sharon Perez. She asked that those present share their email address so we can better communicate with the neighborhood and stated it is ONLY used for neighborhood issues.

Present at the meeting were Nadine Ruth, Mary Buckman, Bonny Bowens, Mark Perez, Terry Mero, Katie Rowlett, Mel and Eileen Mills, Kathy Weigel, Walt Fuhrmann, Nancy and Jeff Little, Tom Tongue, Mary Cronkhite, Larry and Peggy Linville, Don Mitchell, Debbie Wolf, Paul Fortino, Diana and Bob Leith, Mark and Nina Dille, Jim and Lorelei Mariana, Duane and Linda Brolin and Eddy Okulove.

Minutes of the August 24, 2013 meeting were read and accepted as read. Mary Cronkhite presented the treasurer’s report for Treasurer Camilla Emmons. Nadine Ruth described the checks and balances between the Treasurer and the Board President on the bank account. There was a question about the foreclosure fee in March, 2014.

Mike Supkis, LaPine Fire Chief, presented information about fire prevention, rural assessments and healthy forests. Results of an assessment can be reviewed online at oregonrsg.org. He talked about the Oregon Department of Forestry certification process and the potential consequences of not complying. Mr. Supkis distributed an informative handout about vegetation management. Members asked numerous questions.

Old Business:

Mailboxes: Nadine gave a mailbox update. We did not get permission from the BLM to move the mailboxes. The move would have required an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). We replaced the boxes in their current location and added a new cover. The old boxes were not approved by the post office and the new boxes, provided by US Mailboxes, are approved and are built to be more secure.

Nadine read a story from Jane Hayhurst about the history of our previous mailboxes. She noted there are new boxes available for $75 and when a new cluster goes in they will likely be more expensive. The next step is to add security lighting in the fall.

Violations of County Codes and Convenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs): Nadine noted that we sent out letters in the past, owners responded that they would address the complaint, but no one follow through. She recently sent out an additional round of letters. The biggest issue is latrines. The County handles sanitary issues such as dumping sewage directly into the ground. Nadine asked those present to report violations either directly to the County or to the Board. They need to see the violation take place. Further questions followed about barking dogs and lights that shine onto neighbors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Bonny Bowens and her crew installed the neighborhood lending library and are maintaining the park.

New Business:

Neighborhood Speeding: Terry Mero talked about speeding in the neighborhood. He talked to Eric Outter and Bryan Husband, law enforcement personnel in the area. Terry stated that if you know who the speeder is, let the board know and we will send a letter. People can also get a description of the vehicle and report it to the LaPine Sherriff’s Office at 541 536 1758. Questions ensued about legal speed limits on various roads that are not posted. Terry will check it out.

Outstanding Assessments: Mary Buckman reported that roughly 52% of the assessments of $25 for 2010, 2012 and 2013 have been paid. That is about $17,000 that is in arrears. We discussed appropriate follow-up action.

FEMA Grant: Nadine Ruth gave a report on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant money available to help make the neighborhood more fire safe. She is retiring from the Board and will be focusing energy on this project. We are one of the 12 neighborhoods selected to reduce wild fire danger. The grants generally require matching funds that can be cash or can be sweat equity or in-kind contributions from the neighborhood. There were questions about fish and wildlife habitat and how much tree removal is allowed. Some lots appear to have been nearly clear-cut and, while it reduced fire danger, it has negative environmental and aesthetic consequences.

Tom Tongue reported he has young Ponderosa pines to transplant.

Board Elections: Nominations were accepted from the floor and Mary Buckman, Katie Rowlett, Mark Perez, Bonny Bowens and Terry Mero were nominated. They were elected unanimously as the 2014-2015 Board

Nadine Ruth noted there are two non-voting Board positions appointed by the Board. They are Treasurer, currently held by Camilla Emmons, and Mailbox Manager, currently held by Mary Cronkhite.

Thank You: Tom Tongue moved and it was seconded to thank and congratulate Nadine Ruth for her years of dedicated service to the HOA Board. It was approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45. Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


June 5, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes (approved 9/05/14)

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM at the home of Terry Mero.

Attendance: Board Members Nadine Ruth, Terry Mero, Mark Perez, Bonny Bowens, and Mary Buckman; Treasurer Camilla Emmons; Homeowners Katie Rowlett, Sharon Webster, Mary Cronkhite. Clint Springer, Duane Brolin

Minutes: The minutes of the March 10, 2014 meeting were approved as read after some minor corrections. Mary B. will correct them and send the approved minutes to Mary Cronkhite for the website.

Minutes of the mailbox meeting of April 16 were summarized and are on the website. Mary will bring a copy to approve at the next meeting.

Treasurers Report: Camilla Emmons passed out the Treasurer’s report. Our coffers are considerably depleted with spending for new mailboxes. She reported we have not had an audit yet because schedules did not match. She will continue to pursue the audit, as schedules permit. The Board approved the purchase by Camilla of a new cartridge for approximately $30. She sent Diebold, the company who looked at the mailboxes and charged us excessively, a check $93.80. We discussed this at the last meeting. They cashed the check and we have heard nothing else. Unfinished Busines

Mailbox lighting: Terry Mero reported on the bids for lighting the mailbox area. The bids are just for the purchase of the lights and installation is up to the HOA. Installation does not require an electrician and the company would advise us. The bids include a solar panel on the roof, a power box and two levels of lighting – one is for lighting under the shelter ($1008) and the second bid ($~1600) adds two flood lights. All lights are motion activated.

Mailbox cover structure: Five new clusters of boxes were installed for about $5600 during the past month with space left for one more cluster of 16. Nadine has been emailing a fellow in the neighborhood to get an estimate to rebuild the structure over the mailboxes. Builders noted that the posts should go into the ground rather than attached to a concrete slab so we do not have to extend the slab now. Nadine has a bid for $1965 to tear down the existing structure and replace it with a larger one that offers better cover while collecting mail and extends the length to accommodate future boxes. There was a concern that the bid on the lighting might change if the structure is larger.

We discussed whether we needed a new structure or could manage with the existing one. A new structure would be larger to accommodate expansion and would be an upgrade. It was noted that we currently have space for additional mailboxes and do not know when and if more boxes are needed. Some of the people with freestanding boxes have elected to use the clusters, but it is likely we will continue to have some free-standing boxes. The new mailboxes are deeper so the current structure does not offer much protection from the elements. Some thought the existing structure is not sturdy and is unattractive. Others thought we should upgrade the lighting first and rebuild the structure when it is needed.

After some discussion, it was moved and seconded to replace the existing mailbox structure with a longer, deeper one and make a special assessment to do the lighting in the future. We had further discussion about pros and cons of re-doing the structure. The motion passed 4 to 1.

It was noted that it might be smart to add the last cluster of mailboxes now while we can still get the same style and color.

 It was moved and seconded to pursue purchasing lights as the next phase of the mailbox project for about $1600. This is for a ceiling fixture for the cluster boxes and two flood lights. This will require an assessment. Terry is willing to coordinate the lighting. Katie Rowlett volunteered her family to assist with installation.

 Nadine suggested we need boulders or something to prevent people from hitting the posts.

 The mailboxes are not secured. The bolts need to be bent or spot-welded to secure them to the concrete. Bonny will see that this happens.

 CC and R violations: Nadine sent an email to attorney and local homeowner Tom Tongue regarding violations and he suggested we send another letter first and not threaten them with legal proceedings. Will Francis is our attorney of record. Nadine has been in contact with the County Code Enforcement Officer and sent letters to the County regarding four properties - the horse trailer on Silver Fox, the bright yellow outhouse on Silver Fox, another outhouse on Silver Fox, and the property on Mule Deer. It was noted that one location has a septic permit but the county officer said they need a permit to connect to the septic tank. Nadine will keep in contact with the county at appropriate intervals. The letters were just sent last week.


 Mark commented that we should think of the CC & Rs as guidelines. The question he asks himself is whether violations are doing damage to the environment. Sharon feels that unless actions are doing harm or damage, these different choices are the nature of a rural neighborhood. We are not Sunriver. There was concern that if we do not follow up on the outhouses, a violation of the CC&Rs, the problem will multiply. It was opined that we should not seek out violations but respond to homeowner complaints. One role of the Board is to allow owners to remain somewhat anonymous.
New Business: 

Liability for mailbox coordinator: Mary C. is concerned that she manages the mailboxes and distributes mailbox keys, giving her access to the mailboxes. She wonders whether she is covered by board insurance. Nadine will check.

 Drive Slow signs: Nadine initiated discussion about adding another sign under the 15 MPH signs to get people to slow down to prevent dust. She presented an example of a 9’x12’ additional sign with something along the lines of ‘Please Slow Down to Prevent Dust’, stated politely. It was noted this has a lot of words and might be hard to read.

 Terry suggested that we do what Eagle Crest does, which is to give people authority to issue citations. The reasoning is that signs are ignored and/or destroyed and the only way to get people’s attention is to have a penalty. At Eagle Crest, a homeowner can initiate a warning for violator. Then the second time they get a ticket. For a citizen’s arrest to work, one would have to appear in court. Terry will contact Larry from Eagle Crest to get us in touch with someone to describe the Eagle Crest process.

 We discussed whether it is a speeding issue and/or a dust issue. Nadine noted the difference between 15 and 20 mph for dust. Maybe a sign should just say DUST ZONE. Signs cost about $20 each. For now, we will hold off on signs until we learn about the citizen enforcement option. We will pursue him coming as a speaker at the annual meeting.

 Improving the park: Bonny reported she is trying to make the park more user-friendly. A summer outhouse was not supported except when there is an event. Bonny had a picnic on Memorial Day with 12-30 people and noted how many people used the park. The park was not designed like a city park to have functions. It provides a spot for homeowners to relax and put-in and take-out of the river. It is unlikely an improved boat ramp will be allowed. The nearby home makes it a little awkward and Katie noted she thought the picnic shelter belonged to the homeowner until she saw the new sign posted. Bonny stated there was not much interest in horseshoe pits. She planted some Ponderosa pines.

 The HOA owns a number of lots throughout the area. The county owns lots on the river, according to a local homeowner, who suggested the HOA may want to consider purchasing some of them.

 Communication: Bonny suggested we need a Facebook page, with pictures, minutes, notices and such. We had a discussion of the pros and cons of Facebook. Katie Rowlett and Clint Springer described how Facebook works and they volunteered to work on it for the HOA. It was moved, seconded and approved to start a Facebook page with access limited to homeowners. Katie and Clint  said they would get it going.

Annual meeting: The meeting is scheduled for August 16, 2014. Where should we have it? The park is too hot and dusty. Mary C. is going to ask Don and Deena Teela on Bear Lane. Mark and Sharon offered to be a fall back. We agreed to begin at 10AM. Terry will pursue a speaker with information regarding Eagle Crest speed enforcement as a topic. The presentation should be just 20 minutes. Bonny suggested the LaPine Fire Chief as an alternative. Mark volunteered to bring pastries – 2 dozen. We will need some fruit and coffee and tea for 20-40 people.

 Assessment: Nadine proposed we have a $25 assessment for the mailbox lighting and other administrative and maintenance expenses. The Treasurer’s report shows with that with approved projects and our ongoing expenses, we need to replenish our funds. It was moved, seconded and approved that we assess each lot $25 for reasons stated above. Notice will go out with the meeting notice in mid-July.

 We selected July 19 at 10AM to stuff and address envelopes. Mary will ask Bonnie Wilkins to see about getting mailing labels. Nadine will make the letters. Mary will get the envelopes and stamps. We need about 300. Bonny Bowens offered her house.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 P

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


Minutes of Special Board Meeting April 16,2014 and subsequent email follow up with all board members.
The meeting was held for the purpose of finalizing decisions for the secure mailbox area.
In attendance were Nadine Ruth, Mark Perez and Terry Merro.

Decisions made at this meeting and subsequent email follow up with all board members are as follows.
Remove existing cluster units and replace with upgraded more secure units. This decision was based on the following:

 The old units are no longer approved by the postal service and therefore the vandal damage cannot be repaired or the backs replaced.

Currently there is only one available box.  Adding just one of the new cluster units would require an additional concrete pad and new roof structure to cover the extension.  In addition the newer unit looks nothing like the old units  creating a very cluttered appearance.

The new units are placed back to back which allows for 6 cluster units on the existing concrete pad.  We will add 5 units now and have room for a sixth unit as the demand arises and more funds are available.

Terry Merro will get more details on the motion sensor lighting and the board will address this at a later date.

It was decided to extend the sides of the existing roof so box owners will be covered in inclement weather.  Currently box owners can stand under the roof.  The depth of the new back to back units will not leave enough room to stand under the roof.  We will get bids on this project.  It was decided not to replace the entire roof structure at this time, but to work with what we have if possible

**************************************************************************************Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 6, Parts 1 & 2
March 10, 2014
Minutes Approved: 6/05/2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM at the home of Nadine Ruth.

Attendance:  Board Members Nadine Ruth, Mark Perez, Bonny Bowens and Mary Buckman; Treasurer Camilla Emmons; Homeowners Bob and Diana Leith, Mary Cronkhite, Walt and Susan Fuhrman and Bill Emmons.

Minutes:  The minutes of the November 13, 2013 meeting were approved as read after some minor corrections. Mary B. will correct them and send the approved minutes to Mary Cronkhite for the website.

Treasurers Report:  Camilla Emmons presented the Treasurer report. The bank statement was not sent to her and she had to correct that with US Bank. She suggested it was time for another audit. Last year Walt and Mark did the audit and they offered to do it again.

Unfinished Business

Lighting at the mailbox: Bonny Bowens reported that Terry Mero got estimates from StarTronics Solar Lighting for lighting at the mailboxes. They are motion sensitive, battery operated lights, installed by this company in many areas.  The quote is $1596 for two lights and about $1008 for one light. They would be up high and caged. There was discussion whether they would be tripped for everyone driving down Foster. There are no cameras on these lights and the Board expressed interest in what it would take to add cameras.

Other mailbox issues:  There are a number of issues with the mailboxes – security, landscaping, beefing them up, developing a school bus shelter, etc. Nadine will work with the Board to organize a separate meeting about the mailboxes with the Board and interested members.

Unoccupied mailboxes:  A number of mailboxes appear not to be used. Nadine sent letters to the mailbox owners, to the mailbox and/or their ‘home’ address. She got a couple responses that they do not want mailboxes, some returned unopened, and still others had no response. The bottom line is there appear to be several available mailboxes. This will also be included in the mailbox meeting.

CC and R violations: CC and R violations identified in the past were sent letters a while back and little or nothing has changed. The primary problem is outhouses. They are not allowed except on a temporary basis during construction. There appear to be two issues – self-contained outhouses and people dumping sewage into the ground. The latter can be addressed with the County Health Department, but the first is up to us to resolve. We discussed options but agreed we should have a plan of action if they do not respond to a second letter, perhaps being prepared to take legal action. Before we start sending letters, Camilla suggested we consult an attorney to investigate our legal options. Tom Tongue, a member of the community, and Mr. Francis (helped develop the Bylaws) were suggested. We might ask an attorney to write the letters because people tend to respond better to letters from an attorney. Nadine will contact Tom Tongue as a first step to investigate our legal options and responsibilities.

Updates:  Bonny reported the Library Box is constructed and installed in the park area. The signs for the gazebo and the bench are ready and will be mounted when weather permits.

Bonny is retyping the CC and Rs to make them more readable. Camilla will work with her, assisting with typing and proof reading. They will be notarized to verify their accuracy.

Park landscaping is progressing and as soon as she gets compost, Bonny will put it in front of the railing and plant local wildflowers. She will also install a few native trees and shrubs that do not require a lot of care, taking care not to block the neighbor’s (Mel) view. She wants to put are least one tree in the west area of the part and perhaps more wildflowers. The Board agreed to reimburse Mark Perez for the posts are wires used to support the trees if they are not returned to him. We discussed the boat ramp, noting that regulations prevent us from doing construction that might impact the river so the current conditions are unlikely to change. Bonny will let people know when she is having a workday for park landscaping.

New Business: 

Paving the mailbox area: Bonny asked that we consider paving the area around the mailbox. It was noted that a couple years ago it was graveled. This is another item for the mailbox committee. It was noted that snow melts quickly off asphalt and concrete does not do well here – it peels and crumbles.

Mailbox bill:  Nadine contacted Diebold, who used to contract with the mailboxes, to look at replacing the backs of the mailboxes. They said they do not do that, and he installed a new lock. Nadine got a bill for $270 plus the $18.80 for the lock. She contacted the company and they reduced the bill by $50. It was discussed and agreed to send them $18.80 for the lock and $75 for labor.

Communication:  Terry Mero, via Bonny Bowens, asked for a better way to communicate with the owners. It was noted we have an email distribution list and the website. We will bring this back up when he is here.

Other Business:

Nadine Ruth is definitely leaving the Board when her term expires. She has several priorities. She wants to pursue obtaining good signs about slowing down to reduce dust – ‘Dust Zone Thank You For Driving Slow’.  She queried whether they could be posted on the 15 MPH signs. It was also noted that some neighbors want signs for their yard. Nadine will investigate metal signs for HOA use and a less expensive version for homeowners to post. She will send information around and perhaps get approval by email. She also wants to follow up on the CC and R violations and mailbox area improvements.

Mary Cronkhite asked for names to include under the Resources heading on the website. These would be companies and individuals used by homeowners such as plumbers, electricians, snow plowers, utility companies and the like.

Nadine reported there is no brush pickup this year – that was the Upper Deschutes River Coalition and they do not have the funds this year.

April 16 is being considered for a mailbox meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary


 Board Meeting Minutes November 13, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM at the home of Nadine Ruth.

Board members present: Nadine Ruth, Terry Mero, Bonny Bowens, Mark Perez and Mary Buckman. Also present were Camilla Emmons (Treasurer), Mary Cronkhite (Web and Mailboxes), Kristy VanWoerkomen, Eddy Okulore and Dave Freeman. Nadine and Kristy left at 11:15 and Terry took over the meeting

Minutes: Mary Buckman read the minutes of the last Board meeting. The minutes were approved with some minor typing corrections. It was noted to clearly identify as DRAFT any minutes that are posted on the web prior to Board approval.

Treasurer’s Report: Camilla Emmons presented the treasurer’s report, noting two checks totaling $75 would be deposited tomorrow.

Old Business:

Violations of CC&Rs and County Code: Mary discussed an email summarizing the past violations. Mary will forward the email to the Board members and her observations regarding the current status of the properties. The Board will then decide where we need further follow-up and Mary will draft the appropriate letters. There is concern that failure to act on these issues opens the door for more violations. The role of the Board in these types of issues was discussed.

Mailboxes, relocation and security: Nadine received word from the BLM that we would need an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed new location and a plan to restore the existing mailbox location. For this reason and concerns about moving locations from some mailbox holders, the Board agreed moving the mailboxes is off the table. A different location on Association property was briefly discussed but quickly rejected for numerous reasons.   

     It was agreed the best option is to continue efforts to make the current mailboxes more secure and more attractive. Bonny reported the trailcams did not provide enough detail to identify vandals. She was able to return them. Better security cameras would be needed to monitor the boxes and she will research them. In the meantime, she will post fake signs saying the area is monitored. Nadine will talk to Selena, the mail carrier, regarding more substantial mailbox construction to reduce vandalism. Terry Mero will look into more sturdy construction of the boxes as well. Bonny and Terry reported it is better to call the Sheriff’s office rather than 911 when bad behavior is observed. The Sheriff’s office is patrolling the area more regularly.

     Based on the number of returned letters in the survey of box owners, there appear to be more unused mailboxes than the three on record. Nadine will check with the post office regarding procedures to vacate a mailbox. With the numerous questions regarding the mailboxes, a subgroup of the Board might meet to form a plan to improve the current mailbox area, both structurally and aesthetically, with work done next spring. They will also consider potential to add more boxes.

Garbage pickup: Terry Mero reported homeowners can call Wilderness Garbage for a one-time pickup for $11.00.

Library box: Bonny and Terry reported construction is nearly complete and it will be installed on the Association property soon.

Other Business:

Bylaws and CC&Rs: The Board discussed the Bylaws and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). It was noted that it would be useful for property owners to be more familiar with these governing documents. It was moved, seconded and approved unanimously to put information on the website to bring attention to the CC & Rs and Bylaws. Copies of the Bylaws are very old and difficult to read. Bonny Bowen agreed to retype the Bylaws to make them more readable. The Board will review and approve the document.

Other new business:

      · Mark Perez suggested we consider building a structure

       for  kids waiting for the bus and a bicycle rack.

· Bonny moved to allow herself to make and post a wooden sign to identify the picnic shelter as a DRRH structure. It was seconded and passed unanimously (4-0 at this point). It will be mounted flush under an eave, approximately 12-14x6 inches, visible from the road, worded “DRRH #6 Picnic Shelter”, will be wood-burned with painting capital letters, and sealed to protect it from the weather.

· Bonny moved to make a small metal sign, approximately 6x4 inches, with wording expressing gratitude to Jonnie Downey for her work. It was seconded and approved unanimously (4-0). It will be paid for with donations and not Association funds. She will send around the exact wording and the price.

· Eddy Okulore described a smoke alarm that has been going off incessantly at the corner of Caribou and Mule Deer. It was suggested he contact Nadine to get the email address of the owner and/or report it to the Sheriff.

· It was reiterated that the best number to contact with issues are the various Sheriff’s Offices. The first call should be to Bend at 541-693-6911 and if they are not available, call LaPine at 541-536-1758. Both these numbers should be posted on the bulletin board and on the web.

· Mary Cronkhite expressed interest in having board members contribute suggestions to the resource  center page on the website

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 3, 2014 at 10AM at Bonny Bowen’s home.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45AM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary.


 Approved Board Meeting Minutes September 17, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM at the home of Bonny and John Bowens.

Board members present: Nadine Ruth, Terry Mero, Bonny Bowen, Mark Perez and Mary Buckman. Also present were Camilla Emmons, Treasurer, Bonnie Wilkins, Mary Cronkhite, John Bowens, Bev Gordon, Sharon Perez, Kristy VanWoerkom and Eddy Okulore.

Election of Officers: It was moved and seconded to nominate Mary Buckman as Secretary, Terry Mero as Vice President and Nadine Ruth as President. Each were elected unanimously.

Bonnie Wilkins read the minutes of theAnnual Board meeting. Camilla Emmons presented the treasurer’s report and noted the State of Oregon corporate fee should be coming soon and she will pay it.

Old Business:

Follow-up on violations of CC&Rs and County Code: The Board discussed how to deal with latrines and other means of waste management. The Board sent a letter to each known residence with violations last year. Several responded that they were planning to comply but the Board has not followed up. A lot on Gray Squirrel has a group of fairly permanent RVs that dump their waste through pipes into a trench then cover up evidence when they leave. Neighbors are concerned that this might be contaminating their well. It was noted that this is clearly a violation of county health codes, that it would be useful to have good photographic evidence, that they should have their well tested for coliform bacteria, and they should notify Deschutes County Health Department after well test results are available. The Board will participate as appropriate. Regarding other latrines on lots, while most to don’t pose likely health risks, they are a violation of the CC&Rs. A latrine is allowed during construction, but some have been present for a very long time. Mary Buckman will look at the letters that were written in the past and the Board will follow up. Other CC&R violations are garbage accumulation and inappropriate fences. There is concern about drug activity on Mountain Sheep Lane and the Sheriff has been contacted.

Mailbox relocation: Nadine is still waiting for final approval from the BLM. We discussed the cost and layout of mailboxes at the new proposed location that is .3 miles from the current location just off Foster Road. It was proposed to wait with moving until after Christmas to allow Board members to evaluate the nature of the current vandalism problems. After much discussion, a multipart proposal was approved:

1. Put the mailbox relocation on hold;

2. Put upsigns identifying video surveillance (Bonnie B);

3. Survey current mailbox holders (Nadine, after list is assembled by Mary B);

4. Check legality of installing night-vision cameras (Terry Mero); and

5. If legal, purchase, install and monitor night-vision cameras and initiate ways to make the mailboxes secure (Bonny and Terry).

Bonnie and Terry stated that they would not hold the HOA liable for their personal physical danger resulting from the camera work. The plan was approved with 4 ayes and 1 abstention.

New Business:

Letter from Mel: Nadine Ruth read a letter from Mel Mills stating he did not support moving the mailboxes, that the common area needs better maintenance and that we should focus on lots with violations. Two items have been discussed and Bonnie Bowens and Bev Gordon have worked on park maintenance but much is left to do. They requested use of anyone’s riding lawnmower. They straightened the log barriers but they are already ajar. Someone offered to donate rocks to prevent this problem, but they need some big equipment to move them. It was decided to plan a work party for next spring, including paying someone to mow if needed.

Library Box: Bonnie Bowens described the neighborhood library concept where people donate books and trade books in and out. Terry Mero will construct a box. It was unanimously approved to allow installation of the library box in the park area.

Other topics: Mary Cronkhite agreed to monitor purchases of the mailboxes. We have a few vacant boxes. Nadine Ruth agreed to monitor the Association mailbox because the Secretary lives in Corvallis. We agreed to remove reference to the hotmail email address and keep only the gmail account. Mary Cronkhite will update the web page. She also requested people review the web page for design and content.

The next Annual Board meeting was tentatively planned for August 16, 2014.

Terry Mero noted we should consider updates to the CC&Rs and Bylaws to ensure they reflect current policies That specific duties should be assigned to each Board member, and that the Board consider a work session to identify goals.  That we should look for ways to better communicate to members, and he inquired about transferring funds to the Road District to smooth the road. All new Board members need to be sure they are familiar with the Bylaws and CC&Rs, then we will decide if updates are needed.

The next Board meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, November 13 at 10AM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47PM.

Submitted by Mary Buckman, Secretary.


2013 Annual Meeting
Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 6, Parts 1 & 2
August 24, 2013
The meeting was called to order at 10:15 am by President Nadine Ruth.  Those present were Mary Buckman, Bev Gordon, Bonny Bowens, Terry Mero, Ron Messner, Bill and Camilla Emmons, Mark and Nina Dille, Don and Dena Teela, Bill and Lisa Lund, Diana Leith, Bill and Britt Powell, Mel and Eileen Mills, Mary Silcox, Kristy Van Woerkom, Eddy Okulove, Jane Hayhurst, Andrea Tongue, Clif and Amy Cannon, Tom and Dee Gerome, Larry and Peggy Linville, Sharon and Mark Perez,  Mary Cronkhite, Bonnie Wilkins and Nadine Ruth.
Minutes of the previous annual meeting were approved as read.  Treasurers report was reviewed and filed for audit, after discussion that this is an “assessment” rather than annual dues and only assessed on as “as needed” basis.  The question regarding a total outstanding unpaid balances was asked, but answer not given as the information was not available at the meeting.
Timm Schimke, director of Solid Waste for Deschutes County was our speaker, who talked about the problems and solutions of solid waste collection, recycling and the future of Deschutes County landfills and things we could do to help.
Old Business: 
Continuing violations of HOA bylaws and County Codes were discussed with the consensus that unresolved County Code violations should be reported to the County by the Board rather than the individual homeowners.  The Board has sent letters to all the property owners identified last year and received positive responses from most of them, but has noticed that not all have followed through on fixing their problems.  Also HOA violations could be addressed by the Board offering to have work done for the homeowner with the bill sent to the homeowner. 
New Business:
Camilla Emmons was commended for her thorough and precise Treasurer Report.
Nadine detailed the process that the Board has undertaken this year to move our mailboxes into a more secure area.  The location identified is the northwest corner of the intersection of Foster Road and Silver Fox Drive.  Nadine has met with the Postal Service and several other government groups to obtain approval for the move and thinks she is close to resolution.  Concerns regarding the elimination of free standing boxes were addressed, those owners with current free standing boxes would be given the opportunity to remove their current box and be given a keyed box “free of charge”.   It was also acknowledged that a few large size boxes would be needed to accommodate owners that required them.  The existing area would be turned back to a natural state with a few parking spaces left as needed.  Lighting the area with a solar powered light as additional security was also discussed.  Bonny Bowens asked that anyone who does not want their freestanding mailboxes contact her and she can use it for planting projects.
Concern was expressed for open burning and bon-fires in our neighborhood.  The possibility of work programs through the Sheriff’s office, making calls to the Fire Department, Forest Service and/or Sheriff’s office if we see or smell smoke, and forming volunteer work details to assist absentee owners clean up their “red” lots. It was also discussed that the Forestry Department is waiting for the drying out period to finish clean up between the park and Foster Road.
Bonny Bowens offered to work to maintain the community park area by the river since she lives very close.  She also suggested starting a neighborhood lending library where people trade books, with no cost.
Anyone interested in high speed internet was encouraged to sign up and/or contact Ted Jones of our neighborhood.  Century Link has expressed a willingness to look into providing the service if we show enough interest in obtaining their service.
Board elections were held with the following board members elected for the 2013-14 year.
Terry Mero, Mary Buckman, Bonny Bowens, Nadine Ruth and Mark Perez.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Wilkins, Secretary

HOA Board - Meeting Aug.25, 2012
for 2011-2012 projects see link at bottom of page
 February 6, 2013 DRRH unit 6 Part 1 & 2 Home Owners Association Board of Directors  Meeting.
The meeting was called to order by President Nadine Ruth at 5:05 pm.  Present were Nadine Ruth, Walt and Suzan Fuhrman, Bill and Camilla Emmons, Mary and Wally Cronkhite, Bonny and John Bowens, Duane and Linda Brolin, Dave Freeman, Lorilei Mariana, and Mark Perez.
Minutes of the previous board meeting were read and approved.  The treasure's report was read; current balance is $10,035.00.
Unfinished Business: Camilla explained legal fees for B of A foreclosure regarding property on Whitetail.
Bob Downey will be contacted again regarding a plaque to be installed on the community park bench honoring Jonnie Downey who was instrumental in the placement of the bench.
Treasurer Camilla Emmons asked for volunteers to review the HOA books.  Mark Perez and Walt Fuhrman volunteered to look over the books.  Discussion continued on the presence of the outhouse on Siver Fox and Mule Deer.  Letters have been sent to the property owners.  No action has been taken regarding removeal of the outhouses.  It was agreed that the HOA will not take any more action until summer.
It was also noted that the sign at the community park remains uncovered and is exposed the the elements.  No action recommended at this time.
New Business:  Moving the mailboxes
Due to December break-in the HOA is considering moving the mailboxes.  Dave Feeeman reported the Sheriff Dept. has and case number on file for the incident that took place approximately December 14, 2012.  Dave Freeman and Wally Cronkhite have been assisting Celina, the postal person with the damaged mailboxes.
Nadine made a motion that the preliminary steps be taken to move the mailboxes to a location away from State Rec. Rd. Lorilei seconded the motion.
Discussed where to place new clulster:
 -  Relocating boxes to BLM land
 -  Will stand-alone boxes get  moved?
 -  Will stand-alone box owners be charged for the move?
 -  Hire a contractor to move clusters\.
 -  Will contractor remove or eliminate existing stand-   
 -  Dave Freeman will contact BLM regarding land 
    parcel at the corner of Foster & Silver Fox.  
 -  Nadine will contact post office to verify that moving the 
    cluster is okay.
Meeting dismissed at 6:15 pm   
Respectfully sumbitted,
 Mark Perez, acting secretary    
 September 12, 2012 DRRH Unit 6 Parts 1 & 2 Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President pro-tem Nadine Ruth at 6:30 pm.  Those present were Jane Hayhurst, Kristy VanWoerkom, Mark Perez, Bev Gordon, Terry Mero, Dave Freeman, Bill and Camilla Emmons, Lorelei Mariana, Eileen Mills, Mary Cronkhite and Bonnie Wilkins. Officers for 2012-2013 year were elected as follows:  President Nadine Ruth, Vice President Lorelei Mariana, Secretary Bonnie Wilkins, Members at Large Mark Perez and Mary Cronkhite.  Minutes of the previous board meeting were read and approved, the Treasuer’s Report was read and filed for review.  Current balance $7,904.76.
Unfinished Business:  Bonnie has yet to contact the County Health Department regarding possible violations of the property located on Gray Squirrel and Mule Deer.  Including the pile of debris, trenching, and outdoor latrine (a letter was received from the owner stating that the outdoor latrine would be removed at their earliest opportunity).
Nadine reported that the Sheriff’s Department cannot enforce our 15mph speed limit, because they did not set the limit.  However we as individuals can and should report any reckless driving as soon as possible.  It was also suggested that in the case of company trucks speeding, we could contact the company and request that they have their drivers slow down.
Diane Leith requested that the board plant a tree in our new park in honor of Jonnie Downey.  It was discussed and decided that we should give Robert (Bo) the opportunity to purchase a tree and we as the owners could plant it and take care of it or provide a plaque to place on the bench in the park which Jonnie was instrumental in having done.  Nadine made a motion that we contact Bo to provide the plaque and we would install it on the bench, 2nd by Mary, motion passed.
Mel Mills moved his water spigot close to our park.  He stated that we could use the spigot and water with the understanding that any future repairs to the spigot is the HOA’s responsibility.  Be sure to unhook the hose from the spigot each time the trees and/or shrubs are watered to prevent freezing.
A lengthy list of neighborhood complaints regarding CC&R and County code violations was reviewed.  Bonnie agreed to write letters to each property owner or file code enforcement complaint forms with the county for each complaint.  The board will review and approve each letter prior to mailing.
Nadine will answer the letter received from property owner on Silver Fox regarding the outdoor latrine complaint, asking them for a proposal as to how they intend to remedy the situation.
A park work day was scheduled for Sunday, Sept 23rd at 10 am.  All property owners are welcome to show up to help out.  We plan to mow, level table, reset new part of fence to match the existing fence, spread mulch, etc.  Bring your gloves, shovels and weed wackers.
Nadine and Camilla will obtain the bank statements from the past year and provide them to parties who may volunteer to review the HOA books.  We need one board member and one property owner to volunteer to accomplish this review as soon as possible.
The website is up and running.  Contact Mary Cronkhite with any news, pictures, etc.  Let’s keep it up to date.
Jane Hayhurst spoke to the board regarding her concerns of the County ownership of several lots in our development.  We may want to contact a land use attorney to go over our CC&R’s to be sure and preclude the “general public” from being able to use our river access and parks in the future. 
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Wilkins, Secretary
Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 6, Parts 1 & 2
Annual Owners Meeting  August 25, 2012
The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am by President Nadine Ruth at the home of Roger and Nadine Ruth.
Guest Speaker Nick Lelack, Deschutes County Planning Director was introduced and spoke to us recording the new South County Plan which is in the process of being developed. This plan may be found on the Deschutes County website at www.deschutes.org/southcountyplan.
Minutes of the previous annual meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was submitted and filed for “review”.
President Nadine talked about the accomplishments of the HOA over the past year, including 1)Mailbox area clean up and repairs, new gravel added to the mailbox area, a new sign above the billboard area, cancelling our PO Box and obtaining a box at our secure mail delivery area.  2)Developing a park on the lot owned by the association on Mountain Sheep Ln. including new gravel, pergola, picnic table, planting of shade trees and shrubs and fencing the area, and repairing our current sign on the park property.  3)Beginning the process of adherence to the CC&Rs by requesting that latrines be removed from the properties that are in violation. 4)Obtaining O&D Insurance, incompliance with our bylaws, and 5)coordination of the wood waste pick up under the supervision of the UDRC and Fire Free project, to which we also donated $250.
Appreciation was given to Arnold Williams for his work as our webmaster for the following year and we recognized Mary Cronkhite as our new Web Reporter.  Arnold will continue as webmaster.
Our Treasurer Craig Heath, who has held that position for the past 9 years is retiring.  Thank you Craig for all of your hard work.  Request for a volunteer for the new year was extended and Camilla Emmons graciously volunteered. 
Jane Hayhurst suggested that we expand the meeting minutes to include more information on the discussions that take place at the meetings and Mel Mills wanted to see more information on projects that are planned prior to implementation.  It was discussed and agreed that the board would try to be more transparent by making sure minutes are included on our website.  Mel also requested that the board meeting minutes be emailed to interested owners, it was agreed that this was not a problem and the board will implement this request.
President Nadine requested a volunteer come forward to build a roof over our park sign to protect it from the elements.  Mel asked that we provide a sketch to him and he would volunteer his builder to help with this need.  Other ways of protecting the sign were discussed including simply a cover in the winter, but it was acknowledged that it is really the sun that does the damage.  Nadine also stated that we need a volunteer to help move some boulders into place to protect the sign and fence from cars which might damage them.  Boulders have been donated by Fred Anderson, but a backhoe or large tractor is needed to move them into place.  Ongoing park maintenance was discussed and it was agreed that community involvement and volunteers are going to be needed to keep it as a desirable area.
Mary Cronkhite suggested that we plan a neighborhood potluck/picnic at our new park before the end of summer.  Everyone was in agreement that this was a good idea and that an evening event or Sunday afternoon would be good.
Matt Dombrowsky asked if the boat launch was being reopened on the park property.  It was discussed and and explained that the boat launch would not be rebuilt at this time, because of insurance issues, cost, liability to property owners and the structural failure of the previous boat launch  There is sufficient area to launch canoes and kayaks at the site with no problem.
The question arose regarding access to a construction site across the park property.  Mel explained that the access was a temporary situation and that he is installing a driveway to the site across his own property after Labor Day.  After his driveway is installed the only use of the park access would be for vehicles too large to use the new driveway without cutting more trees.  It was agreed that Mel would minimize the damage and restore the area after completion, to the best of his ability.
Nominations and/or volunteers for the new board were called for, with no nominations or volunteers coming forward, the existing board was unanimously elected for another year.  Camilla Emmons was elected as Treasurer, a non-voting, non board member position.
An answer to our “Latrine” letter was read.  Discussion of other violations and eyesores in the area, including for sale signs in right of ways, and how to deal with them, was discussed.  It was agreed that owners would bring violations to the attention of the board, in writing, and the board would discuss and make a determination on what to do at the next board meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Wilkins, Secretary

 Homeowner Association Board Meeting - July 30, 2012

The meeting was called to order on July 30, 2012 at 12:40 pm at the home of Nadine and Roger Ruth by President Nadine. Those present were Nadine Ruth, Mark Perez, Mary Cronkhite, Lorelei Mariana, and Bonnie Wilkins.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as supplemented.  The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and filed for audit.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Nadine will research the boat launch history and check with Duane Brolin or Russell to see about concrete removal.  The Pergola work will be starting shortly, Matt Schaal volunteered his grading services, thank you Matt.  We may need to anchor the table with concrete and chain and add rubber mulch under the pergola later.  Shrubs for the screen, possibly artic willow, will be looked at and priced as year end sales take place at local nurseries.  The parking area will be cindered; we have received pricing of $300 to $400.00.  The split rail fence, which will be installed by the Association, will cost approximately $1.00 per foot.
A motion was made by Lorelei to complete the park according to our discussions, seconded by Mark and approved unanimously by the board.
O & D Insurance has been purchased from Century Insurance Group, putting us the in compliance with the bylaws, at a cost is $828.00 per year, the price is guaranteed for three years.
The outdoor latrine issue was discussed and having received one letter from Camilla Emmons and one from board member Mark. It was agreed that the Secretary would prepare the final draft and the letter will be discussed over the internet by the board members, for approval, prior to mailing. 
Bonnie will call the Deschutes County Health Department to see if they will check for any code violations on the property at the corner of Mule Deer and Gray Squirrel.
Nadine agreed to contact the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department regarding compliance with speed limits.  The Association’s Road District will review and approve any possible additional signage, prior to our purchase and placement of any new signs.
Nadine will request a check in the amount of $250, payable to UDRC, which was approved at our last meeting.

NEW BUSINESS:  Bonnie made a motion to reimburse office and miscellaneous expenses to the board members for out of pocket payments to date.  Lorelei seconded, motion passes.
Bonnie made a motion that the gentleman who lost his leaf blower while he was working to clean up wood waste in our area, be purchased a new blower or reimbursed for the value of the lost tool.  Mary seconded, after discussion, motion failed.
Mark said our sign is ready to pick up and suggested we pay a donation or tip to the man who repaired it, after discussion, motion failed.

As a matter of record, our new mailbox has three keys, these keys have been assigned to Nadine, Mary and Bonnie.
There was discussion regarding a possible neighborhood picnic after the park completion.
Mary made the motion that later this week some the board members meet at the mailbox area to clean and spruce up the area.  The canopy could be painted or stained and the cork board fixed up.  Seconded by Bonnie, motion passed.
Mark will pick up donuts for the annual meeting in August.  Nadine will provide coffee, tea and water.
GOOD OF THE ORDER:  There will be a South County Planning meeting at Sunriver on August 1st from 6 to 8pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.  The board then stuffed and labeled envelopes until 4pm when Nadine took the mailing to the Post Office.
Respectfully submitted
Bonnie Wilkins, Secretary



Homeowner Association Board Meeting - May 23, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm by President Nadine, present were Nadine Ruth, Lorelei Marianna, Bonnie Wilkins, Mary Cronkhite, Mark and Sharon Perez, Linda and Duane Brolin, and Ron Messner, Terry Mero and Bev Gordon.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  Treasurer information was discussed.  There is currently $13,445.84 in our treasury.

Unfinished Business:
There was discussion regarding fixing the old boat launch.  Duane said he would look into requirements and permits to do repairs.  Lorelei mentioned fixing up the lot on Mountain Sheep to make it more park like.  Liability to owners of the common area should be covered in our individual homeowners policies.  Nadine said she would check with other owners associations to see how they deal with common area liability.  Lorelei will look into pergola purchase and Mary will get information for a concrete table and bench for the area.
     It was agreed that each of the board members would write a sample letter to the property owners who are in violation of CC&Rs because of outdoor latrines on their lots.  The letters will be combined and one letter will be composed and mailed to the property owners prior to the next meeting.  Nadine will make a list of the properties in violation.
The question arose regarding the County rule of a camper/trailer sitting on a lot for more than 30 out of 60 days, would this also apply to unoccupied campers?  Lorelei will contact the county for guidance.
     Directors/Officers insurance premium would run over $1,000.00 per year for a one million dollar liability policy.  Nadine will check with other owners associations to see what they do for insurance.  It was decided that it is a good idea to have liability insurance for the board.
     Nadine moved that we put signs on the 15mph posts to say “Thank you for Slowing Down and keeping the dust down” and removing the rude signs that are currently posted.  Seconded by Mark, motion passed.  Terry Mero will check with Deschutes County Sheriff for information regarding enforcement of speed limits on private roads.
     The 2012 annual meeting will be held at Nadine’s home on August 25th, we will have a speaker regarding the La Pine Greenhouse Project.  We will assess each lot with a $25.00 fee for 2013 to help with the boat launch project and cover other expenses such as insurance and gravel for the mail box area.
Nadine will organize a group to view County owned lots to see if there is a need for clearing ladder fuel from them.
     Bonnie made a motion to donate $250.00 to the UDRC to help offset their cost for wood waste pickup for 2012.  Seconded by Nadine.  Motion passed.
Nadine agreed to print return address labels for the Annual Meeting and Assessment Letter which will be sent out in July.  Bonnie said she will have a title company print labels to the lot owners.  We discussed the possibility of hiring a service to handle assessment records in the future should the job become any more involved.
Meeting adjourned at 8:47.
Respectfully Submitted, Bonnie Wilkins, Secretary
Next meeting July 26 @ 6:30, place to be determined.


November 9, 2011
DRRH Unit 6 Part 1 & 2 Owners Assoc
Board of Directors meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Nadine at 7:10 pm, present were Bob Leith, Jim and Lorelei Marianna, Bonnie Wilkins, Linda and Duane Brolin, Mary Cronkhite, Mark Perez and Nadine Ruth.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  There was no Treasurers report.

Unfinished Business:
Minutes of previous meetings and prior years records of dues have not been received from the prior secretary and so they are not available to the current board at this time.  The current Secretary will make every effort to obtain the records and will have them available at the next meeting.

     It has been discovered that the board is not currently insured and that individual homeowners insurance policies specifically exclude liability coverage in connection with HOA board membership.  Bancorp has not returned Lorelei’s phone calls as of this time.  Lorelei will follow up with Bancorp, Bonnie will contact Cascade Insurance and Nadine will check with Upper Deschutes River Coalition to see if there is some kind of group policy we can join.

      County is reviewing the situation on Antelope Drive and will be getting back to Lorelei soon, there are definite code violations involved on the property including the RV parking and violation of wetland tree cutting.  County usually resolves these issues with the owners by having the owners fix the problem.  Bonnie noted that the County records do show that the property has “Unresolved Code Violations”.

     The exterior latrine issue was voted on and passed unanimously. It was decided that Nadine will ask Camilla to write a letter to the offending property owners siting CC&R violations and sending them a copy of the rules and give them time to resolve the issue.  A copy of the letter will be send to the board members prior to its mailing for input and approval.

New Business:
     Secretary expenses to date were presented and approved for reimbursement.

     Use of assessment funds was discussed and it was mentioned that it would be nice if we could replace the boat launch on the Associations property, or possibly blacktop or gravel the mailbox area, which is the HOA’s responsibility.  It was moved by Mary that we gravel the mailbox area with ¾ minus up to a maximum charge of $500.00, seconded by Lorelei and passed unanimously.  Jim Marianna will call Russell and order one load of gravel, he will order more if deemed necessary.

     The next meeting will be scheduled for the end of January, time and place to be decided.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm

Respectfully submitted:  Bonnie Wilkins, Secretary


DRRH Unit 6 Part 1 & 2
Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting
September 6, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President pro-tem Nadine Ruth at 3:05 pm.  Those present were Nadine Ruth, Mary Cronkhite, Jonnie Downey, Mark Perez, Lorelei Mariana and Bonnie Wilkins.

Officers for the 2011-2012 year were elected as follows:

President - Nadine Ruth
Vice President - Lorelei Mariana
Secretary - Bonnie Wilkins
Member at Large - Mary Cronkhite
Member at Large - Mark Perez

Volunteer Treasurer - Craig Heath (if he is still willing to serve)

Minutes of the previous meeting were unavailable and will be read at the next meeting.

A more complete Treasurer’s Report will be requested from Craig, similar to the 2009-2010 annual  report to be presented at the next meeting.

It was moved by Nadine that regular meetings will be held every other month, time and place to be determined, the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  Next regular meeting will be in early November.

The question of Insurance and Bonding was discussed and agreed that we do need to find out if the board is currently insured and if so, who the insurance is with.  Bonnie will obtain all minutes of previous meetings, insurance policy(ies) and  any additional documents held by the previous board secretary.  In addition, she will obtain the key to the Sunriver PO Box and collect any mail that may be there.

It was moved by Lorelei to have the Owners Association file a complaint against the property owners of 16424 Antelope Drive with Deschutes County Community Development regarding the clear cutting of trees in violation of the South Deschutes County Local Wetland Inventory.  Mary seconded and the motion carried unanimously.  Lorelei will take the complaint to be filed on behalf of the Board.

Mark made a motion to address the exterior latrines that are in violation of the CC&R’s by notifying the offending property owners by written notice and include a copy of the CC&R’s.  Seconded by Lorelei.  After discussion the motion was tabled until it is determined that our insurance is in place.

Mary volunteered to act as the “Temporary” Webmaster, until we can find a permanent replacement for Steve Carlson.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Wilkins, Secretary

Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Unit 6, Parts 1 & 2

Annual Homeowner’s Meeting

August 27, 2011

Dave Freeman called the meeting to order at 10:10 am.

The guest speaker, Everett Turner was introduced and gave a short history of the area followed by a question and answer period.

The treasurer’s report was passed out for everyone to look over. Approval of the treasurer’s report is subject to Craig Heath’s signature on the report and the removal of the word “audit” to be replaced with the word “review”.

There was a general discussion about the HOA assessments. Julie Heath brought up that the Board should say what the assessments are for, even if it is for reserves. Terryle explained the collection process up until now for delinquent homeowners. Tom Tongue explained the lien and foreclosure process for delinquent owners.

There was general discussion about pursuing grants for paving the roads and safety issues of the log jam in the river near the HOA river lot.

Camilla submitted a complaint and pictures to the Board of some dead trees, possibly beetle kill, on a neighboring property. Tom Tongue explained the process needed to have the neighbors remove the trees.

David read the minutes from the annual meeting of 2010. The minutes were approved.

New Board members were nominated. There were only five which saved a vote. The new Board members are:   Mark Perez,  Bonnie Wilkins, Nadine Ruth, Lorelei Mariana, Mary Cronkhite.

The meeting was adjourned.


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