A Holistic Approach

 An Integration of Traditional and Holistic Medicine

Health is a birthright, for those committed to good health. If you would like to improve your  health condition or reach a health goal that allows you to enjoy a better quality of life, this clinic is here to help. With the spirit of service, our aim is to find outcomes that meet or exceed the expectations.

Every patient is unique and requires an individualized assessment and treatment approach to reach their health goals. In clinical practice, we integrate conventional medical care with complementary or alternative approaches to deliver to patients an individualized as well as a more comprehensive care. 

With the goal of helping patients to realize good health, a holistic approach and look at the patient as a whole with mind, body, and spirit is taken. We seek to find the cause of the health concern and address it with the appropriate treatment and counseling.

Education is an integral part of patient care. With adequate knowledge and awareness, patients can take a proactive role in  their health, recovery, and over time take a greater role in managing their own health thus reducing their dependence on healthcare system.

The founder of Osteopathic Medicine, Andrew Taylor Still, MD, shifted the practice of medicine out of the intent to better serve his community. A hands on approach to diagnosis and treatment utilizing the musculoskeletal system was used as a adjunct to traditional medical care to enhance the healing tendency of the body with any disease.

My Clinical Approach

"In this clinical practice, we use  treatment procedures that have little to no sides effects, are minimally invasive, safe, effective, and have withstood the test of time.

Medication usage is minimal and reduced as health improves over time. Surgery is only used as a last resort and can at times be avoided.

Patients receive education on diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise.

Treatment is provided for pediatric, adults, and geriatric patients for any of their healthcare concerns."

 - Dr. Rajiv Yadava, DO